Melanie Joy: Strategic Action for Animals A Handbook on Strategic Movement Building Organizing and Activism for Animal Liberation

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Is packed with useful information Dr Melanie Joy is a psychologist and as a master s degree in education so she brings some real insight to the issues she discusses This is truly the best book for activists I Goethean Science have read I wrote a extensive review of itere Wow This woman is really a pro I Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! have a feeling those who follower advice will get better results than if they try to muddle through on their ownThis book as lots of practical advice much of it for groups vs individuals although individuals can also definitely use the advice in this book to maximize their effectiveness Included are factors that promote or thwart success Step by step guidance is given with plenty of examples There is also information on ow to start a grassroots organization and make it thrive She addresses issues such as addiction to activism and other problems of individuals who work within groups that ave an impact on group dynamics and can cause an organization to fail or be ineffectiveSo sad but the contents of this book made even clearer to me why one of my local vegan promoting groups is not as successful as it could be and why many worthy organizations and individuals aren t effective in their effortsOne of er most cogent points is that in order for a movement to succeed it The Einstein Theory of Relativity has to become what s mainstream the majority needs to be shown that they re actually in agreement with the activists not those currently in powerAs she does in depth iner book Why We Love Dogs Eat Pigs and Wear Cows An Introduction to Carnism she does explain why there is often so much resistance to the changes wanted by animal liberation activists and she does provide very How to Negotiate Your First Job helpful ways to address this issue The later chapters are particularlyelpful to individuals working on their own or within organizations She stresses ow a strategic advocate for animals must ave what Ghandi Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, had practical skills and personal integrity She stresses the importance of activists taking care of themselves an inclusion I really appreciated and she doesn t just say it she gives so manyelpful suggestions about various ways to implement self care I ve always been bored by organizational psychology as a subject my eyes prone to glaze over if I m forced to read about it or listen to an expert in the field but this is basically what this book is and I found it really interesting This book is about The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore how to work for animal liberation but the strategies given are useful for doing work for any causeAt the end of the book are a bibliography and Appendices with included pictorial descriptions of topics covered earlier in the bookFor most part time activists I d recommend that they first read The Animal Activists Handbook Maximizing Our Positive Impact in Today s World However Iighly recommend this book too it contains some Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber helpful tips that pertain to everyone who is doing something to try to make a difference I feltelped and very supported by this bookEdited to add This book s contents aren t useful just for activists Anyone who s ever experienced office politics or who New Exploration has any interpersonal relationships of any kind will find much that s beneficial for them by reading this boo. En the movement such as dissidence among organizations and activists inefficient campaigns wasted resources andigh rates of burnout Whether you are working alone or with a group whether you are a seasoned activist or new to the movement Strategic Action for Animals can elp you make the most of your efforts to make the world a better place for animals.

This is fantastic andbook one which sheds light on many of the pitfalls of animal activism Is it better to avoid burnout and sacrifice short term goals to effect greater change in the long term Probably as Melanie Joy argues All animal rights organisations should read this book Become the Change Full disclosure I received a free copy of this book for review at the publisher s invitationTHANKING THE MONKEY RETHINKING THE WAY WE TREAT ANIMALS STRIKING AT THE ROOTS A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO ANIMAL ACTIVISM FARM SANCTUARY CHANGING HEARTS AND MINDS ABOUT ANIMALS AND FOOD SKINNY BITCHIN A BOX With all the recent popular releases on the topic of animal advocacy 2008 feels as though it s shaping up to be the year of the vegn Even Oprah s getting into the act y allSocial psychologist Melanie Joy joins the conversation with er first book STRATEGIC ACTION FOR ANIMALS A HANDBOOK ON STRATEGIC MOVEMENT BUILDING ORGANIZING AND ACTIVISM FOR ANIMAL LIBERATION Joy s goal is simple to encourage fellow activists to maximize their effectiveness by carefully weighing analyzing and strategizing their activism Because the animal liberation movement will never ave money or entrenched power than the corporate and political forces we re fighting the only way we can triumph is through strategyA strategic movement Joy explains is one which thinks globally but acts locally Before engaging in a piece of activism animal advocates must think about The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles how the action will impact the animal liberation movement as a whole Additionally every isolated piece of activism must be considered in relation to those that precede and succeed it Every lofty goal is comprised of a series of minute steps or tasks instead of shooting for the stars and burning out before takeoff animal activists must set reasonable goals and embark on a carefully mapped journey Such meticulously crafted plans take time dedication and strategy strategy strategyPart of strategic activism involves diversity in individual activists in the goals and approaches of various animal liberation campaigns and organizations in the messages employed and the demographics targetedCiting Bill Moyer s DOING DEMOCRACY Joy describes the different types of activists and organizations that work simultaneously and in different roles the Citizen the upstanding member of society the one to whom the mainstream can easily relate the Reformer who may or may not be radical than the Citizene or she typically works in a professional opposition organization and the Rebel who is confrontational participating in rallies and perhaps civil disobedience As examples of each Joy offers up the SPCA the PCRM and ALDF and PETA respectivelyJoy touches upon several controversial topics in Medicine and Religion her discussion namely mainstreaming the movement the use of violent vs non violent tactics the abolitionreform divide and coalition building particularly in relation to intersecting or parallel oppressions While I don t wholeheartedly agree wither perspective on the first three issues I m both The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, happy and grateful forer emphasis on intersecting isms Too often animal advocates must deal with speciesism in other social justice movements. The animal liberation movement is growing in size and strength but so are the industries that exploit animals These industries Valentino have vastly resources at their disposal than activists do Given this tremendous power differentialow can activists ope to compete The good news is that there is a way to shift the balance of power in favor of the movement And.

Yet I ve also encountered a disturbing amount of misogyny racism omophobia transphobia classism ageism and sizeism among animal activists Activists of all stripes must accept that these forms of oppression are all related and in order to defeat one you must defeat them all Many of the suggestions within STRATEGIC ACTION FOR ANIMALS are geared towards grassroots animal advocacy organizations rather than individual activists For example you ll find chapters on organizing and managing a grassroots organization developing and waging successful campaigns and maintaining the ealth of your employees volunteers and organization Since it s a rather slim volume I thought the book could ave covered the topics of time management conflict resolution and leadership a bit rather than referring the reader to additional resources However for organizations it s a useful starting point for building a successful long lasting animal advocacy group If you re in a position of leadership in an animal advocacy organization or are thinking about starting your own group I recommend reading STRATEGIC ACTION FOR ANIMALS in conjunction with pattrice jones s AFTERSHOCK also from Lantern BooksIndividual activists will also enjoy STRATEGIC ACTION FOR ANIMALS If you re looking to volunteer for or work with an animal advocacy group you can use the lessons in STRATEGIC ACTION FOR ANIMALS to shop around for the right group for you a sustainable strategic group with a cooperative vs competitive power structure that will value both your Craving (Willow Creek, hard work as well as your personal wellness For fellow activists I recommend STRATEGIC ACTION FOR ANIMALS along with AFTERSHOCK and perhaps Mark Hawthorne s STRIKING AT THE ROOTS Whereas STRATEGIC ACTION FOR ANIMALS concentrates on movement building STRIKING AT THE ROOTS offers a number of specific types of activism that the individual can engage in either alone or as part of a group A much longer review is availableere This Oba, the Last Samurai has some really concise advice for anyone in the vegananimal rights organizations It could probably even be applied to other social justice movements or volunteer organizations It lacks the clarity of Why We Love Dogs Eat Pigs and Wear Cows but still provides some good points especially about power dynamics within an organization and considering your employees and volunteers motivations Joyas an excellent point that these organizations need to stay within the system and not appear too radical so as to not alienate potential members This movement should be able to seamlessly become mainstream one day Incredibly useful taking a broader look at animal advocacy and Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, helping to lead the way and also talks sensitively about some of the different styles of animal advocacyEssential re I resisted reading this book because I thought it was aimed at those involved in building animal advocacy organizations And in fact a big portion of the book is devoted to that But there is tons of great stuffere for individual activists and even for those who don t really see themselves as activists but just want to know ow to talk to others about their vegan lifestyle It is a short uick read but every page. Strategy is the way In Strategic Action for Animals Melanie Joy explains ow to use strategy to exponentially increase the effectiveness of activism for animals Drawing on diverse movements and sources she offers tried and true tactics based on well established principles and practices She also explains ow to address the most common problems that weak.

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Harvard educated psychologist Dr Melanie Joy is the world’s leading expert on the psychology of eating animals Her work has been featured by national and international media outlets around the world including the New York Times the BBC NPR and ABC Australia She is the author of the award winning book Why We Love Dogs Eat Pigs and Wear Cows An Introduction to Carnism as well as Beyond B