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Towards the end of this epic story Bruce Mason who was a first year law student barely 20 years old having skipped a few rades began keeping a journal It was not a log of his activities or thoughts on the issues of the day but rather an attempt to understand a complicated family dynamic with a flawed father driving it He said the journal was like author s notes another of the many parallels between Bruce and Stegner himself Both had a saintly mother a combustible father an athletic older brother who unlike Wally and Bruce did not skip rades and a nomadic upbringing that included time in Saskatchewan Montana and Salt Lake City Here s Bruce though reflecting on how impossible it is to truly understand any such thingI suppose he wrote that the understanding of any person is an exercise in enealogy A man is not a static organism to be taken apart and analyzed and classified A man is movement motion a continuum There is no beginning to him He runs through his ancestors and the only beginning is the primal beginning of the single cell in the slimeNevertheless the book did track back to figure out what it could In the process Stegner said he managed to offload some deep seeded resentments I m reluctant to jlo Journal go into any detail because Stegner should beiven the chance to reveal important plot points his own way Let me just say he s One Night...Twin consequences (The Monticello Baby Miracles good at it Each vignette draws you in completely magnified and maderand by his sense of time and place And every character profile has human dimensions that only a One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic genuinely talented observant writer can convey OK then Taking a deep breath before attempting the tightrope walk that keeps me from over sharing while at the same time justifies why the book deserves all 5 stars Oneenealogical precursor in this story was the father s father who lost an arm and any sense of humor he might have had as a prisoner in the Civil War Another was the mother s Norwegian heritage and farm upbringing that made her hearty and resilient Each member of the immediate family The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City gets POV treatment which helps the long story move at a spritely pace Bo the dad was testosterone personified He was broad shoulderedood with his hands uick with his temper energetic charming at times respected by ruffians The Holy Grail good withuns and for the most part loving towards his wife Elsa He chased dreams of the big score the easy money or in metaphorical terms the Big Rock Candy Mountain that s surely just past the next rise BTW the book shares its apt title with a song that was featured in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou And the bulldogs all have rubber teeth being my favorite line Bo pushed boundaries was confident or maybe delusional is the better word and liked signaling big man status when he could In one case he paid for the diamond stud in his tie than I do for 3 years worth of clothes and accessories even before adjusting for inflation Hmm I m not sure if that says about him or meElsa was practical but rarely held sway She was also in contrast consistently kind The only knock against her is that she might have done to protect the little birds in her nest The older brother Chet was in many ways like his father If Bo could be called a man s man Chet could be labelled a boy s boy physical a ring leader adventurous and at least half full of mischief Bruce was of a mama s boy He did share one trait with his father though an intense willfulness When the two were together Bo s manly standards and own intransigence made harmony as scarce as big money Bruce s reflections later in the book were powerful and wise overlapping 99% with Stegner s own Father son relationships often teeter lopsidedly between pride and disappointment depending on how the two British Jihadism generations reflect on each other and how reconciled they are to their differencesStegner once said this was a book about motion The family certainly moved a lot with that BRCM always beckoning There was movement of a different sort too Young Bruce who was wise beyond his years noted that people weren t fixed points so much as lines always changing a little from what they were like the wiggly line on a machine used to measure earthuake shocks a man moved along a line dictated by his heritage and his environment but he was subject to every sort of variation within the narrow limits of his capabilities With Stegner drawing the plots every wiggle was worth notingThe book was published in 1943 when Stegner was 34 years old teaching at Harvard The three other Stegner novels I read were written decades later It was interesting to me to sample the young Wallace Stegner before the line of his life brought him to celebrated works like Angle of Repose and Crossing to Safety In younger years he seemed to write with raw power hurt and emotion As he aged he became refined and maybe uotable He was never less thanreat though marked by mature insights even as a young man and brimming with intelligence throughout I m Virgin Widow giving this book 45 stars and rounding up to 5 The small demerit comes from descriptive passages that I sometimes felt could have been shorter I also think that as BruceWallace exorcised demons there wasn t enough elapsed time or self awareness yet to say what would fill the void A uote by Bruce near the end though hints at how both the protagonist and the writer thought the blanks should be filledPerhaps it took severalenerations to make a man perhaps it took several combinations and re creations of his mother s Wife in Exchange gentleness and resilience his father s enormous energy and appetite for the new a subtle blending of masculine and feminine selfish and selfless stubborn and yielding before a proper man could be fashionedKnowing what I know of the writer to come he iterated his way to thatoal uite well surpassing those candy mountains along the way Review to follow maybe if I ever recover Emotionally I was all over the place I never thought I d cry over Bo Mason still not sure I did but there was a scene towards the end Bo was in that scene when I broke downand for a second felt sad for himI think when you read a book like this 600 dense pages filled with sorrows paperback small print to boot eventually a reader will break down Yes Or am I crazy Three emotions stand out the most intertwine throughout this novel 1 anger 2 aw 3 sadness I m spent Dakota 1905 La jeune Elsa a fui les plaines du Minnesota dans l’espoir de fonder un foyer Lorsu’elle rencontre Bo Mason bourlingueur en uête d’aventures et de fortune elle voit en lui la promesse d’un monde nouveau Elle n’i.

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N westward the place where the fat land sweated up wealth and the heavens dropped lemonade Imagine taking the painful childhood you remember and turning it into a work of art such as this Using a The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, good patiententle mother and a violent ruthless father determined to bully the world into Night And Day giving him what he wanted to show the value of the American spirit Writing about an older brother with so much promise who could never uiteet it together Relating your own Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow growth as a whining sensitive undersized boy who had to search inside himself for strength and endurance And showing us 30 years in the life of a family in the first half of the 20th century in the beautiful prose that foreshadowed his later works The book jacket says this is semi autobiographical but an internet search convinced me that it followed his own young life pretty accurately How do you take all that raw material and mold it into something like thisThis was published in 1943 when Stegner was 34 years old Though not his first novel it was the first successful one Yes it s dense and yes it s too long though I m not sure what he could have left out With Stegner you never know where you reoing til you The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid get there but he makes the journey memorableThis is a family saga that is worth the effort it takes with both your time and emotional output Reading Wallace Stegner is like having a reallyreat first boyfriend He ruins you for anyone who comes later Sometimes he s so Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys good that you don t even want anyone after him The Big Rock Candy Mountain is the book that should have won Stegner the Pulitzer Prize long before he wrote Angle of Repose I ve read commentary indicating that Big Rock Candy Mountain is largely autobiographical If that is true my heart aches for the little boy that was Wallace Stegner Perhaps those early painful experiences were what made him the soulful and understanding author we loveStegner is the conductor for the music of my heart Maybe someday I ll figure out how to write reviews that adeuately convey what he does for me 45 If you ve read Stegner a man I consider one of America s national treasures you will already know his writings are dense The reader cannot be hurried through Patience and thoughtfulness are reuired to appreciate the journey he will take you on no instantratification to be found Unless you love prose for its own sake This one is divided into ten sections and that s how I consumed it for a week and a half Years ago while reading Angle of Repose and Crossing to Safety I recall Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, getting fatigued somewhere between the halfway and three uarters mark responding like a child in the back seat exclaiming Are we almost there That happened with this one also Similar to driving through thereat American Southwest across the California desert and then over the mountains and through all the traffic but then you see it the Life Changing Smiles gorgeous coastline You see where s he s been taking you and all those sections come together and you re solad for the effort spent because you Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, get it You also know that nothing could be subtracted All the contrast between the red rock and miles of hot dusty roads to the blues andreens of the Pacific It was worth it the journey Only a Whisper getting there and the destination You are satiated and satisfied and in love with the stories he weaves and want to sign on for another road trip You also feel completely lacking in the skills necessary to adeuately review or sing the praises of his work This was Stegner s first full length novel I mlad I read it as a mature woman He talks about it in the very beginning of the documentary film to which I have included a link Who better than he to Copper Lake Secrets give the reader a sense of what to expect Perhaps I don t cherish it as much as the two mentioned above but it has made meratefully hunger for and I shall have The closing pages compel me to bump the stars up to fiveOne of my favorite passages author titled this book as well as a later one Where the Bluebird Sings to the Lemonade Springs from lines in a song also used in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou The Big Rock Candy Mountain by Harry Haywire McClintock 1928 This version is visually entertaining as wellhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvJowmWallace Stegner A Writer s Life A one hour documentary the author participated in shortly before his death Narrated by Robert RedfordhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvZGCC6Biographyhttpwallacestegnerorgbiohtml The story of Bo Mason and Else He is a talented dreamer with a large dose of wanderlust who works hard at his dreams but seems to always see them drift away She is an escapee from an unhappy home who is smitten with Bo as an 18 year old Marriage ensues children and hardship This is a Brooklyn's Song great American saga covering the main characters from adolescence to old age Itives us a look at western North America US and Canada at the end of the 19th century into the mid 20th There are times when the language is so beautiful that it called to mind Thomas Hardy and I wept through the final chapter The Mason children figure large in this story as well Bo stands in for America in a way He has so much to offer yet instead of building in a slow and steady is ever torn by un unuenchable need for the new He is also always on the lookout for the big score and ultimately it never comes Else loves Bo despite his inability to settle down despite his harshness his immaturity Bo s vibrance however flawed stands out Else must sacrifice her desire for a settled life again and again as Bo is drawn ever onward She stands in for the domestic piece of America Their sons diverge as well Chet carries his father s athleticism but also his stubbornness and inability to admit error It ultimately takes him away from his dreams Perhaps the most American is Bruce the mama s boy who ultimately strikes off on his own to make a truly better life I feel spent having finished this book I took time reading it than any book in recent memory and it wasn t only its 563 pages that made it a long read I had to read with a pen at the ready so many ideas and images and thoughts I wanted to highlightThe Big Rock Candy Mountain is a western book A character study A journe In the Big Rock Candy MountainsThere s a land that s fair and brightWhere the handouts row on bushesAnd you sleep out every nightWhere the box. ?sentent à lui entraînant les siens dans sa poursuite effrénée d’un horizon ui semble se dérober au fur et à mesure u’il s’en approche Et pendant ce temps là l’Amériue continue à se construire et à charrier des mythe.

Ll be back to write a better hopefully review later unless I just throw up my hands Many thanks to Lorna she s willing to have a buddy discussion with me I m left with uestions I feel a need to talk about this book discuss with it with other readers I have several uestions and comments about specific parts in this novelWriting a review at the moment just feels too exhausting forgive me I m really spent However I m sooooooo lad I read it and wanting to say hello to my friends here before I scat like a cat A few tidbits about The Big Rock Candy MountainLong Hell yesDense Hell yesSlow and poetic at times Hell yesIncredible prose lots to highlight YES YES and YESTumultuous blistering and turbo accelerating at times YES emotionally Hell yes at times Worth reading Yes yes yes One of my all time favorite books close uick uestion to those who have read this Do other readers think Bo was Bipolar My heart aches the characters were soooooo sooooo sooooo real I LOVE Elsa and BrucePS I thought I knew Stegner pretty well through other books I read or read about Stegner but I learned a lot from this bookHa ha I need some comic reliefStegner did not like Plain Jane The Hotshot gophers The Big Rock Candy Mountain by Wallace Stegner is said to be the closest to an autobiographical account of his own childhood This is the emotionallyripping tale of fictional Bo and Elsa Mason and their two sons Chester and Bruce with striking similarities to the childhood of Stegner The Mason family was continually uprooted as Bo Mason found himself involved in one scheme after another often reuiring the family to move freuently as Bo Mason was often chasing the next big financial scheme as were many others in the movement westward in the first part of the twentieth century Bo Mason oftentimes prone to violence tried his hand at farming running a hotel and ultimately rum running during Prohibition Elsa did everything in her power to make each place a home as this family searched for their piece of The Big Rock Candy Mountain This at times was such a heartbreaking story of this family but there were beautiful moments as well as their struggles sometimes seemed insurmountable in this rich and unforgettable classic There was somewhere if you knew where to find it some place where money could be made like drawing water from a well some Big Rock Candy Mountain where life was effortless and rich and unrestricted and full of adventure and action where something could be had for nothingIf one subscribed to the idea of home at all one would insist on an attic for the family history to hide in His mother had felt so all her life She wanted to be part of something an essential atom in a street a town a state she would have loved to Family of Her Dreams get herself expressed in all the pleasant secure details of a deeply lived in houseWas heoing home or just another place It wasn t clear Yet he felt Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed good settling his bare armingerly on the hot door and opening his mouth to sing He had a notion where home would turn out to be for himself as for his father over the next range on the Big Rock Candy Mountain that place of impossible loveliness that had pulled the whole nation westward I can in all honesty not say that this was one of my heartfelt best books ever But can say convincingly that it was an excellent autbiographical novel Perhaps there was a scattering of way too much words all over the tale Too long Too wordy So many novels have been written about the American west and the deeper meaning behind the search for Girls Night Out get uick rich schemes the big rock candy mountain over the next rise something for nothing an improved world andoret away from man s own nature It often left the dreams shattered but the dreamers determined the longer they tried to find the pot of Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) gold at the end of an ever elusive rainbow the further it moved out west I havereat respect for this well known author for pouring out the Into the Wild (The McGraws, good and bad memories into this personal tale of his life as part of his drifter family in the early twentieth century They followed the old Scandinavian tracts through the north west It must have been very painful to relate and share his memories to throw open his hurt anger frustrations heartbreak and embarrassment to a public he doesn t even know if he could trust However I do believe that it brought the clich d closure for himself and made him proud of the choices he made to overcome his personal family history Well he had so much to be proud of in the end If the bad wasenetic the Orbital Velocity (Stony Man, good was in there as well He just had to fill up the spaces between it How difficult was it to flesh out the characters their intimate lives their thoughts so that he could ensure understanding from himself and his readers of hisrandparents and parents decisions The frontier the family was on was a belated one in the 1914 20s in Saskatchewan They were almost literary reproducing the Kansas frontier of the 1860s Boredom never entered the author s Huckleburry Finn world as a child his own description of his world His mother kept his brother and himself cultured as far as their constanct moving allowed His father was a folklore character with an explosive temper His brother who died young was on his way to become a successful athlete if it wasn t for his father s constant bootlegging to keep food on the table A whiff of scandal surrounded the family as a result of his father s contstant new schemes with shady and dubious partners In an interview Wallace Stegner said that they were deprived of civilisation in many respects and he had to try and catch up with it his entire life He has been in an acronysm all his life as a result He always felt like a nineteen century character caught in the twentieth century Wallace Stegner s roots were deeply established in the American west This novel is about their experiences in painful detail He created realistic characters to establish a believable trustworthy tale and leave the reader with a sense of awe but also empathy for those drifters who shaped modern America in so many ways This book is indeed about The Big Rock Candy Mountain and He had a notion where home would turn out to be for himself as for his father over the next range on the Big Rock Candy Mountain that place of impossible loveliness that had pulled the whole natio. Magine pas la vie à lauelle les désirs de randeur de Bo les destinent Saloons clandestins conuête de la terre mine d’or trafic d’alcool Bo Mason héros américain par excellence se réinvente au fil des opportunités ui se pr?.

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Wallace Earle Stegner was an American historian novelist short story writer and environmentalist Some call him The Dean of Western Writers He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1972 and the US National Book Award in 1977