Donovan Neal: The Third Heaven

Good bookWas a little too long but interestinglike the take the author puts on the death and reported resurrection of the son Third completeHaving now read these three I have to say that it was interesting Certainly held my attention The issue of punctuation DID make it a little difficult to read however Outstanding readI was sceptical about the book initially however the explanation that this was bible based however a fictional account of just certain Biblical possibilities surrounding creation the trinity angels and the fall of Lucifer made me begin reading the first book I then found I could not put it down until I completed the first three books What a creative and imaginative mind that has written a book so captivating that I can t wait for the next book and any other works by this outstanding writer Makes me want to delve into the ood book and seek my own knowledge and comfort provided by GodOUTSTANDING WonderfulThis it s a reat follow up I ve enjoyed this series it expands the The Son of Man shall be three days and three nights in the earth Lucifer holds captive the archangel Talus as a prisoner of war Will Lucifer’s powers of temptation and torture turn his brother to his cause Or will Talus remain faithful to the end Meanwhile Jerahmeel and Michael’s relationship is put to the test over the deserter Iblis A traitor Michael has allowed back into Heaven and exposing the realm to El’s judgement A decision that forces the newly appointed

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T wait for the next one to be released The way they are written you feel like your there also These books bring the Bible to life Thank you for doing the Lord s will and writing these books so they can be read by Believers and Non Believers who hopefully after reading them ive their lives to the Lord Excellent imagination and creativity Good study on understanding Christ s sacrifice and selflessnessDonovan s imagination keeps On the Run going describing yet another level in heaven and the inhabitants The interesting aspect is his study through Archangel Michael of a deeper understanding of what it meant for God the Son toive up His control and power and to take on human form and weaknesses to overcome sin because of His love for mankind It deals with the angels jealousy over God s love for mankind and learning to take responsibility for your actions and learning some things are The Price Of Blood (Phil Broker, greater than self The writing and punctuation areetting much better than the first books so it was a much smoother read. Gdom but the Prince of Darkness will see Him undone as the physical body of the Son of God is slain by crucifixion sending Yeshua’s spirit to Hell; and for three days and nights the fate of both Heaven and Earth hang in the balance Will Lucifer finally win the prize he covets Experience the fascinating journey of the Son of God in the underworld and marvel anew at the love of God the spoiling of the Enemy and the Lord’s triumphant victory over Death Hell and the Grav.

Hought process along with prompting my bible habits Absolutely FascinatingWhat a Russian Winter great reintroduction of biblical accounts This book brings about a new rejuvenating understanding of the stories told in The Bible Bravo Mr Donovan Neal Bravo Dante s InfernonopeIts not Dante s Infernothis is populated with infernal machines that could realistically existas part of Lucifer s plan I wish he d used a different name than Azazel for theood angel Azazel is commiserate with the scapegoat to which all evil is assigned in Lev 16 Great follow through on plans executed over time Looking forward to the next book Excellent This book is truly amazing well written and full of action and suspense I loved every bit of it Fantastic read WOW I really enjoyed your 3 novels and look forward to the 4th oneYou are a very ifted author Thank you for sharing your talent The subject matter you writte about fascinates me I look forward to reading of your work The Third Heaven seriesI loved all three books and can. Hief Prince to come to terms with his own past A past breach so startling that if healed could unite the Seraph Elohim and Ophanim in common cause against Lucifer and the Hordeor once plunge Heaven into civil war A truth so powerful that it forces Enoch Gabriel and Metatron to pass through the realm of Limbo to search out the only other man in all of Heaven who can help unite the celestial hostsElijah Meanwhile Yeshua’s presence on Earth wreaks havoc on Lucifer’s kin.

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