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I m not entirely sure what it isThe Shadowmasters A nice little glimpse at the Mor Deythan no groundbreaking revelations Could ve been a little longer and deeperRavenlord I enjoyed this than Soulforge Those Raven boys they have many differences upbringing involvement on Isstvan minor and major changes they face as one of the Shattered Legions and I really am curious to observe and learn everything about it The psychology behind it is what s really interesting I finally enjoyed Corax because he suddenly became less flat than he seemed before Primarch s newfound paranoia gives him character Now some may blame him for the things he s done and inda sorta have a point is this our boy Corvus getting all multidimensional Oh sweet Go onThe Value of Fear Not the first time I read this one it still looks like a little loyal boy fan service piece It s written well and there s a point behind it my problem is this point exactly Interestingly enough there are Night Lords who escaped to join Raven Guard forces and stayed loyal to the Emperor at least one of them But a Night Lord even a loyal one calling anything that came from the RG or Corax truly terrifying is simply ridiculous to me Raptor Nope Did not like this What are the chances of a coincidental meeting between the Raptors and the Weregeld both being rare members of their legions who dealt with mutation A little farfetched Did not appreciate the reasoning behind Raptors final actions I hope that it will make sense and conseuences in the next short Let us see Weregeld And finally this one I liked a lot The Raptors arch turned out wonderfully tragic made me feel things Gav did a great job portraying fear and self loathing loyalty and false judgement Must admit any battle scenes here were nothing but a background this is how captivating the story itself has finally become Well here we go with Horus Heresy book no 40 They just won t uit coming and to be honest I m enjoying them all What you have here is a collection of the Corax novellas and a couple new stories that Rascal kind of connect all the novellas Corax Primarch of the Raven Guard is a mysterious figure and not much about him has been covered throughout the books His legion is diminished after the Dropsite Massacre on Isstvan 4 He went above and beyond accelerating gene seed harvest and growth and his legion has flawed Marines in it He embraces them all no matter that some are so grossly mutated they can t even wear Space Marine armor any but they still fight and theynow what they are there to do The mutants are referred to as roughs where the pure gene Marines are Another Day of Life known as smooths Corax is a flawed Primarch and in many ways the author made me feel sorry for him because he is plagued by his own doubt and mistakes made in the past Being a prisoner on his homeworld and freeing himself and those who became his legion has given Corax a uniue view of the universe and his place in it In a couple places in the book Corax proclaims and thinks to himself that he is better off alone and doesn t want to lead a legion of genetically enhanced warriors He doesn t want the laurels of power and his close legionaries are aware of this Many times his sons who are the closest uestion and doubt his decisions which you don t really see in the interactions with other Primarchs and their sons Corax also has a uniue relationship with his father the Emperor It is hard to put into words but it feels as though the Emperor is the only one who gets Corax and he has a deep understanding for how his father s mind works There are uite a few veiled reflections that are written here in Corax thoughts and wordsI really enjoyed this one and I am even a stronger fan of the Raven Guard For all their flaws and strange lifepath they have trod I can t help but love an underdog This book was well written and I was happy to read and review it On to book 41 HuzzahDanny Full Review published here because character limits won t let me post it in full Corax is an anthology of three novellas and three short stories With the exception of Weregeld the exclusive final part to the Raven Guard story arc I have read them all before with somewhat lukewarm feelings on most Re reading them all so soon after re reading Deliverance Lost all in conjunction and without months if not years of wait between the installments made me appreciate the whole thing a lot than I did piecemeal Every bit adds another piece to Corax as a character and the Raven Guard s struggles after the Dropsite Massacre While not a sweeping continuous narrative the somewhat episodic nature of the novellas and shorts allowed Gav Thorpe to explore various defining elements of the Legion and their Primarch andeep piling up drama before making it crash down on Corax in the finaleI was contemplating just how to approach this review With it being an anthology reviewing the individual parts might be appropriate but then I also think that a ind of strict separation would do the book a disservice While yes all pieces have been released individually over the years they still form a compelling hole and carry character arcs throughout and the satisfaction I got from it was in large parts down to seeing things flow from one to the next whereas individually I wasn t sure about the novellas So I am going to be all over the place with this write up trying to do bothThe book opens up with a prelude cut out of Weregeld the new novella It takes the reader right into the action of the finale showing us a gravely wounded Leman Russ his Wolves and the Raven Guard surrounded by Alpha Legion World Eaters and Thousand Sons Now you may ask how that comes to be and so does Corax at the end of this prelude the Thousand Sons haven t officially joined Horus yet after all and Russ has barely left Terra at the end of The Path of Heaven The answer is simple Weregeld is placed later in the timeline than anythi. The forces of the Warmaster on every front – from the degenerate hereteks of the Mechanicum to the cruel legionaries of the Sons of Horus none shall escape his wrath But although Corax has managed to stall the physical corruption of his own Space Marines what of their spirit And what sinister end must await those who dwell forever in the darknessThis anthology contains all of Gav Thorpe’s tales of

Ng else before it with Horus about to take the ey system to attack the Sol System in force What exactly Russ was up to isn t elaborated on but various hints were and are given which make me look forward to whatever Chris Wraight may be up to with him since it is a safe bet he ll be in charge of the next and potentially final piece of the Wolves plotline before the Siege given his track record After this damn exciting prelude the book goes back to the start Corax Soulforge here without the prefix It is set maybe a year after the conclusion of Deliverance Lost and Corax and his Legion are still raiding supply lines ships and freeing planets that had fallen to the traitors One such boarding action gets Corax Branne and Agapito onto a Word Bearers ship and shows the mad hunger for vengeance Agapito has been harboring since Isstvan V Due to his actions the whole thing almost goes bust and he becomes a central figure to the plot afterwards His need for vengeance is a focal point in Soulforge and stands in for the Raven Guard s collective need to get back at the Traitor Legions While this Agapito character arc was fairly predictable in its outcome him getting over it and getting his priorities straight again it was nice to see the collective trauma of the Legion being addressed in a personal manner It also reinforced the whole attack retreat attack again mantra of the Raven Guard Agapito was all too willing to commit to a fight unto death rather than using the guerrilla tactics the ravens and liberators of Lycaeus have been Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, known forThe novella itself leads Corax and Agapito to a Mechanicum world A delegation of Word Bearers has seemingly come to turn the highest ranking Mechanicum adept and instigated a row of despicable experiments attempting to merge daemon and machine Yep this is where we see the first Defilers making their way into the universe I liked that it wasn t just the recent Chaos machine breeds but the iconic spider legged monstrosities They have been relatively overlooked in recent years whereas they ve always been something monstrous and cool in my eyes and set the Chaos Space Marines of 40k apart from the loyalist Chapters tanksEither way Corax is hell bent on stopping the Word Bearers and Archmagos Delvere and allies with the loyalundecided adepts to achieve victory First contact is made through Corax running in on a secret discussion between the adepts trying to figure out a course of action for their barge city and whether or not to recognize Delvere s leadership and the Dark Mechanicum as a whole Corax joins in and convinces them that they can take back the planet and subseuently assumes command of the barge city of AtlasThis part of the book mostly shows off just how much of a tactical genius Corax is commanding disparate forces from multiple sources and maximizing the effect every piece in the game has on the outcome He stokes a civilian uprising distracts the opposing forces with his own legionaries under Agapito and then swoops into the action himself for the deciding decapitation While I can see complaints of Corax not being shown asick ass like other Primarchs who engage in open combat I felt that the rebel leader role of Corvus and his Legion s guerrilla spirit are well presented here Corax despite his close combat gear is interesting to me as a tactician overseeing the greater whole of a war rather than stumbling into the thick of itWhen he finally makes his move it is to great effect even though he does get a bit of a beating before the end On top of that he gets confronted with the nature of the Warp once and sees its corrupting influence first hand and at a larger scale than before This causes new doubts and fears in the Primarch returning the plot back to the mutated Raptors and his experiments in Deliverance Lost While the Raptors themselves only featured in the first chapters of the novella their increasing degredation is undeniable and Corax draws obvious parallels with the Word Bearers since IsstvanAfter this novella follows the short story The Shadowmasters featuring and in fact introducing the Mor Deythan an elite part of the Raven Guard based on legionaries that seemingly inherited Corax s ability to make themselves near undetectable It is an infiltration type story that supports Soulforge from the shadows It isn t necessary to the overall plot but still a nice bit that connects the additions from ForgeWorld s Horus Heresy line to the ongoing Raven Guard plot Originally this story was part of the Limited Edition of Soulforge so I m glad to see it in print for everyone nowNext up is Ravenlord which always bugged me for not having the Corax prefix of its predecessor the second novella Where Soulforge tackled the vengeance topic and the abhorrent experiments of the Dark Mechanicum and Word Bearers this one deals with the Legion s paranoia post Deliverance Lost and has Corax issuing a call to arms to re unite the scattered loyalist forces under his banner It also makes dealing with the Raptor problem unavoidable for Corax as it throws the experiments Fabius has been working on in the meantime right in his faceIt also shows the measures of psychic screening that the Raven Guard adapted after Deliverance with Balsar Kuthuri who featured before taking on the task of mind reading and surprisingly encountering barriers around secrets in a Raven Guard force that seemingly managed to escape Isstvan V long after the Primarch Ravenlord Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, kept me guessing Like Deliverance Lost it threw the possibility of a traitor among the ranks into the air and tried to mislead the reader It works to reflect the Primarch s own paranoia and distrust even when reunited with one of his closest sons Secrets and shame arrogance and betrayal all factor in here Corax with his I don t need a bodyguard bravado from Raven s Flight is walking on anife s edge here and even when support arrives. He Raven Guard in the Horus Heresy – the novellas Soulforge and Ravenlord and short stories ‘ The Shadowmasters ’ ‘ The Value of Fear ’ and ‘ Raptor ’ Also included is the brand new novella Weregeld taking Corax’s legend to its grim conclusionThe book includes a full art hardcover a glossy dustjacket in the Horus Heresy series style internal illustrations and an exclusive author afterwor.

And so another mighty HH tome has arrived for readers enjoyment Corax from a talented author Gav Thorpe is a next numbered installment in HH 40th book and another milestone in a series This time it s an anthology of previously released stuff plus a new never before seen novella Weregeld This anthology contains all of Gav Thorpe s tales of the Raven Guard in the Horus Heresy the novellas Soulforge and Ravenlord and short stories The Shadowmasters The Value of Fear and Raptor As synopsis tells us it s taking Corax s legend to its grim conclusion at least for a time being and impending Siege of TerraPreviously released titles were already read and reviewed by a lot of readers So I will uickly judge them from the past then will give my opinion on new stuff Weregeld and rate anthology as a whole To be truthful this anthology would have been much better if it would have included Raven s Flight story cause it s where all starts for Corax and Corax novel Deliverance Lost without which all the Raptors stuff would be a little strange for newbies who started reading Corax story right from the 40th installmentWithout them the story of Never and Corax depression integral struggle and all his decisions are not opened for the reader in full Corax Soulforge is a story that continues Corax story after Deliverance Lost and provides insight into XIX Primarch internal struggle new stratagems and planning for future campaigns All in all that novella struggles to find it s footing and provide some really meaningful insight into all main points it should cover So it could be rated as 2 out of 5 starsRavenlord with it Gav Thorpe tried another approach to Corax story but here it s failed exactly with the same reasons as the previous one But it did contain some waves into the future of W40K It s 3 out of 5 stars The Shadowmasters The Value of Fear shorts are better than novellas stuff but struggles as being something than fillers for the HH times In case of The Value of Fear it has some aspiring moments Especially then a loyal Night Lords tells that Corax action is really terrifying And it has some small insight into stratagems of an amazing Alpha Legion And that s always good Raptor which was previously released as an audio drama on the other hand provides insight on the monsters which were created by Corax and to understand what and where it s coming from you definitely should have read Deliverance Lost and have a lore Friend Foe knowledge for the times of Horus Heresy But it fails flat cause both the raptors and wulfens are like a disappointedid s than a grown and experienced SMs in case of SW It s 3 out of 5 starsAnd now we finally get to the point of Weregeld the only new stuff which goes in this anthology for the people who already read previous titles It is actually the best story in all the anthology From one point of view it s closes Corax story for the time being getting the narrative to the logical conclusion Partly due to a really good excerpts from the future Also it contain excerpts from the period of Scouring which from one point of view are interesting for RG fans but spoil the ending for others Let s call it a long due premonition of events to come Weregeld addresses all the plot points settled up by the previous Corax installments and provides a logical and satisfying conclusion It also contain a solid view much better than in previous installments on XIX Primarchs psyche And that s where it partly fails too It sometimes starts good uestions but eventually close them very uickly due to the page count Weregeld would have been a very good novella if it would have been made into novel But that s actually a general problem with Black Library nowdays page count destroy truly amazing stories and makes them simply good 100 pages added to Weregeld would have made it truly amazing But we have what we have No point discussing it further I would rate Weregeld as 4 out of 5 stars That s the best installment in book 40 of HH narratively wide and storydriven As a end resultall the stories combined goes in a chronological order and delves into Corax legend in full up to the certain point in the future They are rough filler like and sometimes blank All the struggle of RG after Istvaan are basically described as guerilla war behind enemy lines without any specifics We just The Longevity Diet know they were fighting and stopped some X point of enemy SMs and resources getting in Y time to take part in Siege of Terra nothing In general that s not a book I was hoping to read and definitely one of the standard anthologies instead of being one of the amazing ones like Shadows of Treachery If you love RG and Corax as a Primarch probably you gonna like it especially Weregeld If you hate fillers and want tonow about Horus Heresy main events or central plotline or have an awesome read you can simply skip anthology up to Weregeld and read it alone So the book as an anthology get s 3 out of 5 starsAlso the book includes a full art hardcover a glossy dustjacket in the Horus Heresy series style internal illustrations and an exclusive author afterword all the shiny stuff BL are famous for So as usual where would be a big list of fans who will by the anthology as a shiny case for their mantelpiece I wish this was a solid novel Weregeld the final novella in this anthology was absolutely amazing Earlier ones were less exciting to me I understand that some short stories are supposed to work as an addition to a larger one but I think that they need to also be complete on their own I wrote my opinions on each story after finishing them one by one so this review is even less of a smooth read than the anthology itself Still freakin loved Weregeld Corax Soulforge I don t now I had the same experience with Deliverance Lost for some reason I just can t connect with Corax stories There were some nice parts in this one but overall it s just lacking something and. The Lord of Ravens Master of Deliverance Primarch Corus Corvax of the Raven Guard takes centre stage in a collection of works by Gav Thorpe that explore his campaign of vengeance against Horus' allies and his desperate attempts to hold his Legion togetherAfter Isstvan after Deliverance the Raven Guard still endure Their primarch Corvus Corax has rallied countless warriors to his banner striking back at.

Gav spent 14 years as a developer for Games Workshop and started writing novels and short stories in the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40000 when the Black Library imprint was launched in 1997 He continues to write for Black Library and his first 'homegrown' novel series The Crown of the Blood has been released via Angry RobotCurrently living in Nottingham Gav shares his home with his lo