Andrew L. Hipp: Field Guide to Wisconsin Sedges An Introduction to the Genus Carex Cyperaceae

A very ecological and accessible guide to typically a ifficult group of plants to ID. E and inspection of thousands of herbarium sheets Primarily an identification guide the book is also a valuable source of habitat information for landscapers gardeners and restorationistsFeatures• Keys to all Wisconsin Carex species arranged by section• Distribution maps for all species• Species The Essential Good Food Guide descriptions andetailed habitat information for than 50 common species• Color illustrations of whole plants or Textbook of Wisdom details for than 70 species• Appendix summarizingominant Carex species by Wisconsin habitat• A glossary of terms• Water resistant paperback cover.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about sedges I am once again re readingreviewing. Sedges are among the world’s most iverse and ecologically important plant families with almost two hundred species in Wisconsin alone These grass like plants found mostly in wetlands are increasingly popular with landscapers and home gardeners Learning to identify sedges is challenging however and the available technical guides to the sedge family can be overwhelming to a nonspecialist Field Guide to Wisconsin Sedges is a beautifully illustrated introduction to the largest sedge genus Carex which alone makes up about 7 percent of the flora of the upper Midwest .

This well written and beautifully illustrated field guide written by a friend It is.            Written primarily for naturalists wild plant enthusiasts and native landscapers this book is uniue in its accessible format and illustrations With this book readers can learn to recognize key structures needed to identify approximately 150 Carex species found in Wisconsin Author Andrew Hipp shows how to identify many of the major groupings of sedges that are used in guides to the genus throughout the world           Fi eld Guide to Wisconsin Sedges includes information on habitat and range rawn from Hipp’s extensive field experienc.

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