Andrew J. Rotter: Hiroshima The World's Bomb

Up of scientists and their military task masters to suspend their moral compasses and create the mother of all murder weapons This book tackles a wide breadth of issues related to the first atomic bomb at Hiroshima the physics of the bomb and the scientific community that developed it the political causes of WWII and the leaders who chose to seek and utilize the bomb the vent in Japan itself and the arms race in the aftermath It is an interesting look at how WWII influenced the creation of the bomb as well as how the bomb came to influence the world I highly. S fast paced and insightful narrative Andrew J Rotter tells the international story behind the development of the atom bomb ranging from the global crises that led to the Second World War to the largely unavailing attempts to control the spread of nuclear weapons and the His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, evolution of the nuclear arms race after the war hadnded He details the growth in the 1930s and '40s of a world wide community of scientists dedicated to deve.

This is pretty unremarkable I did like the organization though I read this book against my will Begrudgingly I learned a few things but nothing that was life altering If you re interested in the subject I can recommend the writing If you re not you probably shouldn t bother If you re not and you re being forced to read it at least it s decently written Good luck Rotter gives a rather chilling introduction to how the indiscriminate aerial murder of civilians prior to and during World War 2 informed the twisted logic that allowed a gifted and multinational gro. The US decision to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima remains one of the most controversial vents of the twentieth century But as this fascinating new history shows the bomb dropped by an American pilot that hot August morning was in many ways the world's bomb in both a technological and a moral sense And it was the world that would have to face its conseuences strategically diplomatically and culturally in the years ahead In thi.

Suggest this book as a valuabla account of a period in modern history which may never happens again For those who like to read a pure non fiction documentary on thics in science as a tool for military dominance use warfare to destruct morale of citizens politics I can say this is a must be read work I find that author try to keep a neutral position but I have to finish it to xplore author s overall impression finding in this controversy the book is amusing for serious reader although the chaptering organization could be better KABOOM KABOOM KABOOOOOOOOOOOM. Loping a weapon that could undo the vil in Nazi Germany and he describes the harnessing of their Dangerous to Touch efforts by the US wartime government Rotter also sheds light on the political and strategic decisions that led to the bombing itself the impact of the bomb on Hiroshima and thendgame of the Pacific War the Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude effects of the bombing and the bomb on society and culture and the state of all things nuclear in thearly 21st century world.

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