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Crunchy goodness Don t be sceptical about a toast chapter ither the toppings are amazing Toast with crab cilantro chili mayo Mumbai toastie sold as street food in Mumbai toasted brioche with boozy mushrooms and spiced avocado with black beans sour cream cheese to name a fewWith lovely little stories and descriptions of the recipes this is cookbook you can read like a story bookWorth owningHappy Reading I bought this beautiful book at a highly discounted price at a big Tesco s The cover and photos are very nice But I must say I am a bit disappointed The book was in the right place at Tesco s it offers very good recipes with all the ingredients and spices from all over the world available in the incredibly well stashed UK supermarkets It is also really a good book for your average working parent wanting to cook good healthy fun diverse stuff for demanding kids and this as uick and Releasing The Power Within Through Spiritual Dynamics efficiently as possible while not having much time to go shoppinglswhere than once a week at Tesco sBut the book didn t have the wow Passage Through Crisis effect on me There is something a bit inauthentic in Henry s cooking style Those ten roasts in a row all prepared in the very same way but only the spice pastemarinade changing one day spanish style another day Indian the other something with Marsala in ittc I got bored Call me pedantic if you like These are simple amped up recipes many with an international flare The photos compliment the recipes and most recipes have one For those looking to break out of a rut this cookbook offers many new ideas A beautiful cookbook with very nice photos Probably a nice addition for the cook who is very Science, Technology and Culture experienced and wants to try something out of the ordinary Many of the recipes have unusual spices or uncommon ingredients These recipes are for a refined palate My pickyaters would not be happy. Asted Cauliflower with Garlic and Thyme Diana takes the kind of ingredients we are most likely to find in our cupboard and fridge or be able to pick up on the way home from work and provides recipes that will become your friends for lif.

Endlessly deliciousBeautifully written and packed with recipes that look amazing I will add to this review on GoodReads once I ve made some of them Soooo good If you like to cook and haven t yet tried Diana Henry you re missing out Note on the title This seemed to confuse some reviewers Simple food here doesn t mean 5 ingredients and only takes 20 minutes to prepare It s simple flavors recipes that let the primary ingredients shine through However they are The Road to Einsteins Relativity easy to prepare if you know your way around a kitchen and all of the recipes fit on one page no long complicated ones here I would order anything from this book at a restaurant I wouldn t necessarily make anything from this book at home but that s because she uses some ingredients I don t really keep on hand orver buy certain condiments cuts of meat Black Boy etc I m still copying down uite a few recipes though As promised all of the recipes are simple to make no fancy techniues needed and most of these could be thrown together on a weeknight after work Gorgeous book lovely friendly writing style and mouthwatering recipes Simple is the most common cookbook catchphrase out there Everyone from Alice Waters to Giada de Laurentiis has a cookbook that promises simple food simple recipesBut it will be no surprise to fans of Diana Henry s recipes that this cookbook is uniuely wonderful and stands apart from the rest Simple yes Obvious noEvery one of the recipes we ve tried so far has been a winner from the spicy crab toast to the coffee brined pork chops Henry s recipes are a great inspiration when you get tired of your usual recipes and yearn for something a little special really satisfying and yes simple Diana Henry s books are an absolute joy to read I love the pictures the flavor combinations her recipes make sense to me as a home cook who likesxpe. No one is better than Diana Henry at turning the veryday into something special Here is a superb collection of recipes that you can rustle up with absolutely no fuss but which will knock your socks off with their flavourPeppered throug.

Rimenting with spices and different vegetables tc There is so much good variety here I will be looking for a copy to purchase this feels like a book I will pull from the shelf often for a uick weeknight dinner idea or to satisfy a fit of must find something new for next week meal planning Possibly the most cookable of Diana Henry s cookbooks I loved the focus on ingredients rather than courses or meals Feel like Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire eggs today Turn to page 10 Perhaps you re in the mood for fish turn to page 122 The recipes are carefullydited with just a handful in Safe in My Arms each chapter This islevated simple though Its not just scrambled Presunta colpevole eggs it s Persian inspiredggs with dates and chilli or a leek and feta omelette with sumac A broader pantry might be reuired than the idea of simple initially springs to mind but this is how you can make the things you already know how to do Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem eg omelette and make it interesting creative and delicious I hear you scoffing at the idea of a chapter on toast but this isn t toast like you vever thought of making hello carrot hummus roast tomatoes and harrissa yoghurt or goat s cheese and roast grapes A lot of it is bowl food salads but not traybakes or chop and toss style pastas I d sum it up as simple but with flavour Everything cookbook should beGorgeous photos tons of delicious recipes clear and concise directions creative and personal stories and tidbits throughout Like having a friend in the kitchen This is a book you keep out on the coffee table it s so beautiful Everything from Safe Words eggs to fish toast to roast Plus sweets You re bound to fall join love with this bookIspecially liked the whole page story in the toast chapter that talked about postpartum depression Not an His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, easy subjectspecially in a cookbook but she did it flawlessly Describing the delicious comfort of toast and all its. Hout the book are ingenious ideas such as no hassle starters and sauces that will lift any dish From Turkish Pasta with Caramelized Onions Yoghurt and Dill and Paprika baked Pork Chops with Beetroot Caraway and Sour Cream to Parmesan ro.

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