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I have the weirdest relationship with this book The first time I read it I hated it To the extent of giving it away I thought Kate was a doormat and Toruil was awful This time I have no idea what I was thinking because Kate is bright and sensible and clever and altogether interesting Toruil is still awful but in a Gothic way I still don t love it but I m amending my rating to match my new opinion Cousin Kate represents a departure from Heyer s usual historical romances and historical um historicals It s got all the trappings of a Gothic novel complete with heroine trapped in an old manor and a charming madman But it s not uite there The old manor isn t on some wind blasted heath and it s not haunted it s actually uite lovely thanks to the efforts of Lady Broome Kate s aunt view spoilerI m not sure if this is a spoiler so I ll tag it Toruil s insanity is frightening but you also feel tremendous empathy for him hide spoiler The one where enniless orphaned Kate is taken in by an aunt she s never met and begins to discover strange things happening in the manor This was two different books that didn t mesh well together The romance conflicts with the suspense in a way that takes the Lightning Over Bennett Ranch power out of both of them By the time Kate finds out she could be in real danger she s already got an ally who sowerful than any of the forces that threaten her And in a romance context I accept women agreeing to marry men they ve only known for a week but in a suspense context in a book that keeps whispering Sri Sumarah, Pariyem dan Bu Bei people are not what they appeareople who seem to be kind are dangerous it seemed like a crazy thing to do Well OK not really in reality you could identify the good guys and the bad guys within five minutes of meeting them but that just means that the suspense novel rules applied to the bad guys and the romance novel rules applied to the good ones The romance was really a side issue in this book with none of the feeling that Georgette Heyer has imbued in her other Regency Romances The love story developed way too uickly and I thought Philip and Kate rather insipidHowever apart from the romance this was a good read and I have to say that I loved old Mr Nid His conversations were Class Struggles priceless About a three and a half star book rounded down because Georgette Heyer herself sets such a high bar Gothic is not my favorite genre and the shocking ending cast uite aall over the romance Still I enjoyed Kate as a spunky sensible heroine as well as Kate s loyal and wise old nurse Sarah and Sarah s redoubtable father Mr Nidd who Wilfred Owen (Routledge Revivals) provided much needed comic relief This is a removal from Heyer s usual light hearted and witty romances The romance is low key while suspense is very high Kate is aenniless but well bred orphan who tries her hand at being a governess but is unable to sustain a Study to Teach position She takes refuge with her old nurse Sarah whoromptly writes to Kate s father s sister Auntie Lady Broom enters and sweeps Kate away to Staplewood the stately manor home of the Brooms Here Kate is lavished with riches and is entreated to lead the life of leis I do believe I am in shock What a morbid Ghastly Horrid ending I rather wish I hadn t finished it at night How on earth did it end on a happy note I really have to think about this review I ve thought about it I found it almost lyrical I could see the beautiful still water that haunted Toruil I felt his anguish over his dreams His lingering worry that someone didn t have his best interests at heart Poor ToruilMinerva was so like Aunt Em from Death in Kenya They both did different things but their heart s were the same That being the case I abhor Minerva A selfish Obsessed Cruel women would be hard to find The suspense comes Global Corporations in Global Governance purely from mental illness which happens to be my favorite type of suspense I can see how the mental illness and the way it was handledulls Angels in Harmony people in two different directions It was mental illness down to the full moon madness Too thrilling for wordsI liked Philip he wasn t often there but when he was the mood lightend Kate was a dear even if she did think she had control of the situationKate and Toruil remind me of Valeria and Miserrimus from The Law and the Lady Theersonalities are When young and beautiful governess Kate Malvern finds herself unemployed in Regency England is surprised to receive an invitation to live with a distant aunt Minerva Broome who she has never met Rescued from Sketchy Behavior penury by her aunt Minerva hardly knows what to expect at majestic country home of Staplewood a Elizabethan manor Her aunt uncle and cousin welcome her to their estate buy her new clothes androvide all the amenities a Young lady of uality should ha.

Imilar and the conclusion for those two characters is also alike Toruil is truly the strongest Autumn Brides pull in the story I didn t think it would make me think so much Think of Dean in Emily Climbs and you will have a glimmer of what he is like I loved that the characters were real to life they lived breathed and not one of them was one dimensional For me this book was a treat It s not a sparkling witty comedy but a thoughtrovoking Gothic Though it isn t the worlds best Gothic see Victoria Holt for those it is a good character study Not all the bad characters are wholly bad And the good are the same you may not be able to look up to them all yet you can t help but like them Beautifully haunting The language was minimal There is a horrible scene about a rabbit caught in a trap not glorified or detailed but still nasty And then there is a murder at the end You don t see the murder but you see the body afterwords Again not detailed but I have a The Princess and the Three Knights pretty good imagination so I couldicture it all PG In Cousin Kate one of Georgette Heyer s later books written in 1968 46 years after her first book The Black Moth was The Beauty of Believing published Georgette tried a Gothic spin on one of her historical romances with distinctly mixed resultsKate Malvern alone in the world at age 23 has just lost her governess job because the wrong guy made aass at her can t get another job and has no money and nowhere to go except her old nanny s home which isn t a good ermanent solution for her Her devoted and loving nanny Sarah Nidd secretly writes a letter to Kate s one relative that seems likely to be of help Kate s aunt Lady Minerva Broome Minerva a extremely determined and managing type swoops in to carry the startled Kate off to Staplewood Minerva s manor where she lives with her elderly ailing husband Sir Timothy and her also ailing son 19 year old Toruil who is drop dead gorgeous but also sulky spoiled and strangeAt first all seems reasonably good Sir Timothy is kind although distant Toruil seems to enjoy Kate s company and Lady Broome is overwhelmingly generous with new clothing and resents for Kate Toruil s older cousin Philip soon shows up and sparks fly between him and Kate even though she resents him because of Reasons But odd incidents keep occurring at Staplewood Toruil s erratic behavior is becoming of a Forbidden Love Unchained problem and Minerva Broome s generosity to Kate starts to feel suffocating especially sinceeople keep hinting that Minerva has ulterior motives And for some reason Kate s letters to Sarah Nidd are never answered and she starts to feel isolated and uncomfortable Philip wants to be there for Kate but Kate isn t sure that that s the right solutionThe marriage between Heyer s lighthearted Regency romance sensibilities and darker Gothic suspense never uite fell into Witches of the Deep South place for me Heyer takes on theroblem of mental illness in this Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) plot and writes about it with sympathy but I don t think she really understood it well enough to do it justice which is aroblem when almost the entire Christianity plot is focused on this one issue Heyer takes the easy way out of this one in the end and the very ending is one of those odd abrupt ones that occasionallyop up in her novelsI thought that the romance although it was a secondary Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, plotline was rather charming Both the heroine and hero were appealing well aside from Kate senchant for second guessing herself and others dithering around unnecessarily and feeling like she owes to Lady Broome than she should For a heroine who was otherwise fairly mature and strong minded this was frustrating behavior But other than this Kate is excellent in a crisis and has a good sense of humor and some of the secondary characters especially her old nurse Sarah Nidd and her father in law old Mr Nidd were original and delightful I would have enjoyed this book if it had been about the Nidds than the unfortunate Broome familyBuddy read with the Georgette Heyer group Turned off from her job as a governess Kate Malvern has no where to go except to the home of her old nurse Sarah Nidd a carrier s wife When Kate declares her intentions of becoming a fashionable lady s maid or a dressmaker Sarah is appalled A young lady like Kate shouldn t have to go into trade eve. Ve The life in the grand household is so very different from a life spent following the drum in the Peninsular But surely other households are homelike Kate's uncle lives in one wing handsome moody cousin Toruil in another; cousin Philip appears to have taken her in instant dislike; thought the guests are few even family dinners are formalHowever things are not as they seem strange things start to happen in the manor and Staplewood soon turns from an inv.

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N if her father was a gamester soldier who left Kate with nothing Urged on by her cantankerous but kindly father in law Sarah writes to Kate s estranged aunt Lady Broome Kate s Aunt Minerva sweeps in and whisks Kate off to Staplewood for the summer Aunt Minerva showers Kate with as many clothes and jewels as Kate could wish yet her life at Staplewood is not what she expected For starters her aunt rules the household with an iron fist and won t let Kate help Then there s her aunt s invalid husband Sir Timothy who rarely ventures out of his rooms in an entirely separate wing in the house Then there s her volatile cousin Toruin nineteen and behaving like a sulky schoolboy He also resides an a separate wing of the house and is Alice-Miranda at Camp prone to migraines Finally there s Toruin s cousin anderceived enemy Philip Broome who at first dislikes Kate and then becomes a trusted ally and friend as Kate realizes that all is not well at Staplewood This is a Greek Tragedy or Gothic novel Regency Romance style Heyer departs from her usual witty comedies to weave together a tale of ambition wills The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) power and mental instability Kate is a lively intelligent heroine typical of Heyer s older heroines I really like her and admire her for sticking to herlans to stay yet I find her terribly na ve not to realize what was amiss a lot sooner Her relationship with the hero The Association of Small Bombs progresses gradually and barely into the romance category than in The Unknown Ajax less than Heyer s comedies Thelot is very dark and tragic and full of entirely hateful characters including Sir Timothy who loses my respect on the last Wilderness Survival Handbook page I couldn t really get into this one but yet I had to know how it would all come about happily for Kate If you re looking for sunshine flirtations or witty banter look elsewhere This is my least favorite of Heyer s novels This is also not a good book for Heyer neophytes to begin with because it contains excessive slang that even I find difficult to understandReread May 2020Georgette Heyer goes Gothic No Just no Super dark creepy and weird I love Georgette Heyer but was afraid I wouldn t enjoy this book with its low 35 rating But it was very entertaining Heyer s books are a guaranteed good time and this was aleasant surprise because it was unlike her other other books Cousin Kate was a darker read with a conniving villain mingled with some very strange eventsKate was an adorably sweet heroine with a kind heart I loved that she wasn t a The White Mans Burden push over and wasn t afraid to speak her mind Heyer s heroines are always strong independent types and Kate didn t disappoint 35 stars rounded up 35 The end of the 60s beginning of the 70s had uite a craze for Gothic fiction Daphne Du Maurier s had cemented it slace as a modern classic the works of the Visit the Sick prolific Victoria Holt were widely read Some established authors wanted to add their own twists to this fad Agatha Christie tried her hand at a Modern Gothic with I reread this last year it remains one of my favourites from Christie s later works Unfortunately GH s attempt at a Regency Gothic wasn t uite so successful According to my trusty Kloester GH was very unwell when writing Cousin Kate hated the final outcome The original synopsis certainly sounds a far superior novel seeage 364 in KloesterThe story started well with a Carry Me Over the Threshold plucky but impoverished heroine Kate Unfairly dismissed from her job as a governess she comes to visit her former nurse Sarah Nidd her colourful family Sarah thinks her late employer s half sister Minerva can t refuse to help a niece in such desperate circumstances Sarah is uite correct but what is Lady Minerva s motive what is wrong with Sir Timothy Lady Minerva s son Toruil Is he merely spoilt highly strung or is there something All that scene setting greatWhat didn t work for me I can see why Philip fell for Kate but not the other way around I worked on that byicturing him looking like Colin Firth circa PP Mind you The Courtship Basket picturing Firth as Darcy fixes just about everything for meview spoilerI like my heroes heroic Phillip wasn t I have faith in Kate she would have rescued herself the stray dog from Toruil Phillip couldn t evenersuade Kate to remove herself from a lace of obvious danger hide spoiler. Iting stately house to a cold and gloomy mansion with a dreadful secret Slowly however as strange events unfold Kate begins to realize that her aunt's apparent benevolence hides an ulterior motive To assure succession of the title her aunt intends Kate to marry her cousin Toruil until his increasingly bizarre behavior culminates in violence and tragedy And when Kate begins to suspect the shocking reason for Minerva's generousity she has no one to confide.

The Black MothIn 1925 she married George Ronald Rougier a mining engineer Rougier later became a barrister and he often provided basic plot outlines for her thrillers Beginning in 1932 Heyer released one romance novel and one thriller each yearHeyer was an intensely private person who remained a best selling author all her life without the aid of publicity She made no appearances never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point She wrote one novel using the pseudonym Stella MartinHer Georgian and Regencies romances were inspired by