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Even better than the first book It s as though Gary K Wolf saw the movie smiled and then turned around and took the piss as much as he liked in this book Many elements of the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit enter into the beginning only to be summarily assimilated into the richer world and voice of the original world Roger s speech impediment with the letter p is not only picked on than once it s in the title and even an important plot element at one pointThis appealed to my love of satire and helped ease the annoyance I always feel towards adaptation blindness But the book is also amazing taken completely on its ownRoger Rabbit comes to Eddie with another case involving Jessica and their relationship The Telltale is printing ossip that Jessica Rabbit is romantically involved with Clark Gable Then Eddie is hired by David Selznick to catch the thief between three suspects Kirk Enigman Baby Herman and Roger Rabbit all up for the part of Rhett ButlerThe detective noir aspects are played to eleven and the dialogue is witty and often hilarious Clark Gable and Roger Rabbit have an axiom fight It s brilliant Also best romantic interest EVER Apparently Jessica has a sister view spoilerWho is six inches tall and awesome hide spoiler I m assuming that this book was written as a seuel to the movie and not the original book because Roger Rabbit has a completely different personality and is apparently not dead after all It seems as if the author is trying entirely too hard to be funny in this book Every single observation no matter how minute is stretched out into some ridiculous simile metaphor or pun As Sweet Brown would say in this case Ain t no bunny qasas-ul-quran got time for thatFINAL IMPRESSIONThe author definitely tried way too hard It s a Good Mystery But Takes Too Long to Get ThereI really enjoyed Wolf s first Roger Rabbit novel and I enjoyed the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit uite a bit so I expected to like this book aood deal I did or less The problem is that it overindulges in some of the pulp fiction tropes to the point where the novel became a bit of a slog to read I dug the characters and the mystery but it was just exhausting to et through this book at times I could only recommend. Roger Rabbit is sure that Clark Gable has not only stolen the role of Rhett Butler in the soon to be shot Gone With the Wind bu.

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Novel Wolf throws in a twist that the reader might foresee but odds are low that the reader will know it until it hits themSPOILER ALERTThe only reason I ave the book a 4 Star rating was the retcon bit especially since it s not explained until Chapter 12 and it s only a brief sentence It leaves the reader wondering how Roger came back since he was basically a Dead-End Road Mysteries ghost who disappeared aka Toon Death in the first book I might be inclined too like 25 on this I was never tempted to abandon the book It wasn t a slog and I was engaged enough at least to want to know what happened in the endBut it also wasn t the eual of the first one I think the critical difference is that where before Eddie Valiant was a low rent Philip Marlowe here his is like Steve Martin s Rigby Reardon from the film Dead Men Don t Wear Plaid That is to say the style of the prose was akin to a serious detective story but with the absurd and fantastical elements lent by the toons With our protagonist being ov Better story than the first one In the vein of Mike Hammer or Sam Spade the similes were way over the top and uite bountiful The whole storyline was centered around the production of Gone With The Wind In fact Eddie is hired by David O Selznick himself This leads to my biggest objection That film was released in 1939 This timeline puts it after the WWII Eddie even mentions his war record a few times Other than that the returning characters are likable and we learn a few things about the Valiant family too Not as Hear the Wolves good as the first but then sopho books never are Weird in that some of the same characters are back again even though they were killed off in the first book Oh well cartoons will be cartoons So much wasoing on that it was kind of exhausting Very cleverly plotted funny and satiric and I think I understood what was Valors Measure going on than I did with Who Censored Roger Rabbit Not as fresh as that one though somehow But it is nice that view spoilerRoger is aood BFI Film Classics guy like he was in the movie I was upset when he turned out not to be at the end of Censored I think Gary Wolf hadotten attached to Roger too and was Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan glad that writing this seuel to the movieave him another chance to work with him hide spoiler. In murder and Hollywood corruption Who P P Plugged Roger Rabbit will appeal to movie buffs mystery fans and Rabbit devotees ali.

It to mega Roger Rabbit fans This novel feels like the Framed movie was closely tied to it than the first novel did Not that I know which novel was the base for the movie Possibly both There are scenes that seem almost cut and pasted from both novels into that movie It mentions dip as a Toon killer and Toon Town unlike the first novel Baby Herman is indistinguishably unchanged throughout Gone with the Wind re imagined was a twist Worth the read simple for the non stop assault of hard boiled similes metaphors and double entendres Gary K Wolf s follow up to Who Censored Roger Rabbit is Who P P P Plugged Roger Rabbitanother entertaining tale with the same characters as the first book The clich hard boiled detective language is still intact and smartly applied leaving room for double entendres and interesting ways of describing scenes and actionsIn this book which is not a preuel and it is sort of a seuel the story was retconned with Jessica explainingthat the previous events of the first book were dreamed by her sort of a cheat but it allows the adventures to continue Roger Baby Herman and Enigman are up for the role of Rhett Butler in Selznick s Gone With the Wind but to finance the movie Selznick needs extra moola because he is beyond broke A box left on his desk contains a secret formula to turn Toons into humans and vice versa The box and secret formula disappear and Eddie Valiant private detective is hired to find out who stole the box Then he s hired to find Roger Rabbit whom he is already working for to discover if Jessica is cheating on him wth Clark Gable Meanwhile Gable s وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله gal Carole Lombard is cheating on him with Baby Herman Viven Leigh is a newcomer to Hollywood and ends up on a date with Eddie as does Jessica s 6 sister yes that is inches not feet who is identical to her sister in almost every shape and form except for her height Eddie s brother Freddie is missing and several other villainous types enter the picture trying to stop Eddie from everything he is involved in It may sound confusing but Wolf does a marvelous job of laying it all out Even though one of the baduys responsible for most of the murder and mayhem is obvious a third of the way through the. T he has also stolen the heart of Jessica Investigating the affair Eddie Valiant Toon protector finds himself up to his fedora.

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