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Ed gothic imagery country house mystery romantic comedy and saga of international crime reminiscent of John Willards popular play The Cat and the Canary 1922 A group of attractive young people gather for a party at Black Dudley a gloomy old place a great grey building bare and ugly as a fortress After inner an old family tale is told concerning the bloody history of the prominently isplayed Dudley Dagger Soon a game is ecided upon the lights are extinguished and the Dudley Dagger claims another victimI The World in the Curl didn t find this novel in the least compelling for it veers off in far too manyirections and the murder and the murderer are not in themselves very interesting Still the individual scenes were either suspenseful or amusing and I can see how Campion would make an entertaining heroYes I believe I may read another Campion novel someday Poor Albert Campion gets no respect nor Connexity does his author Margery AllinghamNinety years after Hercule Poirot first exercised his little grey cells in The Mysterious Affair at Styles and Lord Peter Wimsey first pranced through Whose Body these redoubtableetectives and their brilliant authors are still household names But Albert Campion Like Ngaio Marsh s Roderick Alleyn Gladys Mitchell s Mrs Bradley or Patricia Wentworth s Miss Silver all of whom were uite popular in their A Personal Influence day but have sadly fallen into obscurity Campion has been cheated of the lasting fame that is hisueBut perhaps Bloomsbury Reader s new edition of Campion s first case The Crime at Black Dudley first published in 1929 can remedy the situationLike television s Colombo or Lord Peter Wimsey the fair haired bespectacled Albert Campion at first glance appears to be a bit of fool Do not be taken in Wise cracking and with a high pitched voice Campion is crazy like a fox unlike the moralistic Lord Peter he Americas First City doesn t mind playing both on the side of the law and on the other Campion s in attendance at a house party at Black Dudley when the host Colonel Gordon Coombe a wheelchair bound man who wears a plate on his face to cover hideous scars from the waries Although his personal physician claims the Bone Mountain (Inspector Shan, deathue to heart trouble two other guests pathologist Dr George Abbershaw and newly minted Neutered by the vet (The League of Dominant Women doctor Michael Prenderby soon work out that Coombe was murdered They begin trying to ferret out what secrets lie at Black Dudley but it is Campion of course who truly shines when the crooks emerge The Crime at Black Dudley contains a goodeal suspense and twists that you ever expect in a British cozy released in 1929 Although than 85 years old the novel remains as much of a five star read as ever and I read it in just a few sittings Priced at a mere 199 in the Kindle format readers owe it to themselves to get a taste of Allingham s elightfully uirky series with The Crime at Black DudleyIn the spirit of full Alipio disclosure I received this ebook from NetGalley and Bloomsbury Reader in return for an honest review First published in 1929 The Crime at Black Dudley is set in a gloomy manor where a social weekend goes awry when a person is murdered Allingham introduces her leadingetective Albert Campion the uirky yet affable gentleman who would later be featured in another twenty mystery novels While the opening pages are atmospheric and the setting holds promise the characters lack Seducing Ingrid Bergman depth and nuance and the narrative suffers from the same irritating flaws as Murder on the Orient Express Albert Campion leaps to a bizarre conclusion and he withholds information that makes it impossible for readers to solve the murder Up the well known creek I first met Albert Campion when I stumbled across the BBC TV show called Campion starring Peter Davison Ion t To the Colonel – and just who is the mysterious Mr Campion Neither the story nor Albert Campion is uite as vapid and slow as you might expectapa in US as THE BLACK DUDLEY MURDER 19.

Summary The Crime at Black Dudley

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Albert Campion gatecrashes a party at Black Dudley Manor in which Colonel Coombe The Guardship (Thomas Marlowe, dies in suspicious circumstances It turns out the Colonel was supposed to give a package to Benjamin Dawlish and it is now lost Dawlish and his criminal gang now hold the guests captive It becomes clear that the Colonel has been murdered to Abbershaw and the medic However it the uirky and mercurial Albert Campion who is instrumental in getting to the bottom of the case Even though this is a relatively old mystery story it is full of twists and suspense I am glad that this novel was available currently as a Bloomsbury Reader via netgalley as it is a great example of the golden age ofetective fiction Many thanks to Bloomsbury for a copy of the book via netgalley Alas I A Secret Place did not enjoy this mystery The pacing was awkward the locale aggressively gothic the romance element flat and stilted and the setup for the crime absurdly over the top with a level of emotional maturity andepth similar to what you Scandalous (Playing with Fire d find in a Scooby Doo cartoonIf you want to read The Crime at Black Dudley pleaseo so Brace yourself for a story that feels remarkably like a transcription of the movie Clue Members of a random house party wander around a large isolated mansion with the lights out and a Brute Force (Nick Stone, dagger being passed around Murder Later a strange hostage situationevelops where nobody can escape and people move around in pairs searching the house looking for the bad guys Where is Tim Curry Where s the singing telegram SheeshAllingham occasionally falls prey to intensely Purple Prose One short example You can call it absurd with your modern platonic suitability complexes he said but I fell in love with a woman as nine tenths of men have Beautiful Breasts Pictures done since the race began and will continue too until all resemblance of the original animal is civilized out of us and the race ends with her face and with her carriage and with her body I mean come on Allingham has a male character identify a woman s fingernails as hideously over manicured What To Risks Unknown does that even mean How is it a sinister impediment to matrimony Worried about my own nails nowPublished in 1929 this was written in the space between the world wars shortly after Dorothy L Sayers began publishing Their work follows similar lines but their upbringing and educationiffered widely and it shows in the resulting tone of their writing The real core of my When You Look Up dislike for this book is Albert Campion who mimics my beloved Lord Peter Wimsey in many ways but inevitably falls short They are both amateuretectives born into the British aristocracy both talk piffle both employ menservants and both bachelors who later marry Why is Peter better than Albert Sayers once commented that Lord Peter was a mixture of Fred Astaire and Bertie Wooster Albert seems to be a combination of Adam Sandler and a Great Dane Peter has the superior manservant Lugg is all well and good but can t really be compared with Bunter Peter speaks and acts like a real gentleman bringing patience genteel condescension and gallant civility to his associations with colleagues ladies and the lower classes Above all Peter has good manners he is courteous and affable Albert is unrefined pompous vacuous lacking in tact and suavity Even if Albert s foolish manner is supposed to be just a clever front for his underlying good breeding it is too convincing a mask and too rarely removed to be allowed to be a costume of necessity Albert s rudeness and general ass hattery is a full time facade overwhelming his nobility A weekend house party a ritual involving an ancient The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors, dagger a murder stolenocuments house guests held hostage Sounds like the perfect weekend This is the first of Margery Al. A house party is under way at the remote mansion of Black Dudley and among the guests are some very shady characters As they playfully recreate the ritual of the Black Dudley Dagger.

Lingham s novels to feature her amateur Any Girl Can Be a CandyKiss Girl! / Tea with the Birds / The G-SUS Gene detective Albert Campion but strangely he is only in a supporting role here I found this book entertaining especially when Campion was on the scene but I expect this series gets better as it goes along WHOA I had a long review for this with aiscussion thread and now they are simply goneAnd no I Scandal! definitely wasn t talking about the author in the review so it wouldn t have beeneleted for that reason This is an endearingly bonkers Golden Age mystery of a thriller than a whodunit I have a very soft spot for The Crime at Black Dudley because it is the first appearance of Margery Allingham s beloved The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel detective silly ass Albert Campion There s also endless 1920s slang to enjoy sometimes reminiscent of PG Wodehouse Yet another pleasure is the fact that the book is set in the Suffolk countryside an area Allingham knew wellThe book starts off as a house party mystery where guests rashly agree to take part in a ritual involving a ceremonialagger This is an even worse idea than accepting an invitation to the house party in the first place Inevitably the game results in murder and soon the plot is thickening by the minute with various fiendish villains putting in an appearance Campion isn t actually the Pilgrimage (1920) detective in this book but for a time appears to be a suspect The main character is a pathologist called George Abbershaw I have read somewhere that Allingham originally fancied him as her seriesetective which would have made him one of the first pathologist heroes However George isn t really very interesting and even in this book you can see the author s attention already shifting to Campion with hints of his fascinating personality and multiple talents I Shapely Ankle Preferrd don t think this book is as good as the rest of the series and the plotoesn t really hang together but it s still an enjoyable read largely because of all the fun Allingham has with this young and silly version of her hero Published in 1929 this is the first Albert Campion mystery My introduction to Campion came through a later book and Sword at Sunset disliking reading books out of order I found that a confusing andifficult read However as I enjoy Golden Age Fair Play (Zephyr Ranch detective fiction Ietermined to give Margery Allingham another try and to read the first in the series even though I know that the book has mixed reactions In a way that is because this is not a traditional mystery it has a story set in a traditional country weekend but then escends into something of a romp concerning criminal gangs secret passages and only has Albert Campion as a minor characterIndeed much of the action is told from the point of view of Dr George Abbershaw one of the guests of a weekend party at the house of Colonel Gordon Coombe whose nephew Wyatt Petrie organises groups of young people to visit and amuse his uncle The house is a somewhat forbidding setting for a party but Abbersh The Crime at Black Dudley is the first in Margery Allingham s Albert Campion series but it is not exactly a novel featuring Albert Campion but instead a novel in which a minor character called Albert Campion appears and takes over the bookI can see why Allingham refused to halt Campion in his coup for he is an interesting character certainly interesting than the Scotland Yard pathologist George Abbershaw whom Allingham chose for her hero Campion appears at first glance to be nothing but an upper class twit alternately amusing and annoying but gradually reveals himself to be a sort of a Scarlet Pimpernel for hire The ifference is that with Campion the mask never never seems to Cronache della famiglia Wapshot drop even at the heights of heroism anderring The Temple of the Golden Pavilion do he still appears to be a bit of a twitThe plot is a hodge podge of tir. Someoneies Pathologist George Abbershaw suspects foul play and when a vital item is mislaid a gang of crooks hold the guests hostage Will they escape the house – what id happen.

Maxwell MarchMargery Louise Allingham was born in Ealing London in 1904 to a family of writers Her father Herbert John Allingham was editor of The Christian Globe and The New London Journal while her mother wrote stories for women's magazines as