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E and within the same vein as the other books Its ike i was saying to my ast book i read but this time its at a ballet school Flame is a really cute cat in differnt books flame is a differnt color cat one of them Classroom Chaos flame is black in Sparkling Steps flame is gray but the book i am reading flame ia orange so it would be asmow if you people can read all the Magic Kitten books Another one of my favourites My home book Such a really ovely book All about a kitten of course Lush book with happy and sad ending These books are by no means perfect but I do enjoy reading them to Natalie The premise is a bit odd but I m sure not many Mastered (The Enforcers, little girls would say no to harboring a fugitive magic kitten A couple negatives would be theack of parents or adults and the brutalness of some of the behavior which gets a slight mention of conseuence While acceptable traits for YA and mid Man, Son of Man level books these are a bit than I bargained for while reading to a four year old Particularlyiked the dance elements in this one Our timing was good to as Natalie s dance recital was only a few weeks away Very cute story Good way to start a mornin. Dancing Then Olivia discovers Alter Ego loveable blue grey kitten Flame and suddenly magically things start toook up.

I read this as part of a three in one book But that s not isted here Occasional but noticeable grammar and spelling errorsEach story is just a cookie cutter template with names and appearances changed Lion prince being cased by evil uncle old friendly ion tells him to hide and Uncommon Wisdom leave Heeaves to human world disguised as a kitten Gets found by Unseen City little girl Makesittle girl promise to tell no one Little girl is super involved in a stereotypical girly thing ballet horse riding Little girl gets into trouble and Art lion princemagic kitten magically helps her out Little girl encounters bullies Lion princemagic kitten teaches bullies aesson Littke girl self sacrifices to save God Is in the Crowd lion princemagic kitten Little girl is sad over the day theion princemagic kitten will have to Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard leave Little girl attends a big event for her particular passion Evil uncle findsion princemagic kitten Lion princemagic kitten The Matriarchs (The Family leaves Messagefirst story workpractice hard and you will be rewarded Bullies will not prosper Little kids or girls since this is clearly aimed at girls need better stories than this Two things I will give it is that it s cute and mostittl. Rainbow Magic with whiskers A wonderful mix of kittens magic and friendship perfect for young girls of 6 Oliv.

E girls do indeed Notes for the Everlost like those stereotypical interests The kitten was magical and her name was Flame When sparkle dust comes out of her paws it makes rainbows is amazing Iove the kitten because she was very cute When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) lovely and special When she was at school with Olivia sheiked the school because she No Biggy! liked the interesting children In Sparkle Steps the flowers didn t need water or sunshine to grow This is because the village was also magicalMy best bit in whole book was when in Sparkle Steps village the kittens could speak Englishike humansI would Crush It! like to read the other Magic Kitten books because I reallyike the way of how they got on with each other and the flowers grew very specially as the dust helped save them from the bad dark kittens My 5 year old daughter and me read these books together and she Attracting Birds to Your Backyard loves them These our her new favorite chapter books and she can t wait to read the next one It s magical funny and sincere all at the same time The star raitings on these always come from my daughter I would be inclined to give it 3 4 stars iove this book when I read it I cried that the kitten had to eave emotional books Cut. Ia has not been welcomed by the other girls at the prestigious ballet school Yew Lodge who are jealous of her.

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Sue was born in Northampton where she still lives For many years she worked for Northamptonshire libraries and remains a passionate supporter of Public Libraries Sue loves everything about books the feel of them their smell the way they look And has a habit of matching a bookmark to the cover of each book she's reading The process of reading the feel of the book carrying it around in her