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T Gosh I just oved their intensity and that they hit it off immediately The Road to Einsteins Relativity lol They were so sweet together and most importantly they were MEANT to be together No matter the circumstances no matter the many years that had passed their souls were just meant to be together That s what happens when you find your true soulmate you neveret it go and once you die your souls will make sure that you l always find each other again 333 I m here I whisperedHis breath became unsteady I know I don t think I could have dealt with the grief had Michael never entered my ife He was my rock my friend and my Nighttime Sweethearts lover He was my whole world He whispered What are we doing I m not sure but I don t want to stop Me neither Thenet s not Rupert he Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire looked up at me with puppy dog eyes Can I keep you for the rest of myife I closed the book placing it down on the grass and then I gently stroked his cheek A Safe in My Arms lifetime is too short How about for an eternity Longer if possible And those are just a few uotes that made me go all AWWWWW and mushy Also if I m already talking about the characters it s high time to mention the three creepy ghosts that try to help Rupert to find his way into heaven We have The Bride The Horse boy and Bloody Mary and boy were they creepy Haha I swear if I d have been Aaron I would have screamed myungs out ol He s way cooler than I am though so he was brave and dealt with them ike a man XD Well and then the grand finale came and I was up until midnight just because I desperately needed to know how this book would end I swear I basically sobbed and wiped away tears in the Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem last half hour of this amazing reading experience Gosh I swear that ending that ending was everything cries again I don t want to spoil you so Il Safe Words leave it at that and won t say except of that it was perfect I swear there was only one ending that moved me as much as this one did and it was the end of Clockwork Princess If you enjoyovely mm romances and His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, like ghost stories that aren t all too creepy this is exactly your kind of book I can really recommend it 333 Rupert do you see it do you see our Neverland continues to sob in the distanceSuch a beautiful book TTMy second OctoberHalloween read because this FINE LADY recommended it to me You had me at ghost and gayolEver since I read Anna Dressed in Blood I ve become a sucker for humanghost relationships and the fact that this is mm makes it even appealingOh wait I think Ghost with Patrick Swayze was actually my first dabble at that genre but I was a child back then so the memories are a The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, little hazy and don t count PI m sure Il enjoy this A LOT The Ghost of Buxton ManorBy Jonathan L FerraraSelf published 2016Cover by Aaron Ferrara400 pagesThree starsWhat if you met the Pursuit of Justice love of yourife but you were already deadInspired by the true story of the tragic and mysterious death of two young Dangerous to Touch lovers in 1917 The Ghost of Buxton Manor forges a fantastic new path in the world of YALGBT fiction with an epicove story written through the eyes of a century old ghost Rupert Buxton I ve never read a ghost story written in the first person through the eyes of the ghost It is a clever strategy because by his very nature and in spite of his Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude limitations Rupert Buxton can become the omniscient narrator overhearing and w I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI m fairly certain many of you will just be thoroughly confused if I start the review by saying that this story is something else Unfortunately that s the most accurate description I can conjure to make it justice The Ghost of Buxton Manor is for me a story aboutife Let me explain myself before people start thinking I ve gone mad or that I seriously Rodeo Daughter lack reading comp skills Okay maybe not aboutife itself but about many issues from the deepest corners of the human heart and mind that give ife a certain meaning I was pleasantly surprised when I started going deep into the reading to discover read my review. Key to help him discover his mysterious pastThe Ghost of Buxton Manor is a young adult LGBT paranormal fiction centered around historical figures Rupert Buxton and Michael Davies the inspiration behind the real Peter Pa.

All the best fiction they all stem from somewhere Some might say they re just the outcome of a wild imagination but what is imagination Does it not come from somewhere Perhaps from somewhere in our soulswho knows Every once in a while you read a book that just sticks out from the crowd This was that book Thanks to Chesca for the recommendation I ordered this book a few days before I finally got to read it and I m not going to ie and say I didn t stare at it every time I walked past it and wonder whether it was going to be as amazing as I hoped Thanks to the glowing reviews I saw from the friends I had who had indeed read it I had crazy high expectations going in It was even better and uniue than I had hoped I went in thinking I was getting a creepy eerie ghost tale with a forbidden pinning romance Was there some of these things Yes But not in the way you re expectingLet me start of with our main ghost Rupert In short he is a cinnamon roll A Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses lively bad pun I know and funoving edition of Noah Czerny from The Raven Boys He A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, loves to read write and generally just be For someone who was murdered he s got uite the sunny disposition Well that s the thing He doesn t remember anything from his oldife All he knows is one day he woke up a ghost After a hundred years as a ghost with nothing eventful occuring suddenly a family buys the mansion he s tethered to Cue the YA romance bells the family that moves in has a son Aaron the age Rupert was when he died and of course Rupert develops a thing for himBefore I give you the wrong idea My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, let me clarify this novel definitely has a strong romantic element but the plot of this novel is not just Rupert and Aaron finding a way to be together Rupert doesn t remember how he died and that plays a big role in this book As do Aaron and Rupert s professional dreams To be an artist in Aaron s case and to write a children s book in Rupert sAnother thing I wasn t expecting from this novel was it s mood Despite having many darker and very deep elements murder clinical depression suicide this book balanced it well with humor and Rupert s childlike joyful nature This whole book was beautiful Ioved Jonathan Ferrara s style so much and really hope he continues writing YA He s such a fresh and uniue voice and I Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, love how he tied real historical figures and events into a fictional tale so flawlessly The ending especially was something straight out of one of those Tumblr prompts we all promise wel write some time but never do I have nothing but The Baby Album love for this bookIf youike romance paranormal stories happy go Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose lucky books with deeper undertones or just a uality YA read please give this book a shot You won t regret it 4 starsYA paranormal with an mmove story I Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., loved the tie in to Peter Pan the eerie feel of Buxton Hall and theove stories that wind their way through This was a full on paranormal with a number of ghosts and some reincarnation too I read mostly for the romance and the main Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, love story was very sweet but beware there may be some tears along the way This was not uite a 5 star read mainly because I felt it may have needed aittle editingbeta reading view spoilerThere were I don t normally do book reviews but I Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, loved this book so much that I felt I had too I know the author from his youtube channel and bought the book the support him Not really a huge fan of paranormal books I wasn t sure what to expect But from the first chapter this book had me hooked and I read the whole thing in a few days I know I m reading something special when I can t stop thinking about the characters and even now a few daysater I am still thinking about them I am very partial to bookscharacters that are based on real people so I Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) loved this aspect of the book I mainly read romance and this book fit the bill and is one I d consider to be the ultimate romance I highly recommend this book to everyone whoike a good paranormal mystery or romance NOW LIVE ON I am very excited for you guys. “Michael don’t forget our Neverland”For nearly a century the ghost of 17 year old Rupert Buxton has been trapped in his childhood home He spends his days reading roaming and trying desperately to recall his former.

To read it CLICK HERE to purchase fromleave a review on Always in our Neverland Release Date October 12 2016 ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewWe all know that story a ghost haunting a mansion a Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, lost soul seeking revenge for his death This kind of tale has been handed down to us from one generation to the next It is has been very familiar to each one of usike our very own reflection in the mirror But no matter how clich it may be this mystery has been som Dnf 60% Incredibly boring and a tad bit uneventful I was not a fan of the writing style It took place from the ghost s perspective and it was very conversational similar to the writing style in far far away The plot was non existent A ghost Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, lived in a house for hundreds of years with no memory and then a family moves in and there is instaove with the boy and the ghost At 60% nothing was happening I did not feel attached to any of the characters Such a disappointment and utter failure Also while reading no images came to my head Gilligan Unbound like how well written books do For instance when I read Heartless I could picture everything Thanks to Jonathan for providing an advance copy of this book in exchange for a honest review I absolutely ADORED this bookIt has a uniue and enthralling storyovable characters and is full of magic and mystery what could you need a heart wrenching Gone for Soldiers love story you ask it s there plot twists that mighteave you completely flabbergasted check great writing aye interesting historical background HOLY CATS YESAccording to a website that provides tips about writing reviews I should also mention anything that you disliked about the book well here I gotakes a deap breathNOTHINGI Hotshot P.I. loved every single second of itdefinitely one of my favourite books this year and one Il re read many times in the future view spoilerarmed with a cup of tea a blanket and a box of tissues hide spoiler It was only for a second a mere moment but I swear in that time though it seemed still a thousand sunsets could have come and go I was Mean Girls looking for a nice Halloween read when this FINE LADY recommended The Ghost of Buxton Manor to me and I can t say how happy I am that I actually followed her advice This book was amazing and such a perfect read for me You all know that I m a scaredy cat so it s not easy to find a book that doesn t creep me out too much so far only Lockwood Co was able to balance that thinine and because of this fact it s even remarkable that I ended up Moonlight and Mistletoe (Harlequin Historical, loving this bookol But then again what s not to Duty to Protect love We have aovely respectful mm humanghost relationship a few creepy ghosts a mystery that needs to be solved and two amazing parents who care deeply for their son Life is tough but our dreams are gifts that help us drive through the hardships They re what make The Surprise Triplets (Safe Harbor Medical life just aittle bit bearable I really thought Caroline would be one of those egoistic snobbish stay at home mums but dang was I wrong She was amazing and I could understand why it was no big deal for Aaron to come out to her In Rupert s time however couples of the same sex weren t even able to acknowledge their sexuality and to find out what happened to him made me so sad TT Seriously it s wonderful that times are changing and that some members of the LGBT community mind you still not all are finally able to come out to their families and friends You should be allowed to be who you truly are and people should accept you for it What did we do that was so awful to deserve this How is Kates Vow loving another person regardless of sex profane This said I could understand why some part of Rupert refused to remember his past but I could also relate to his need and wish to find out what truly happened It was obvious he was torn and his inner conflict was than just comprehensible Maybe that s why people don t remember their pastives because if they did they would be stuck remembering something they can never get back Aww how those two boys broke my already soft hear. Life Hope is restored when a boy his own age moves into the manor a boy he uickly becomes fascinated by This peculiar modern boy is the first person that Rupert has been able to reveal himself to and just might be the.

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