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This is one of the most uniue and ntertaining novels I ve read in a long time At the age of fourteen Pietro Brwna is orphaned for a second time when someone murders the grandparents who had raised him for much of his life In school Pietro befriends the son of a mob lawyer Davide Locano and the Locanos become his new surrogate family But Pietro is determined to hunt down and kill the cretins who murdered his grandparents With Locano s assistance he identifies the killers and dispatches themIt s apparent that Pietro has a talent for this sort of thing and he ultimately becomes a mob hitman When complications Dangerous to Touch ensue as they often do in the hitman business Pietro bails out andnters the witness protection program Several years later Dr Peter Brown is an intern at a New York hospital when a new patient recognizes him as Pietro and alerts the mob Now Dr Brown must deal with several medical Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude emergencies while the mobsters converge on the hospital anxious to make Dr Brown himself a terminal caseThis is at once a hilarious and gut wrenching story Josh Bazell has a wicked sense of humor and as an MD himself he writes a tale in which the misadventures that occur in the hospital are perhapsven hair raising than the criminal activity that takes place outside of it Peter Brown is an inspired character unlike anyone you ve Rodeo Daughter ever met in a novel before and he narrates a gripping story with a climax that has to be read to be believed Finishing the book though I came away with the feeling that I d rather take my chances against mob hitmen hunting for me as opposed to going into a hospital forven a minor proceedure I m a Charlie Huston honk There I admitted it Like the first step out of twelve I recognize my problem And I feel unburdened Free almost I m a Huston holic A junkie for Charlie s magical mushroom prose And like My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze every good Huston holic I m always searching for writers with a similar style Writers that ll grab me by the throat worrying me like a dogEnter Josh Bazell A combination of Huston and Chuck Palahniuk Bazell stuns with his debut novel Beat the Reaper a brutal and humorous medical crime gritfest It s Goodfellas meets House with footnotes Part hitman part healer But with a bedside manner that will have you running out of a hospital uicker than you can say HMO Though this big idea sounds odd the novel works beautifully Like a virus that gets inside you always consuming always growing Never stopping If you don t have an addiction Beat the Reaper will give you one Namely a finishing the book addiction It s like life Once you start you won t stop until you reach thend Dr Peter Brown has a past he d like to forget Once a hitter for the mob known as Pietro Bearclaw Brnwa he got out when things went bad testifying against his former Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses employers before dropping off the face of thearth courtesy of the Federal Witness Protection Program Relocated and re imagined Peter assumes a new life as an intern at Manhattan Catholic Hospital Helping and treating patients Including one patient who happens to be a mob father with a good memory One who happens to recognize the Pietro in Peter Suddenly Peter must move fast to stay ahead of a vengeful mob looking to mete out mafia justice The type of justice that ll put him into the Manhattan Catholic morgueThe narrative alternates between chapters One plotline focusing on Peter s current predicament and one A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, examining his past as a mobnforcer both slowly teasing out the answers of why he left the life And why he s on the lam The action is intense and the alternating nature of the chapters makes the book incredibly addictive Like literary crack it ll have you greeting the dawn puffy red bags under your My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, eyes I stayed up most of the night compelled to finish Even better I was absolutely satisfied once I didBazell never shortchanges the reader peppering Beat the Reaper with a slew of unforgettable moments leading to annding so grotesue and badass you won t want to miss it And you ll probably ne. Dr Peter Brown is an intern at Manhattan's worst hospital; Pietro Bearclaw Brwna is a hitm.

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Ver be the same after you ve read it Like Huston Bazell creates dialogue with a street cadence It sounds real and Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, even importantly it sounds cool Really cool Like you can use it to impress your friends Make them think you re clever Coupled with the odd fact weirdness popularized by Palahniuk and Beat the Reaper makes for a uniue and humorous read The mob and medicine have never been thisngaging together Last WordStunning debuts like Beat the Reaper do one thing leave you wanting Like a kid stomping his foot impatiently More Pietro Brwna streetwise dialogue intense heart stopping action More Josh Bazell After this gem people will be The Baby Album eagerly anticipating Bazell s next novel I know I m one of them And that s the first step admitting the problem Admitting you re a Bazell holic This book is A MAY ZING Straight up Please read thisIt s hilarious and wildly disturbing all at the same time Bazell is like the Chuck Palahniuk for sane peopleThis will just beasier if I uote Ron CharlesBeat the Reaper is a hypochondriac s nightmare but a reader s dream Josh Bazell concocted this comic thriller while working as a medical resident at the University of California San Francisco and if anything he describes here is true we should all become Christian ScientistsI want to tell you all about it the ridiculousness of certain parts other parts that made me seethe with anger and the vast cynicism throughout But you just have to read it The main character calls Lech Wa sa a pig faced bitchOne of the other things I like aesthetically anyway is that throughout the chapters there are little pictures of the Grim Reaper running with a scythe a tiny little thing used to indicate a break in the main character s train of thought Until he has this thought But rituals turn us all into fucking idiots Like those birds that sleep with their heads facing backwards because their ancestors slept with their heads under their wings Plutarch says that carrying new wives across thresholds is stupid because we don t remember that it refers to the rape of the Sabine women and that s fucking Plutarch two thousand years ago We still draw the Reaper with a scythe We should draw him driving a John Deere for Archer Daniels MidlandAnd after that the little Reapers throughout the book are featured driving a tractor GeniusDo yourself a favor and read this book Unless you hate things that are awesome When I started reading this I had the vague Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose expectation that it was going to be some sort of urban fantasy It wasn t But that didn t keep me absolutely loving it It s funny clever fast moving irreverent and horrifying in turns I highly recommend it Unless you re a hypochondriac If you are you should avoid it like the plague heh A very interesting and disturbing novel that sxcessive on violence Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., especially toward some good and undeserving characters This would have rated higher with fewer innocents killed 7 of 10 stars An outrageous novel that got me laughing a lot in between painfully gruesome situations a plot worthy of comic books and occasional absurdly implausible sex scenes A young intern of Polish Jewish background Peter Brown tries to save patients from gross incompetence at the worst hospital in Manhattan while popping drugs to keep awake It turns out he is former mob hit man in Witness Protection and his cover is in danger of being blown Much of the tale corresponds to reflecting back on his unusual past that led to his current situation His parents were murdered when he was a kid and he works his way toward avenging their death in his teenage years This attracts the attention of the mobster father of his school friend who leads him take on work carrying out periodic hits for money on despicable people that truly deserve killing His brutal defense against a mugger on the way to work on the first pages reveals his special skills in violence and sardonic internal dialog that typically leans to medical annotation inxcruciating detail Because of my background in. An for the mobAnd Nicholas LoBrutto Dr Brown's new patient who has three months to live ha.

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The medical sciences I liked the collision of unrealistic plot violence with realistic coverage of conseuences To help you decide if this novel is for you I share with you this piece from the opening scenario the fuckhead can see the blue scrub pants under my overcoat so he thinks I ve got drugs and money on me And maybe that I ve taken some kind of oath not to kick his fuckhead ass for trying to mug meI barely have Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, enough drugs and money to get me through the day And the only oath I took as I recall was to first do no harm I m thinking we re past that point I turn around which rolls the gun off my skull and leaves my raised right hand above the fuckhead s arm I wrap hislbow and jerk upward causing the ligaments to pop like champagne corksLet s take a moment to smell the rose known as the Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, elbowThe two bones of the forearm the ulna and the radius move independently ofach other and also rotate You can see this by turning your hand from palm up in which position the ulna and radius are parallel to palm down where they re crossed into an X They therefore reuire a complicated anchoring system at the Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) elbow with the ligaments wrapping the various bonends in spoolable and unspoolable ribbons that look like the tape on the handle of a tennis racket It s a shame to tear these ligaments apartThus you can see that the book is not for the sueamish but as with me Bazell s imaginative over the top action and particular genius for humor in his delivery may appeal Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, enough to get you past the tough parts Hey fuckheadYep you the one with the track marks running down both arms trying to slide off into oblivion with the tilted head and the farawayxpression staring at the sun like it s some four headed monster ready to steal your dreams twitching for your next fix like some random dog left out in the rain too long with a stutter stepping walk and attitude veering off from the rest of the universe like a bad dream you might want to sit this one out otherwise you might have than just a fogged up brain on your hands You may want to study a medical chart and have your CT scanned and actually study ligaments and tendons and muscles and bones an Anybody who thinks the US doesn t need health care reform should read this book Since the author was a medical intern and the details about patient care seem horribly realistic I think I d rather read a Surgery For Dummies book and attempt my own future operations with a bottle of Jack Daniels a carpet knife duct tape and some rusty pliers rather than risk being admitted to a hospital after reading thisPeter Brown is a harried resident trying to get through another miserable day at a large hospital and keep his med students from killing too many patients But he s also a former mob hitman in witness protection trying to start a new life as a doctor When one of his old collegues shows up as a patient and recognizes him Brown spends the day juggling his medical duties while trying to keep his old pals from finding out where he isThis was a darkly funny and fast paced story with an original and outlandish premise The author s medical background makes for some gross and scary details about the kind of medical things they never talk about on ER or House The story of Peter frantically trying to keep the mob patient from blabbing about his whereabouts while dealing with a stream of medical problems is intercut with flashbacks to the background of how Peter became a hitman and why he turned on the mob and Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, entered witness protection I loved this book until thending Everything was clicking right along but it s as if Bazell just decided that it was time to Gilligan Unbound end the whole thing and he just threw on the brakes and wrappedverything u Utterly ridiculous gratuitously violent highly improbable totally Gone for Soldiers engrossing lightening paced Why don t people write like this B 72% More than Satisfactory Notes Falling apart at thend it climaxes its penultimate chapter in the most uncomfortable reading moment I ve ver had. S a very strange idea that Peter Brown and Pietro Brwna might just might be the same perso.

Josh Bazell has a BA in writing from Brown University and a MD from Columbia University He is currently a medical resident at the University of California San Francisco and is working on his second novel He wrote Beat the Reaper during the end of medical school and the beginning of residency Some of his favorite writers are James Ellroy Ken Bruen Michael Connelly and Peter Lovesey He sta