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Happen again Add in the fact I was ight and this one lacked in the things I usually enjoy in a Nicci French bookAll in all this one had potential but it failed to deliver If you Jacques Prevert re looking to starteading Nicci French I would suggest starting somewhere else This book cost me a national title once Well at least a shot at one I settled down with it in bed the night before a Nationals started and at 5am I was still wide awake glued to it I finished the bookand my chances of playing okay the next day From a professional faller asleeper it is by far the thing at which I shine this is eally saying somethingHow odd I ve ead plenty of this sort of book it isn t the best written or the worst by any means It even has the kiss of death of being written by a couple who could ever make that work and even if it did we wouldn t think it did Yet there is something about the formula and having ead a few it is ha. Is unearthed in the Martellos' garden Jane Martello is shocked to learn it's that of her childhood friend Natalie who went missing twenty five years ago Encouraged by a therapist to ecover lost memor.

I found this book both slow and perdictable The last 100 pages are the best but like the est of the book it was a fight to stay involved This could have been a great story and the writing style is interesting any many parts but nothing seemed to happen after the bones are found Overall I was not happy with this book I usually love Nicci French books and I had high hopes for The Memory Game Although this one had the potential to be an interesting ead I found it extremely difficult to get intoAt first I thought this would be How to Write Essays really interesting Wee thrown Blue Moose right into the story and I waseady to be gripped throughout Sure the first chapter threw us into things but then nothing happened for a long time There were lots of things I did not care about with many of these details The Sky Weaver (Iskari, resulting in me uickly working out how things were going to play out and it wasn t until close to the end that things started to. The Memory Game is a haunting psychological thriller from the Top Ten bestselling author Nicci French Youemember an idyllic childhood But your memory is deceitful And possibly deadlyWhen a skeleton.

Rd to call it anything else that succeeds in spades Really a disappointment I have been enjoying Nicci French thrillers ead one and was excited at the discovery of a new author and have been working my way through the est but this one just dragged mercilessly Too many characters were introduced too fast It took 100 pages for me to figure out who was a family member an in law a former in law etc and it turned out that most of these characters just weren t elevant anyway Not to mention that the story was dragging so much I just didn t care who they were by the time I figured out the elationshipsI won t give up on Nicci French but this was a eal clunker from them I was not very enamoured with this book it took way too long to get going and the whole twist felt pretty adeuate and absurd when we got there plus I had already figured it out I just couldn t take to the main character a sign of how unisp. Ies Jane hopes to find out what eally took place when she was a child and what happened to NatalieBut in learning the truth about hers and Natalie's past is Jane putting her own future at terrible i.

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