Jonathan E. Nuechterlein: Digital Crossroads American Telecommunications Policy in the Internet Age

Is it right that anyone should be so fascinated with telecommuni. With a new preface for the paperback editionTelecommunications policy profoundly affects the economy and our everyday lives Yet accounts of important telecommunications issues tend to be either superficial and inaccurate or mired in jargon and technical esoterica In Digital Crossroads Jonathan Nuechterlein and Philip Weiser offer a clear balanced and accessible analysis of competition policy issues in the telecommunications industry After giving a big picture overview of the field they present sharply reasoned analyses of the major technological economic and legal developments confronting communications policymakers.

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Es to pause and consider the ramifications of the author s words. Icularly through the emergence of voice over Internet protocol VoIP The authors explain not just the complicated legal issues governing the industry but also the rapidly changing technological and economic context in which these issues arise The book includes extensive endnotes and tables that cover relevant court decisions FCC orders and academic commentaries; a glossary of acronyms; a statutory addendum containing the most important provisions of federal telecommunications law; and two appendixes with information on specialized topics Supplementary materials for students are available at ttp spotcoloradoeduweiserp.

Cations policy that each page should provide multiple opportuniti. In the twenty first centurySince the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 when Congress fundamentally reoriented the existing regulatory scheme no book as cogently explained the intricacies of telecommunications competition policy in the Internet age for general readers students and practitioners alike Digital Crossroads meets this need focusing on the regulatory dimensions of competition in wireline and wireless telephone service; competition among rival platforms for broadband Internet service and video distribution; and the Internet's transformation of every aspect of the telecommunications industry part.

Summary Digital Crossroads American Telecommunications Policy in the Internet Age