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45 starsRiyria as a special place in my eart While The Stormlight Archive and The Malazan Book of the Fallen fulfill my love for epic fantasy Riyria both Chronicles and Revelations satisfies a different need The sense of wonder that I obtain from reading Riyria which is of a classical fantasy feels intimate and cozy if I can even describe it as such Every time I pick up a book about my favourite duo Hadrian and Royce it is akin to coming ome to meet old friends The Disappearance of Winter s Daughter is no different in that I enjoyed every minute I spent with these two thieves of conflicting personalities but complementing proficiencies While no prior knowledge of previous Chronicles books nor the Revelations series is reuired to enjoy this novel it makes the reading experience satisfying to Wind, Whales, And Whiskey have done so Having read the former willelp you appreciate The Tek War Chronicles how the duo came together against all the odds and the growth of their partnership and budding friendship through the years And knowledge of the latter will give you a few snickers where some casual comments manifest as private jokes of sorts givenindsight knowledge And there are always little Easter eggs scattered across the narrative for the seasoned reader who doesn t love finding Easter eggsThe premise is relatively simple as deduced from the title itself The beauty is The State in the Third Millennium however in the details Iave to give it to Michael J Sullivan for one of the most vividly portrayed locations that e as ever written thus far From the grand architecture to the bustling streets and alleys and the myriad of people in the city of Rochelle the descriptions were beautifully evocative True to Abducted Bride his form Sullivanas yet again given us great new characters from diverse backgrounds and races There are also a few not so new faces for those familiar with the series The story is essentially character driven with just enough plot to keep it interesting Now for the best part it is about Hadrian and Royce of course It is no secret that I Fireproof (Maggie ODell, have a strong positive bias to any form of storytelling about these two guys so long as Sullivan stays true to their characterisation The Chronicles form the backstory aboutow these two most unlikely partners in crime came together and then spent years as the infamous Riyria before the momentous events in Revelations As such most of the page time is dedicated to the duo for which I am delighted Written in a limited third person perspective each Chronicles book Grammar Without Tears has a slight focal bias towards one or the other member of Riyria Hadrian in The Crown Tower and Royce in the last two instalments In Winter s Daughter it is back to my biggest fictional crush whoas the most impactful narrative And often than not it was Royce who Valkenburg Foundation has to deal with the unsettling influence fromis unusually kind empathetic and forgiving partner The gradual changes wrought in Les rives du Danube vlo, de Ulm Passau him far outweighs that ofis worldly views on Hadrian Hadrian was wrong I do The Principles of Uncertainty have a unicorn in my world and that damn thing goes by the name of Hadrian Blackwater He s a mythical beast impossible to believe in even whene s right in front of me And speaking of Hadrian the one minor complaint I Scar had in this instalment was the lack of swordplay or fighting scenes If you know Riyria you will know why this can be a tad disappointing The action is geared toward chase scenes one which is gorgeously rendered by the amazing Marc Simonetti in the stunning cover of the book This volume is aighly satisfying addition to the Riyria Chronicles that adds to the backstory of Hadrian and Royce It is with a Oasis heavyeart that I 2027 - A Near-Future Fantasy (2027: Near-future feminization Book 1) have to bid farewell to these old friends of mine for some time I will look forward most immensely to meeting them again Judging from the loose thread at the end of this story and the Afterword I amolding my breath for the next one Note to Michael J Sullivan I want please This review can also be found at Booknest My oh myRTC once I m back I love my boys so much Well I don t like Royce s dog issues but other than that I love these two I The Spirit of Intimacy hope we get books about them This is a series I want to go on forever I actually like these books than Mr Sullivan s newest books Mel This is the newest book in the Riyria world and it once follows Hadrian and Royce the notorious thieves forire who go by the name of Riyria They re fairly well established by this point and each is notorious in certain parts of the world if you ve read the other Riyria Chronicles and Revelations books that you ll no doubt know whyThis story is a self contained one so you can certainly start Books (Notes) ... here if you re new to the Riyria world In this instalment we re following H R as they areired by Winter to find Signs, Wonders, And The Kingdom Of God his daughter Genny Genny recently married a Duke and Winter believes thate s killed The Taming of the Tights (Misadventures of Tallulah Casey her forer money after receiving a note that Genny is missing He s outraged and The Great Exchange hires the due of R H to go to the town of Rochelle and find Genny orer body and kill those responsible What I love about this is that whilst we still ave the distinct charm of the previous books it also feels like an easy to get into story for anyone who is newer It s a sword and sorcery classic style fantasy but it s filled with banter and wit and charm Never is there a dull moment with these characters and the crazy world that they live in it s all go go goThere s a lot of talk in this book about Unicorns I ave to say this really made me laugh It s random but it s fun and I liked it XDThe character of Genny is actually a very interesting one She s a lot complex than your average Duchess because she wants to change things for those around Oltre i confini del cuore her Not only is she a business woman ateart and shrewd with money and time she is also engaging to read about I Masterpiece have to say I do appreciate a well rounded female as a prominent character However if we re going into awesome lady characters I can t not mention Evelyn She s a really really fun addition to this story as she s an uppity old widow who knowsow she likes things and won t take but for an answer There were plenty of moments in the book where I really thought she was The Reality Creation Technique hilarious and great and she put H R through their paces a bit too which was lots of funThere s also some really interestingistory of the world in this book I feel like it s possible that Flirtation (Shifters Forever After, having Sullivan working on this series alongside the writing and releasing ofis Legends of the First Empire series shows through and we see a lot about What She Wanted how the different early racesave evolved and the power of each The Uninvited has shifted and undulated with the years gone by As I ve just recently read the second of the Legends of the First Empire books this really resonated with me Overall another dependably great book which I really enjoyed reading and I would certainly recommend wholeheartedly 45s from me I was given a beta version ecopy of this book in exchange foronest thorough feedback Note that this is not the final version of the novel and might change significantly before it is publishedBut Ars poetica here we are again The 4th Chronicle and 10th overall Riyria book does not disappoint I can t say whatappens other than that it rocksIf you re a fan of Hadrian and Royce you will want to read this ASAP If you aren t a fan why not These books should be consumed immediatelyIt s been a few years since I read The Riyria Revelations but this Decoding Air Travel has me gearing up for a re readI ll re read this as well once I can as I m looking forward to seeing whatever improvements make it to the final version Those who know me know that I don t review my own books but I do use this space to provide updates Soere goesUpdate 112919 I Dragon's Curse (The Hearts of Dragons Book 1) (English Edition) hope everyone who celebrates such thingsad a good Keys to the Ultimate Freedom holiday I m pleased to announce that this story in the audiobook format is now on sale for just 7 as part of Audiblecom s Black Friday sale But youave to Hollands Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences hurry the sale ends Dec 3 at 1200 PTUpdate 070219 I answered a few uestions from people asking about the trade paperback edition but I thought I should postere as well Yes there will be one and it will ship from retailers starting September 3rd For those looking at getting this version before then copies are available now from my online store and those copies are signed The warehouse قصه‌های خوب برای بچه‌های خوب --- ۶ has sold out ofardcover copies which means the ones currently in stores and the warehouses at Barnes and Noble are the only ones left Well those and the 18 copies we Resilient have in our warehouseUpdate 100218 At long last It s officially release day theardcover and ebook My thanks to all the people who pre ordered I Rozwazania o Psalmach hope you enjoy the readUpdate 030918 I thought I would provide a little update for people on the 4th Chronicle novel First the ba. A daughter vanishes Two rogues are paid a fortune to finder It isn't enoughWhen Gabriel Winter's daughter mysteriously disappears and is presumed dead the wealthy whiskey baron seeks revenge Having lived in Colnora during the infamous Year of Fear e ir.

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Ut it is in these Chronicles novels that we see our duo become the men we know and love At this point in the story Hadrian is still جامع التواریخ جلد 4 فهرست ها haunted byis actions in Tug Hill Country his earlier years Some interesting events are mentioned in this one that I won t spoil but shed so much light on Hadrian Whilste is that ever optimistic idiot that we love e as a darkness in What Well Leave Behind (Thirty-Eight, him too It s nice to see a bit variety inis character As for Royce well One of the beautiful and Thirty-Eight Days (Thirty-Eight, humorous parts of this book was Royce realising thate 8 1/2 has feelings Yes I just said feelings and Royce in the same sentence Again nice to see some variety inim as well He was especially morbid in this one the Year of Fear was brought up numerous times He s much darker in these Chronicles novels still of Duster than Royce Again I loved it when Hadrian realised what certain mannerisms from Royce mean His smile for example it is never good if Royce is smiling Never Health and Healing for African-Americans have I laughed so much whilst reading a Riyria book Honestly this is the funniest of the lot The banterad me in stitches Hadrian compares Royce to several animals cats and even a badger Also Hadrian Blackwater s logic of unicorns existing is brilliant Trust me when you read it you ll understand Royce is so cynical and pessimistic I love Garden of Snakes (House of Royals him so much Hadrian never gives up on trying to show Royce the goodness in people As much as Royce thinks about killing Hadrian you can really tellow much New Testament Apocalyptic he lovesim The actual plot is like your standard Riyria plot But it did feel like this one was engaging and definitely 隠れていた宇宙 [Kakurete Ita Uchū] 2 had of a mystery element that I enjoyed Something I would like to add and make people aware of I feel that certain revelations made in the Death of Dulgath and that continued in this novel will definitely spoil a main part of the Revelations series So I would certainly read the books in publication order to save being spoiled Some people may not mind as it s only a secret of a character but I know if Iad read these in chronological order then I would be massively disappointed It s only mentioned in the Death of Dulgath a couple of times but in this book it is repeatedly brought up in the characters mind So please be aware I m sure that there will be from this world I d uite The Sorcerers Soul happily read about Royce and Hadrian forever In the authors note Sullivan mentions thate is writing another trilogy set between is Age series and this one So there might not be another Royce and Hadrian novel for a while But I will appily wait They are worth it Step aside Holmes and Watson There are new detectives in townAs the title of the book suggests this is a mystery novel so if you enjoy your fantasy mixed with lot of intrigue and suspense you re in for a treat because The Disappearance of Winter s Daughter brings the best from both worldsIf this is your first encounter with Riyria you can read this book without any prior knowledge of the world and the characters However I m going to repeat something I said in one of my previous reviews of the Chronicles series to enjoy this book and the Chronicles series to the fullest I Satans Mistress highly recommend you to read the Revelations series first because the experience will make you understand and appreciate the special bond Royce and Hadrianave even TDoWD like the previous books in the Chronicles series What My Mother and I Dont Talk About has the background story of friendship and gives us a window to inner thoughts of oureroes showing us Tagus the Night Horse (Beast Quest, how they started to care for one another andow their professional bond started to turn into something truly special But when you volunteer to act as collateral Royce went on that puts me in a tight spot The stakes go up and I can t walk away if things take a nasty turn like this one did Is this your way of saying you care about me This is my way of saying you re an idiot and the next time you do something that stupid I ll let them kill you Hadrian smiled You really like me don t you Shut up I feel bad now Hadrian said I didn t get you anything for Spring Day Royce walked faster shaking is ead as e moved forward Gabriel Winter the wealthy baron ired Riyria to find Gol Atan Kaleye his daughter who disappeared under mysterious circumstances and presumed dead They travel to the old world city of Rochelle and their case proves to be complicated than expected and very soon they re tangled up in the secrets of the nobles the troubles of neglected races and threats of ancient legends I dare not to say out of fear of spoiling something for you so the game is afoot Or if Royce is concerned someone is going to lose a footI really enjoyed spending time in this world again with my favorite fantasy duo and I really can t wait for of their adventures and I sincerelyope there would be not just because I want to see a certain thread from this and the previous book developed further but because spending time with Royce and Hadrian feels like spending time with your best friends and because of that Riyria will forever The Age of Disruption have a special place in myeart and on my shelf This isn t just an ordinary fantasy this is fantasy with a soul a life barren of unicorns was existence without purpose Hadrian Burning bridges had visited that dark land once He d lived as a glutton of selfishness reclining on the luxury of visible truths He d drownedimself in wine and blood but Freshman Scandal (Freshman Dorm, he consumed the emptiere felt What was the point if living is anguish and then you die Hearing those words convinced Hadrian of the importance of unicorns Even if there weren t any it was absolutely necessary to believe they existed What s Rembrandts Jews he needed to find them It wasn t much Chasing fantasies was a thin thread to justify life and yetow many wonders Refusing His Second Chance had been wrought by people who did exactly that those who believed in crazy dreams Revelations Theft of Swords 4Rise of Empire 425Heir of Novron 5 Legends Age of Myth 5Age of Swords 35 Chronicles The Crown Tower 35The Rose and the Thorn 5The Death of Dulgath 4The Disappearance of Winter s Daughter 425So needless to say I ve read all of the available books of this world and this book stands proudly among the rest I often find itard to review books this far into a seriesworld without giving away too much Let s just say if you ve read Ryeria you ll love this book It as ooks into both of the other series in this world The usual banter between our two beloved protagonists The story itself is fun if straightforward If you Confectionately Yours Collection (Confectionately Yours, haven t read Ryeria and you like earthy sword fantasy with elves dwarves magic and a strong character driven story this is a series for you Hadrian is the compelling traditionalero that will draw most of you in and Royce is the unwilling anti The Maiden Dinosaur hero for darker readers such as myself Happy reading Iave a friend and I think about killing Swing Trading with Oliver Velez Course Book with DVD him all the timeOh so you admit it now We re friendsI never said anything about you Don t be so presumptuous Really what is there to say that Iaven t already Angus, Thongs And Full Frontal Snogging highlighted in my reviews of the previous nine Riyria books I ve reviewed on goodreads Not a lot aside from the fact that these stories never get old You would think they might lose momentum but they don t This is the fourth installment in the Riyria Chronicles which is a preuel series to the Riyria Revelations and tells various adventures of Royce and Hadrian before we meet up with them in that series It alsoas some great connections with the main series so there is always something to pick up on aside from the greatness of these two Sullivan is excellent at creating great characters Royce is and will likely always be my favorite of is characters but there isn t a single one that I don t enjoy in some way This novel introduces several that will likely never show up in any of the other stories but they were all well rounded and really worked If you ave read the original Revelations series then you know that this story involves Genny the Duchess of Rochelle who was introduced in those stories And I absolutely loved getting to know The Emperor of Nihon-Ja (Rangers Apprentice, her better She was interesting to me before but this added a lot of depth toer character that I never would Nora (Sunfire, have guessed was there And that brings me to another point Sullivanas the best female characters in fantasy Seriously I don t know Sam the Plumber howe creates them because I ave a ard enough time writing believable women and I m a woman but Outside the Paint he does an excellent job And Genny is just another great female added on top of a long list If you ve enjoyed the other stories with Royce and Hadrian you will likely enjoy this one as well If youaven t read any of them yet what are you doing Go read them now Right now Christmas is in a week ask for the entire set Just do it now And fall in love with Royce as much as I Hoopers Pasture from Maine to Vermont have Hadrian is cool too. Acy Riyria's job appears easy discover whatappened to the missing duchess and if she lives bring er ome    if not punish those responsible But nothing is simple in the crowded narrow mist filled streets of Rochelle where than one ancient legend lur.

D newssince Age of War s release was pushed back so too will the retail release of this book Currently we are looking at October 3rd But the good news is you can get the book right now by ordering direct from me for ebook and print copies and audiblecom to Deathcaster (Shattered Realms, hear Tim Gerard Reynolds read you the taleSo far salesave topped 18500 copies not bad for a book that s not even in the retail chain yet And the ratings Out of the Ashes (The Legacy Chronicles, have been extraordinary 445 on Goodreads 47 on Audible Weave than 4100 reviews and ratings and a whopping 947% BITE (A Mate Of His Own have been a 4 or a 5 Wow I m so glad peopleave been loving the book so much Will this mean a 5th Chronicle Well things are looking pretty positive in that direction but I ll likely old off until the retail release since most of the people buying now are dedicated fans and I want to make sure there isn t a sentiment out there of time for these guys to bow off the stage Thanks all for the support And we ll keep you postedUpdate 120917 Have I really not posted an update since the launch of the Kickstarter That s so negligent of meand so much as Six-Moon Trail happened Okay so first things first the Kickstarter was auge success it ended up being the 2nd most backed and 4th Mustard Seed Magic highest funded fiction project of all time And those numbers are based on worldwide data so it includes all countries Between the Kickstarter pre orders taken on my site and pre orders taken from BackerKit a post Kickstarter fulfillment site the projectas raised than 103000 The audiobook is live on Audible and the ebooks bought directly from me ave shipped Between the two we ve sold than 7500 digital downloads As for the printed books they left the printer and will be delivered to us on Monday and we ll start shipping the 1600 books that are pre ordered For the next six months people can get the ebook ardcover or paperbacks directly from us and in June we ll open up the retail channel for mass distribution See I told you a lot as appened Update 100517 At noon EDT today The Kickstarter launches Assuming we fund there will be three different The Witches hardcover versions available rare edition 100 copies bound in faux leather with gold foil stamping and a matching slipcase limited edition 500 copies bound in linen with a custom dust jacket regularardcover dust jacket matches the paperback edition If we don t fund the book will still be produced it just won t Splinter have theardcover editionsUpdate 082917 Well it s just two days until the beta read is officially completed but as the window between it and the start of copyediting grew incredibly short Robin Breed of Innocence (The Breed Chronicles has already given me a list of about a dozen or so changes which I just incorporated Good catches by the beta readers Robin is going to be doing a copy edit on those new passages while she waits for the rest of the beta feedback and then I ll make any additional changes before it goes off to the Linda and Laura who alreadyave time reserved to work on this project So still on schedule and the book is in really good shape at this pointUpdate 081917A lot is going on and I m sorry I ve not been updating uickly Well Robin proclaimed 90% of the book in good shape but she The Princes Mistress had some issues with the way it ended so we spent some time implementing 8 minor and 1 major aspect This meant we missed our original beta date but it s in theands of the beta testers now and it seems to be going well according to Robin We ate up some of our cushion with the rewrites but we are still on track for the December 5th releaseUpdate 53017 Well it s officialthe book is written I finished writing it May 18th and spent the next week and a Immortal Jellyfish half going over it As of 529 it s officially in theands of Robin Assuming she s as pleased with it as much as I am we should be on track for a December 5th releaseUpdate 42917 It s been a while since the last update so I thought it was California high time I did one The book went through some pretty major surgery recently As I neared the end the climax wasn t uite as good as I wanted To change that Iad to add some things that needed to be worked in throughout the tale so I Afgantsy had the book essentially tore a part for about a week as I added the reuired information With that complete and the book reassembled I m now down to the last few chapters Will keep everyone posted when I m done writingIn other news the audio book is live and pre orders are already coming in For those who prefer ebook andor print you can sign up for early notification at this link Alreadyave 1750 people who Distant Early Warning (Star Trek (Star Trek: S.C.E., have done exactly thatAlso thanks to people shelving the book early it s currently the 5th most popular book releasing in December 2017 So thanks to everyone who is indicating they want to read the bookAnd last but certainly not least Marc Simonettias agreed to do the cover and Somnium he s working on it now So things are definitely coming along Update 22317 Wanted to give everyone an update onow the writing is going for this book I think I m about a month behind but The Cronos Complex I hope toave the first draft wrapped by end of March or mid April I took than a month off to deal with a copyedits for Age of Swords and b a bunch of manual labor reuired to get the cabin livable With those activities behind me I m back at work and ave about 13 of the novel finished Release date of OctNov still looks like it will work If you ve not yet signed up to be notified when the book is released ere is a link where you can do so Oh and don t forget to put the book on your Goodreads To read shelf Adding it will Maid of Dishonor (The Wedding Season, help spread the word to your friends and followers Well I best get back to itUpdate 122916 Well weave a provisional title for the book The Disappearance of Winter s Daughter It could change if the beta readers come up with better ideas But I m running with it for nowUpdate 120516 Well we Dem Nordpol am nächsten have a release date Or at least a close approximation The book will come out sometime in November 2017 before Thanksgiving Iad to work a bit with my publisher of the Legends of the First Empire books to find a place and way that we could sueeze this book in But we Heart Beat have that finalized now Because of the pre planning the book is already in the top 10 most popular books for Nov 2017 So if you are interested in getting a copy please consider adding it to your to read shelf and it ll rise evenigher in that ranking Oh and speaking of interest in the book It ll be released in an usual way For the first six months it won t be in stores but you will be able to get the book directly from me in ebook The Site Book hardcover or trade paperback the audio version will be available on Audiblecom and Apple s iBookstore Since it won t be in stores it ll be easy to miss the release date so if you want to be notified where andow it is available for order you can sign up for notification The Devils Possession here In other news the writing is going well No major snags encountered in the plot and the daily writing is easy and turning out well I moping to Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, have the first draft completed by the end of FebruaryUpdate 112216 The first 10000 words are in which is a good milestone to reach I m pleased withow things are goings and Vrolok haven tit any stumbling blockswhich I usually do before now I ve also set my goal for finishing the first draft by the end of February That should be doable Update 111516 Yesterday I started my first official day of writing The first 1700 words are in the can I usually don t write in the evenings but I was so motivated that I went back an edited that opening Always fun starting a new book Update 10116 Well it s the start of a new month and yesterday I found the last major piece of the puzzle reuired to write this book so the story is coming together nicely I m not sure when I ll start writingI m expecting structural comments from my editor on Age of Swords Legends of the First Empire 2 and Robin and Sarah are busy compiling input from the beta read I think I should make those changes first so I can move on with the writing of this without interruption But it s good to know I 僕の愛を知れ! [Boku no Ai o Shire!] have a place to start and Ill be fleshing it in a bit while I wait for the AoS feedback This was fantasticThe 10th novel featuring our amazing duo Royce and Hadrian the rouges forire known as Riyria I must say that this is one of my favourites The story was full of mystery and suspicion The side characters were colourful and uniue But most importantly I felt like I learned so much during this one Not only about the world and the magic of its races but I learned so much about Royce and Hadrian In the Revelations series both of our main characters are well established You learn bits and pieces about them and know that their friendship is a deep bond formed over many years Es the one man e knows can deliver a bloody retribution the notorious DusterRide with Royce and Hadrian as the cynical ex assassin and idealistic ex mercenary travel to a mysterious old world city filled with nobles claiming descent from imperial aristocr.

We are taking pre orders for the slipcase for the Legends of the First Empire boxset and you can buy hardcovers that are missing from your collection The last book in the Legends of the First Empire is officially released You can find links for ordering here Thanks for visiting my page Here are other sites where you can contact me I'm a Ne