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E that hurts It is the kind of story that only Addison can write And i love it Nowto find a way to get my hands on Sovereignbecause i d need itbadly Whoa WhoawhoawhoaPhew uinn might be the most terrifying character I ve ever readThe inside of her mind is the stuff nightmares are made of Nightmares so absolutely horrifying As much as I enjoyed the Alpha s Claim series I was uick to pick up another work by Cain As I mentioned in my previous reviews one of Cain s strengths is in world building Instead of a massive dump of descriptive information right at the beginning we are spoon fed details as the story progresses It s just enough to get a clear picture without being so much that it overwhelms ou It s masterfully done perfectIt s a little bit pnr a bit sci fi some erotica some horror It s an odd mix but it worksI liked Sigil aka uinn She was a super bad ass bitch who had zero ualms about killing as many beings as necessary to do what she had to door simply because she was bored could ve just been having a bad day too But she loved her companion ue and had a serious soft spot for children I loved her Sovereign I wasn t so sur Because I read the author s prior work Alpha s Claim Books 1 3 it is hard not to see the similarities 1 Another tough as nails heroine 2 Another anti hero that pursues the heroine despite her rejection of him 3 And humans that are also a bit than human You also get another1 Uniue and fascinating world 2 Amazingly real and genuine characters 3 And another story weaved and told in Cain s intricate styleWhat to expect1 A serial type of series2 Another dark tragedy 3 And no guaranteed heahfn Overall a really good dark science fiction novel that I really liked but not enough romance or erotica imo Although it seem like there might be erotica or romance to come in the next book Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review A positive ratingreview was not reuested or reuired Review is on ARC version 5 StarsBook ReviewRelease Date 29918I suppose we re both monsters Black hair hung in his eyes as he turned her chin to taste her mouth At least I didn t try to eat her lost lambOh my Star and moon this was bloody good like seriously I really couldn t get enough of this darkly sadistic depraved tale I m not even sure how to start describing this madhouse of mayhemSo this places us in a fictional fantasy landscape set in space so its a sci fi Yes Well it sort of is but 3 StarsI liked thisbut Sovereign and Sigil are not Claire and Shepherd And there was definitely that connection lacking The world building was also a tad hazy for me But still decent I will eventually read the next one but not until I know the series is complet. After a century The Irdesi Emperor has finally cornered their species’ only female Sovereign and his fanatic brothers are closing in driving Sigil to desperation They outnumber her they are stronger and they are relentless Sovereign knows her secrets better than Sigil knows herself Irdesi Empire Series by Addison Cain Goodreads Sigil Irdesi Empire Sovereign Irdesi Empire and ue Irdesi Empire Sigil Irdesi Empire es Addison Cain Sigil Irdesi Empire es Addison Cain Libros en idiomas extranjeros Saltar al contenido principal Prueba Prime Hola Identifcate Cuenta The Poems of Aemilia Lanyer (Women Writers in English 1350-1850) y listas Identifcate Cuenta listas Pedidos Suscrbete a Prime Cesta Todos los departamentos Ir Buscar Los Ms Vendidos com Customer reviews Sigil Irdesi Empire Sigil A Reverse Harem Dark Romance Irdesi Empire Book Kindle Edition by Addison Cain Author No one does dark like Addison Cain Twisted dark love stories are her stock and trade Sigil is one of the best examples of her uniue and disturbing imagination For decades she has been on the run from her past Always hiding always waitin.

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Ike a reaction piece as opposed to an actual review so all I have to say on that is if the writing is good and the story is solid my reaction is a compliment to the writer for giving me the FEELS I need to stay away from this author her stuff is too heartbreaking for me Seriously none of her heroines can have any happiness at all oficially done with this author I know none of these will have an even semi happy ending FREE on today ONLY 7132018 BlurbHe will possess her in every wayAfter a century The Irdesi Emperor has finally cornered their species only female Sovereign and his fanatic brothers are closing in driving Sigil to desperationThey outnumber her they are stronger and they are relentlessSovereign knows her secrets better than Sigil knows herself He knows she was conditioned to hate him It changes nothing The Emperor cannot help but crave her just as his loyal brothers crave her The entire future of their species hinges on Sovereign s ability to dominate the slippery renegade and make her feel the truth of what she is She is his Consort She is his obsession a bride destined to be shared with and adored by his kin to be satiated and ruled to be overpowered and healed of her compulsions by any means necessaryShe has no choice in the matter The empire will stop at nothing Sigil will belong to them she will be made to love them even if they are forced to rip the galaxy apart to claim her This book is kind of fun and crazy like a wild rollercoaster ride kind of like The Fifth Element view spoilerThis girl Sigil was tortured and abused by everyone during her childhood and thus she became a monster that eats people vermin and destroys worlds out of caprice Super gross hide spoiler Finally I ve waited s long to get my hands on this beautyAnd let me tell Selected Short Stories youit was worth the wait And i know i want I NEED Sovereign We meet uinn and her friend ue in a far away corner of spaceon Pax They have been together ever since he found herand patiently brought her back from the dark place her mind was in uinn still has trouble controlling her urges to kill those that stand in her waybut ue knows how to handle it Until trouble arrives Because uinn is Sigilthe Irdesi Emperor s Consort And he s been searching for hera long time She is the one for himand his brothers And they will stop at nothing to take her home I know Sigil is a killeri know she is brutal at times But ifou look closelyyou understand why And those reasons made me cry Because what she s been through from the moment she was createdthat alone is enough to make a girl do what she did Add the fact she s been programmed to kill Sovereignand their relation becomes even troubled This is a dark storyon. Ass female characters I have ever encountered I mean geez this girl has actually eaten people uinn envisioned plucking out one of his Sigil | Addison Cain Even if he must share her with his brothers Sigil will be his Publisher’s Note The first novella in Addison Cain’s provocative and raw Irdesi Empire series is a dark tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange Some scenes are written to be disturbing Book Review Sigil Irdesi Empire by Addison Sigil will belong to them; she will be made to love them even if they are forced to rip the galaxy apart to claim her Publisher’s Note The first novella in Addison Cain's provocative and raw Irdesi Empire series is a dark tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange Some scenes are written to be disturbing If such material offends ou please do not purchase Sigil Irdesi Empire by ae Buy Sigil Irdesi Empire by online on ae at best prices Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase Sigil Irdesi Empire by Addison Cain Book.

45 STARS for Sigil Sigil is the story of a oung woman on the run On the run from the empire that created her from her supposed destiny with Sovereign and his brothers and lost in a galaxy that is hunting her down The setup for this Sci fi reverse harem story is fascinating but here is the twist while I m rooting for my girl Sigil to remain in hiding and avoid Sovereign and his nasty band of brothers I find out not long after that Sigil is no angel Yup She s got a few screws loose Sigil is a psychopath lacks empathy is incapable of forming emotional attachments with her own species let alone an alien one It would be in our best interest to help us find her And I was like WTF Btch be CRAZY I was completely emotionally invested Addison Cain had me by my proverbial balls lapping at every word I read this book twice pre and post revisions to the new edition My emotional rollercoaster wasn t lessened by the first experience of reading SigilI m a HEA kinda reader I like to know that my H and h or in this case our H and is merry band of brothers who drank the Kool Aid I might add and are all obsessed with our h are gonna have their happy ending I ll admit I m also a masochist when it comes to my reading selection I don t mind that my protagonist endures hardships along the way hell it makes for the best stories The grittier the better to an extent And Sigil is gritty Sigil doesn t just experience hardship she delivers it right back POWWhen it comes to Addison Cain s writing I NEVER know what I m gonna get There s no set pattern with how her plot will unfold Her stories are a journey that will feel like the scariest rollercoaster ride ou ve ever been on And when Open City you get off that ride despite being scared shtlessou ll look at it in awe and want knowing full well it s heart attack inducingSigil has been updated and rereleased The changes in my opinion were subtle and seemed to address any of the uestions I had when I first read the story And in true Addison Cain form the writing was tight on point and had me fangirling over one of my favourite writersSo here is the part where I address the disclaimers of the book and finish my thoughts I don t want to say this book isn t for everyone because then that would have applied to me at one point I took a big risk reading Sigil because I m a wuss who gets scared reading alien sci fi fiction that includes cannibalism All I have to say is I think Addison Cain wrote this all so beautifully I am in awe of this author s writing talent and how she can take extremely disturbing content and write it is such a way that isn t over the top but still keeps the story suspensefulAs a final thought I know this review sounds Sigil English Edition eBook Cain Addison fr Sigil Irdesi Empire Book is a Space Opera Dark Romance laced with complete power exchange Longueur pages Word Wise Activ Composition amliore Activ Page Flip Activ Langue Anglais Niveau scolaire Les clients ayant achet cet article ont galement achet Page sur Revenir au dbut Page sur Cette fonction d'achat continuera charger des articles Sigil Irdesi Empire by Addison Cain Sigil Irdesi Empire by Addison Cain Goodreads Author Rating details ratings reviews He will possess her in every way After a century The Irdesi Emperor has finally cornered their species’ only female Sovereign and his fanatic brothers are closing in driving Sigil to desperation They outnumber her they are stronger and they are relentless Sovereign com Sigil eBook Cain Addison Kindle Store We left Sigil Irdesi Empire on a shocking cliffhanger that had me screaming NO Will be starting the next instalment immediately after that one; how could I not Before I go just a small observation Sigil in my opinion is one of the most crazy.

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USA TODAY bestselling author and Top 25 bestselling author Addison Cain is best known for her dark romances smoldering paranormal suspense and twisted alien worlds Her antiheroes are not always redeemable her lead females stand fierce and nothing is ever as it seemsDeep and sometimes heart wrenching her books are not for the faint of heart But they are just right for those who enjo