Benny Matsuyama: Hoshi wo Meguru Otome

Lls of kin because she is not uite human et she sympathizes with them of life and death and gender I didn t know I needed to know what happened to her inside the Planet so badly until I ve got this novela and I m glad Matsuyama and crew did this Lovable and sweet reading This was a nice story about what was happening in the Lifestream while Cloud and the others were trying to save the world Nice to see old characters interact with Aerith and play a part in repelling Meteor Honestly everything I was hoping from this aside from an official English translation. The various characters and the nature of life and watches the effect Sephiroth is having on the Lifestream As the novella ends Aerith commands the spirits of the Lifestream to emerge and help Holy push back and destroy Meteor saving the Plan.

Summary Hoshi wo Meguru Otome

Not fail in capturing Aerith s true essence cheerful positive and uite melancholic not because she wants to be but because her life and condition puts her in that position We are oftenly presented with a saint like Aerith in other media such as in Kingdom Hearts She is uiet beautiful wise but feels uite unreachable And that is not the impression I ever had of Aerith Aerith was reachable even in death She was always present Her love not only for Cloud but for her friends her mother and humanity is unconditional and so beautiful because it breaks so many walls Wa. And her first boyfriend Zack Fair To some of these spirits she is able to console them and help them move on while others cling to their deeds in life and cannot be helped Throughout the novella Aerith philosophizes on her relationships with.

Esta historia no est escrita por los guionistas del juego no obstante Suare la public como oficial se nota el cambio de autor aunue en mi opinion es para mejor es una historia corta sobre Aeris ue nos da una posible explicaci n a todo lo ue le pas en la corriente vital conecta de una manera muy bonita sucesos ue en el juego parec an independientes Un acierto Everything makes me love Aerith Omg she has a great soul of Maria No words can describe that tolerant heart Thanks Suare They have made the best character in the game world I love how this novella did. The novel takes place from the viewpoint of Aerith and is divided into seven chapters Beginning immediately after her death Aerith meets the spirits of the dead characters from Final Fantasy VII including Jessie Biggs and Wedge Professor Hojo.

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