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Itles as The Snowy Day or Corduroy both of which feature a young black child Of course Groenink is from the Netherlands so perhaps he didn t grow up familiar with those titles Leaving that issue aside I did enjoy the illustrations here a little bit than the text as it happensI m not sure I d strongly recommend this one There are better library centric picture books out there ones with a stronger story line and ones featuring little black girls The British Lola at the Library and its seuels spring to mind Hmm yeah what others said about the black girl reading only books by white men and annoying librarian stereotypes I wanted to love this but two observations this was originally written as a song so the poetry and rhyme didn t uite flow well when read aloud Also every book she MC is a POC encountered in the library was either an animal or white Where are her mirrors with these classics I wanted to ump into the book take her hand and head back to the kid lit section to pull some modern books with POCs to add to her stac. He same old stuff is on TV boring What is there to do today Go to the library of course Who will we meet there Let's find out.

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Or me Perhaps if I were familiar with the song beforehand and had a tune in mind as I read the whole thing would have held appeal for me Difficult to sayIt s interesting to note that a great deal of the criticism I have seen directed at the book online has centered around the girl s choice of reading too classic apparently and too white or the actions of the librarian in shushing the heroine For my part I mourn the loss of the library as a uiet place something all too rare in our increasingly busy and crowded world so the latter didn t bother me at all If these reviewers are to be believed librarians no longer insist on uiet which if true is to be lamented As for the issue of reading selection although I can t agree that a child must select a book that reflects their immediate circumstances and identity yes it s perfectly OK for an African American child to love Winnie the Pooh I did note the lack of diversity in the books mentioned If illustrator Chuck Groenink wanted to go for the classics he might have included such An affectionate exuberant uproarious celebration of books reading and SHHH librariesThe rain is pouring Dad is snoring and

This is so stinking cute I can t wait to use this in storytime Also the fact that the character is a black girl with an afro and glassessshe s basically me This is MY book D Bored one rainy day the little girl in this picture book romp heads to the library exploring many of the classic children s books to be found therein Eventually after browsing through what s available and interacting with the librarian the girl heads home with her favorite selection Winnie the Pooh Pairing the children s song by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark with artwork by illustrator Chuck Groenink The Library Book offers a celebration of one of my absolute favorite places in the world the library I have many fond memories of spending my Saturday mornings at this most wonderful of community institutions as a child so you would think that I would love this picture book tribute Unfortunately although I liked the idea of the book and appreciated the depiction of an African American girl as the protagonist the text itself simply didn t work that well What’s the best way to cure a gloomy day A trip to the library Based on the hit song by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark here is.