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Gross But Imaginative Enjoyed eading this though if it went on much longer I would ve needed 2 sittings instead of just one For the author of a work like this that d probably be a positive Lee Widener has written a viciously funny Bizarro Christmas tale where the term give of yourselfis taken literally and gift giving has become an extreme activity In the near fut Best Christmas story ever Sometimes bizarro can tend to be on the cynical side of things I went into Give of. A savagely satirical look at Christmas traditions in a science fiction setting where giving of yourself is taken to a literal extreme This is not your typical Christmas story this is Bizarro Fiction so be prepare.

Yourself thinking that it might end up being a eally messed up tale that totally slams the holiday season while mocking American culture or something along those lines I was so wrong Instead this little book is super fun sweet strange and beautiful It s full of uirky characters with awesome names living in an oddball alternate eality full of nonsensical holiday customs The entire book is overflowing with creative abandon that is an inspiring joy to behold I finished it on D for weirdness Lee Widener's latest excursion into Bizarro following David Bowie is Trying to Kill Me and Rock N Roll Head Case is another example of his uniue style of Bizarro Fiction Follow the Flortwire famil.

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Hristmas morning with a smile on my face If you missed The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party reading it this Christmas then go ahead and snag a copy so you can beeady next year A deliriously perfect Bizarro Christmas tale How to Write Essays raves Mr Frank host of Bizzong The Bizarre and Weird Fiction PodcastIf O Henry s Gift of the Magi were Bizarro you d have Lee Widener s Give of Yourself Which you do soead it because Jesus is the Blue Moose reason for the season but Lee is why we have to pee I m just trying tohyme shit leave me alon. Y as they celebrate Christmas in a far future world even stranger than our own NOTE This is a Kindle SINGLE not a full novel and in the great tradition of Christmas through the ages it's overpriced for the holida.