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This story is amazing It was my digital text for this week The characterization of the different animals as they all chase the talking ancake is so humorous I think reading this book through tumblebooks enhanced the experience because the characters hysically moved In this tale a woman is making ancakes and the Film on the Left pancake jumps out and runs away The woman chases theancake and soon many other animals are chasing as well Each time a new character is added the Public Policy Making pancake sings a song that goes No no no no I m too fast and you re too slow The clever fox tricks theancake from running by saying he can t hear the The Artists Way Morning Pages Journal pancake s song The fox eats theancake and in a twist ending the cocky The Mob pancake sings a sad song from the fox s stomach This is a fantasy book because it includesersonified animals a Perhaps better known to adults for his stage and screen work actor John Lithgow has an amazing body of work for children His Gentlemen Prefer Curves (Perfect Fit, picture books are some of my and my children s absolute favorites Topping the list for me is The Remarkable Farkle McBride The story centers around a young boy who is a musicalrodigy He is able to master instrument after instrument with ease but throws each one away as he becomes bored with it Through an unfortunate illness on the Who Killed Blanche DuBois? part of the orchestra conductor one evening Farkle discovers that it is the sound and experience of ALL the instruments together which brings him joy as opposed to the mastery of an individual instrument The illustrations by CE Payne are amazing in their vibrancy and humor They remind me of David Catrow with slightly realistic human facial features The text is extremely exciting for several reasons 1 the melody and rhythm of the words lends itself to read alouds 2 the language while being the opposite of condescending to young readers is still challenging in vocabulary with words like beseeching rhapsodical and bombastic 3 the text contains multiple original examples of onomonapoeia when describing instruments which offers an excellent opportunity to teach both that specific literary techniue and as an introduction to language as sound music andoetry The story of Micawber again sees the same team of author and illustrator relate the story of a suirrel who lives in Central Park and enjoys going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art One afternoon he sees an art student copying one of the artworks on the wall This is the first time it has ever occurred to him to think about how the Utopia paintings were created in the firstlace Intrigued he stows away in her satchel and accompanies the young student home Once she is asleep Micawber for the first time experiments with her O Jogo do Acaso paints Using his tail as a brush he creates his own masterpiece ties it up with one of the student s shoelaces and returns home Once back in Central Park he converts the upper floor of a carousel into an art museum for the other animals where he shows his growing collection of original canvases The same things that are wonderful and thrilling about Farkle exist here in this story about the visual arts The vocabulary includes words such aseregrination and viridian Payne is just as delightful in his illustrations articularly the image where the student has discovered her shoe without its shoelace Marsupial Sue and Marsupial Sue resents the Runaway Pancake I m a Manatee Mahalia Mouse Goes to College I Got Two Dogs are additional works by Lithgow The Marsupial Sue books are ab. I'm too fast you're too slow Pan an atty cake an I can get away from you I can The much loved story of the Runaway Pancake who ops out of the oven and is sure he can escape all who want to eat him is give.

Out a kangaroo that wants to be something MORE than a kangaroo but after traveling to many other areas and trying the ways of several different animals she determines that being a kangaroo is EXACTLY who and what she wants to be I Got Two Dogs is a simple delightful rhyme about the author s two dogs with colorful collage ish illustrations similar in style to those of Todd Parr I m a Manatee is a fun imaginative tale of a boy and a manatee It can be used for children who are already familiar with and interested in the manatee or as an introduction to the animal as well as the dangers to its existence In my opinion Mahalia Mouse is the weakest of all his icture books but it is still a nice little story just not anything exceptional All of Lithgow s books come with CDs when sold in hardcover The author usually sings the text of each story on the CD which is great to use at bedtime or in the car Lithgow also has music CDs available which I use at home with my own children and for my theatre and dance classes There is an entire Farkle and Friends CD which includes the story of Farkle as well as other ieces of music highlighting orchestral instruments styles and sounds The CDs On the Sunny Side of the Street and Singin in th The accompanying audio CD as read by John Lithgow is fantastic I love this dude Once you read this towith kids you will be humming the an an Gun Meister Online panny cakean song all the time This books was very fun but I listened to it with the LIVE John Lithgow CD and I just can t imagine reading it the Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 285 plain old boring wayyou have to hear him sing the song and tell the story If I would have just read the story I would given it a 3 star but to hear the song and the fun and his inflections made it a 4 for me After looking at the book again I see that the illustrations are of alay that Marsupial Sue is doing I wondered why the wolf had what looked like a uilted earsnow I get itThe Cast of Characters Narrator Adelaide Rabbit Auntie May Marsupial Sue Old Dog Tray Bartholomew Koala Cow Sydney Wombat Donkey Winifred Wallaby Wolf Perth Platypus Bear Melbourne Sheep Fox Neville the Tasmanian Devil Stage Manager Collie Dundee I very Australian book LOLOkay if I had read it I would still give it a 4 starAnd you would think that was the end of the story NO It teases you the last few Fifty Key British Films pages The lastage offers a tad of a chuckle Mommy s review from 11211 45 John Lithgow is a genius I think the first book we read by him was Micawber and we both loved loved loved it Soon after that we read I Got Two Dogs which neither of us especially cared for and then we got around to Mahalia Mouse Goes to College Book and CD which was somewhere in the middle We re in complete agreement on his books which doesn t always happen I can t remember if we ve read I m a Manatee If we did we must not have loved it or hated it because I d Twentieth-Century Music and Politics probably remember itBut this this is almost as good if not as good as Micawber I ll usuallyick up a children s book by a celebrity just to see if they have any talent but when we found the audio of Micawber at the library I never noticed who the author was After reading it at home I noticed the author Gender Inequality in Our Changing World pic on the back and recognized Lithgow Needless to say I was very surprisedThis could have been too repetitive if it weren t so much fun to read and listen to My only complaint and I don t know if this is true of all the audio versions was that the audio edition we N a new spin when Marsupial Sue and her friendsut on a lay version for their neighborhood This has all of the wit and whimsy of Marsupial Sue and again features lively illustrations by Jack E Davis From th.

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Istened to while following along in the book was recorded live While that does have a certain charm it was also annoying The reading didn t go exactly as the book goes It didn t differ so much that it affected the story really but when following along in a book with a child learning to read I d like the spoken word to follow the written Again not a huge dealWe both loved the illustrations by Jack E Davis also totally awesome with this story The ancake was fantastically Fostering Change in Institutions, Environments, and People portrayed too The kids and I loved this when they were little and we still do Ilayed just the audio for my reschool class and they all listened so attentively and sang along when they could Love it On the final week of every school year I treat my class to a ancake breakfast where I create a cooking station and go to town right in the room It s a favorite day of mine as it s so much fun to do something so different and enjoy their reaction After everyone has been served and they finish up their food milk and clean up we enjoy this book It s the best Studying Cities and City Life pancake themed book around How about that distinction What really makes this such a treat is the accompanying narration by John Lithgow He does a fantastic job seriously if sharing this bookut him on cd or Bi America play it on Youtube I love reading books aloud and fancy myself fairly entertaining and talented at it but Lithgow s voice and narration iserfect for this tale Until the end of next school year Title Marsupial Sue East Asia in the World presents The Runaway PancakeAuthor John LithgowIllustrator Jack E DavisDate of Publication 2005Genre FictionSummaryMarsupial Sue and her friendsut on a The Wives of Bath play retelling story of the Gingerbread Man In their story aancake Wool-Gathering or How I Ended Analysis pops out of the oven and makes a run for it sure he can escape everyone who comes in his way wanting to eat him He is able to run away from sixeople before encountering the sly fox where he is finally outsmarted and meets his demiseEvaluationThis is such a fun story This would be a great read aloud for younger grades as the repetition and rhyme schemes can be chanted together in class It also seems like a great way to introduce folktales to younger children The context of the story inside of a Epistemologies of the South play is a new element that creates a different dynamic that could broaden the discussion after reading as well The illustrations are awesome as they remind the reader that the story is being acted out as alay within the text Without the support of the illustrations it would be easy to forget that there is a Security Management play going on very coolDiscussion uestions1 How did the fox outsmart theancake2 Can you The Modern Percussion Revolution provide an example of how you tricked someone3 How did the illustrations help remind you that Marsupial Sue and her friends wereutting on a Making Sense of the Secular play I use this book all the time with my students at myre school and they love it John Lithgow s voice and resentation of this story is extremely well done and one that always resonates not only with the kids but with the teachers and adults in the room too The song is catchy too Highly recommend this book for any young classroom setting Ellie LOVES this book It comes with a CD with John Lithgow as the narrator and he is fantastic in the CD Ellie won t let me read it The only thing that bugs me is that it s about a group of animals utting on a Music, Movies, Meanings, and Markets play so they are all dressed up as other animals which could be cute but is confusing than anythingchokengtitiktitikchokengs THANK YOU GMA ANDERSON. E friends'reparations behind the scenes to the actors' final bows readers will be inspired by the The Discourse of Reading Groups production A CD recording of John Lithgow's liveerformance of the song The Runaway Pancake is also include.

John Lithgow is a prolific actor with two Tonys six Emmys two Golden Globes and two Oscar nominations to his name He has starred in the hit TV series 3rd Rock from the Sun Dexter and The Crown and in beloved films like The World According to Garp Shrek and Terms of Endearment Lithgow has appeared on Broadway twenty five times and in England with both the Royal Shakespeare Company and the