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S and years And the h is one of those girls who is klumsy always falling knocking things over ripping and staining You know it s going to be a fun story when a wiseacre kid is involved Worst Christmas Ever opens on Sara Jane tangled in a mess partly her fault partly her x fianc s fault and partly her spoiled silly sister s fault Sara s young cousin whom she s supposed to be kid sitting calls the second to last person Sara wants to see while caught up in her predicament On Christmas Eve she s rescued by her friend the boy next door and the tone of the story is setNeighbor and one time high school boyfriend Max is willing to give Sara Jane a lot of latitude in their buddy buddy relationship as lo. Aux Christmas joy while she helps plan the nuptials Sara Jane just wants to scape to Athens Greece away from the judgmental stares and snickers of her family and friends God on the other hand may have other plans Maxwell Dixon has secretly loved Sara Jane since they.

This is perfect read for the holiday season It is a uick really cute read which is what you need at this time of year It just sets the mood for a great Christmas I wanted to read something Christmassy so I tried this novella Sadly it wasn t what I had hoped The h gets jilted by text 5 years arlier and her good friend Max is there for her Max has been in love with Sara Jane since they were kids but doesn t know how to tell her I couldn t get behind this friends to lovers story The xtreme time lapse while Max gets the nerve to make a move was annoying These two work together very day and spend time of time together It just makes him look weak since he pines from afar and saves himself for year. After being jilted the day before her Christmas wedding Sara Jane hates the holidays Holly and mistletoe are a painful reminder that happily ver after isn't for her Now this Christmas her baby sister is getting married Talk about adding insult to injury Forced into

Ng as it keeps him close and familiar to his favorite klutz As the years pass and they ven go into business together he realizes that it s up to him to break out of the neat and tidy box he let Sara build around him After all who knows her better than anyone lse With the help of Sara s wise aunt mistletoe and a can of stain remover Max takes a chance that Sara Jane might be willing to consider his suit in a different lightTold from alternating viewpoints this sweet little holiday romance will give you the chuckles as you destress in between holiday activities or any other time of the year Much fun for the inspirational romance reader I listened to the audio and LOVED the narrator Julie Niblett. Were children Like so many tragic childhood love stories however he was relegated to friend status long ago But when Sara Jane needs him for moral support and to be a safe date at the wedding Max decides it's time to show Sara Jane what love and Christmas are all abou.

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