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Ing I thoroughly enjoyed reading S and beliefs Soul preaching is in other words simply iving the whole self to the task of proclamation While the concept may sound simple the reality is anything butIn the clear insightful style for which he is known Kalas takes readers on a path of discovery introducing them to the uniue ifts that they can bring to preaching and the best way to engage those ifts in preparing and delivering the sermo.

E and inspirational look at preach. But not reat preachingThe difference Kalas reminds us lies in that hard to describe yet essential uality known as soul Soul is the collection of those perspectives and convictions that matter most to the preacher Soul preaching means offering one's particular ideas attitudes and convictions fully to the congregation When one preaches with soul one engages the biblical text with the core of one's value.

Dr Kalas book is a highly readabl. Careful biblical interpretation; insights into contemporary life; polished delivery; humorous anecdotes; these are the building blocks of preaching that enuinely reach people Right Wrong says Ellsworth Kalas We have all encountered preachers who seem to know all the fine points of exegesis and inflection yet whose sermons leave us surprisingly unmoved aware that we were in the presence of ood speaking.

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J Ellsworth Kalas has been part of the faculty of Asbury Theological Seminary since 1993 after thirty eight years as a United Methodist pastor and five years in evangelism with the World Methodist Council He has been a presenter on DISCIPLE videos and is the author of than thirty books including the popular Back Side series as well as the Christian Believer study