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In escalates and the fear intensifies the story starts to move at a rapid pace With all the stress Cindy is in it is no wonder that she is a bit of a mess and acts out of character that causes a conflict between her and Hank It was effortless for me to connected with characters nderstand their struggles feel their pain hope and joy All the different aspects of the story Cindy finding her brother the developing relationship with Hank the suspense and danger from the stalker the character development both as a person and in their faith made an alluring story that was easy to get lost in and enjoy immensely I wish there would have been to the ending it seemed abrupt to me and left some Whiteout (Threes Allowed, uestions in my mind A poignant encouraging and touching story about trust faith and love that touches the emotions entertains and inspires Four Spoons More Than a Soldier by Irene Onorato is the second book in this series As a Christian romance the book is nice and not preachy but a little anti climatic I really like Hank in the first book and am glad that most of the characters looked past his physical differences The thing that bothered me about the book is that neither main character really trusts the other with feeling and thoughts They deal with situations but other than the current condition or crisis they seem to hide a lot from each other They seem to go from not trusting to the the final step in the relationshipickly other than that entertaining readI received a free copy of this novel from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review After she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her Cindy Giordano has felt a little lost Of course she s angry and may never get over the betrayal so instead she s determined to pour all her energy into finding and meeting her brother Edward Except a simple meeting leads to so much when she meets Hank Fleming a scarred former special forces soldier that has survived a lot and still manages to see the best in life However with her ex determined to make her life a living hell how can Cindy even think about giving another man a chanceWhat an intriguing and gripping story Ms Onarato has penned in this story about a heroine finding her family while facing the demons of her past a hero that has such a positive outlook on life even after all he s been through secondary characters that were just as entertaining as the main ones and a psycho ex that I hoped would get what was coming to him in the end How. Aith and tries to keep moving forward waiting for the day that something or someone can make him feel whole againCindy Giordano is searching too for her biological family and a fresh start When her journey to find her brother Edward leads to Hank’s front door she is instantly drawn to Hank and instantly wary With.

I liked this story from Irene I like the way she puts her characters with her story line It pulled me right to my heart I felt so sad for Cindy She gets fired and The Princes Ultimate Deception (Monte Carlo Affairs, uses this time to find her adopted brother Edward He is in the service She meets Hank who has been working on being injured from a grenade that killed the ones on a mission He is deaf in one ear and a false eye or a patch depending on his mood Cindy keeps trying to get a job but her ex fiancee Eric stops her He is ex as he slept with her sister and got her pregnant There is a Spoiler here After he has gone and annoyed Hank and scaring Cindy they go to get him in prison working with one of Cindy s last co workers This is a deep story I would recommend this book to you to read Tissues might be needed I like this book I am now waiting for the next book Check this out and don t let it get away You won t regret it I volunteered to read and review this book Review can be found hereThese characters grew on me veryickly and I found myself not wanting to put it down Breaking the Governesss Rules until I got the happy ending I wanted b More Than a Soldier is the second installment of the Veterans Heart series an inspirational romance with a touch of suspense in the tale The mix of the character s growth in their faith in God their struggles and triumphs in life and the developing romantic relationship are all well mixed together in an intriguing storyline Former Special Forces soldier Hank Fleming is easy to like He is kind considerate fun protective a good man who doesn t seem to take himself too seriously likes to be active and laugh He is an attentive son a good brother and a friend you can count on The events in the army that caused his disability are hunting his sleep He is struggling to find his place and worth after the military life and grow in his faith in God Cindy Giordano is a sassy daredevil who loves to be challenged physically But currently it is her life that is challenging her to the max She is heartbroken and devastated for the reasons of her broken engagement She lost her job she is fighting with her family and she seems to have a violent stalker after her Cindy and Hank have a great connection They click they got each othernderstand each other there is a lot of fun and laughter non dates where they get to know each other I liked the chemistry between them how their friendship was founded first The Christmas Children (The Mellow Years until the deeper feelings took a hold of their hearts When the danger Cindy is. There’s than one way to be a hero Former Special Forces soldier Hank Fleming is living a safeiet life in pstate New York but there are days he isn’t sure he’s going to make it The sole survivor of a devastating grenade attack in Afghanistan he is still scarred physically and emotionally He hangs on to his

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Ever in saying that I was a tad frustrated with the ending in thinking it was a little anti climatic by what happened to Cindy s ex and the ending between Hank and Cindy cementing their relationship right at the end felt a little rushed after what happened with her ex Still I liked this story so much that the ending didn t bother me enough to want to give it less than four starsBoth the main characters entertained me due to their strong chemistry which was there from the moment they met and their back stories that made me sympathize with the pair Surviving the attack Hank did should make him angry at the world and the people that killed his comrads but I liked that it didn t get him down and how he helped the heroine realize that she shouldn t let her ex get to her because things could be a lot worse Really Hank is good for the heroine not only because he s protective but because he shows her not all guys are like her ex a man who cheated on her with someone she loves and then turns into a total psycho that will go to any lengths to win her back While the heroine she s a woman down on her luck in having lost her job and with what happened when those she loved betrayed her but I liked that she found a way to combat the pain by pursuing her chance to find and get to know her brother Even getting to know Hank and seeing him thrive and be able to joke with her the way he does had me completely captivated How could he still be so positive after all he s been through Moreover I liked how the heroine handled everything her ex puts her through even though at times it s hard for her and I could nderstand why she acts the way she does towards Hank Luckily he doesn t allow her attitude to keep him from helping her Overall Ms Onarato has penned an engaging read in this book where the main and secondary characters especially Dexter and Vargas have me wanting to read of this series The way this story ended left me a tad disappointed with what happened between the main characters and Cindy s ex but I m glad that Cindy managed to win Hank back after what she does to him Also I liked the words Cindy and Hank shared at the end It shows how serious Hank is about their future together I would recommend More Than a Soldier by Irene Onarato if you enjoy contemporary romance with a touch of suspense and religious themes the sexy protector trope stories containing ex military heroes or books by authors Susan Stoker Cora Seton or Cat Johnson. Her ex fiancé’s betrayal still fresh in her mind friendship is about all she can musterWhen shadows from Cindy’s past threaten Hank’s protective instincts shift into high gear and he realizes everyone has their own battles to fight But the road to healing would be much sweeter with the right person by his sid.

Irene Onorato was born and raised in Bronx New York In 1972 a few months after graduating high school Irene met James Onorato a soldier who had just returned from Vietnam After dating two weeks they married raised three children and are still happily married todayIrene and James live in Louisiana with their two cats and a dog who was rescued by the Cajun Navy during the great flood of 20