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Mate writes to another with the sort of appreciation that could have been xpressed aloud but which packs an Death in Mumbai extra punch on paper Your materials should be age appropriate for both you and your reader Well chosen paper and ink can show respect to yourlders speak the language of your peers or catch the fancy of the small fry For a lasting monument to gratitude use ink on good stationery Even the best Baccarat : La lgende du cristal e mail suggests you are cutting corners for your own convenience E mail is too offhand and a printout letter is often too impersonal for a task that demandsvidence of sincerity and ffort Do however send a printout letter when you thank a friend who has gone to bat professionally by writing a letter of recommendation for youMargaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 1923 1939Most personal letters rest on the assumption of an ongoing connection If you are writing to thank a person such as an interviewer for simply doing his job send a short business note not a long personal letter about yourself and your dreams CHOOSING THE RIGHT WORDS Say thank you on paper with many of the same words you would use in person if you could have an hour over a cup of tea or coffee to talk and catch up Use words like grateful kind glad thanks thank you thankful and appreciate Praise the reader s kindness specifically Write You are so thoughtful or You made me feel so welcome rather than You are such a great person or That was a wonderful present Share your delight and acknowledge the giver s role in making something possible for you Thanks to you and your letter of recommendation I got hired right away only six days of nail biting and stewing Then they needed me the next day I am already finding that the skills I learned from watching you with a classroom full of four year olds are very useful when I deal with fourteen year olds Write I hope I can help someone lse the way you have helped me or Thank you from the bottom of my heart rather than an obvious March Violets (Bernie Gunther, exaggeration such as You ve saved my life or I owe you my firstborn Margaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 1945 1956 Her warmth for the old art of letter writing is sweet and herxamples of different kinds of personal letters are mostly just adeuate For the Zoete tranen example of a love letter however she includes one that Ronald Reagan wrote to Nancy on an anniversary that they spent apart It s time to move on to the next town now andvery move is a step toward home and you I love you so very much I don t Water Music even mind that life made me wait so long to find you The waiting only made the finding sweeter This was a fast read because a lot of it was skimmable The first section is a very basic introduction for someone who has never considered writing a real letter before Since I was hoping this book would help me improve upon my letter writing which I ve been doing for over twenty years that part was far too basic for me The most useful sections of the book I think are those which give advise about specific kinds of messages The break up letter letters of condolence or sympathytc Great ideas I m inspired to write letters for my love ones Many people find writing letters cumbersome by having to find a piece of paper address and stamp Or intimidating because they don t know what to sayproperlyThis book takes away the latter issue because the author gives some really useful templates on how to write say a Thank You letter Or what to write to someone whose loved one has passed away a Sympathy letter Or Revived even a letter on trying to hook up again with a long lost love a Can We Try Again letterAs for those lazy people who don t mail personal letters because they don t have paper they should definitely go out and buy some proper cards which the author gives some great tips on and have stamps on hand Your personal relationships will definitely improve when selflessly sending out missives to those you like love or respect I didn t want to read this book and fullyxpected it would be one big guilt trip I gave up writing letters long ago and am immune to laments about the death of snail mail In the Student Research Projects in Calculus end I couldn t resist the pretty coverIt s not surprising that Ms Shepherd a calligrapher and inveterate letter writer has made her book so beautiful She coversvery letter writing topic you can think of pens papers typefaces nvelopes and this attention to detail is reflected in the volume itself It is a perfect size and a pleasure to hold with the right paper weight I believe Ms Shepherd refers to it as the kind which kisses your fingersIn pleasant conversational prose Ms Shepherd delves into the nitty gritty of correspondence mails printed letters the annual Christmas letter how to write a love letter or a Dear John She also includes real Love for Imperfect Things examples ofach which I must admit I rather A Heart of Stone enjoyed I won txamine the reasons why I get such a kick from reading other people s mailI didn t feel guilty once and I have written an astonishing six letters since I finished Just because I wanted to Two were Taking Instruction (Taboo, email missives and four were handwritten with a fountain pen my love for my Lamy predates this book All cameasily thanks to Ms Shepherd s Language and Linguistics expert advice This is a skim as needed book Useful reference material poor straight reading material I picked this up looking for both inspiration and how to as I build a new correspondence practice and it does a solid unremarkable job of both In Part I Shepherd focuses on the tools of letter writing and the pros and cons of handwritten typed andmailed letters Maybe I m not the intended audience but that section left me cold it seemed padded and overly flowery and honestly I suspect a lot of her broad assertions are really only accurate for a very narrow demographic My retired English teacher of a great aunt would be right on board with Shepherd s ideas about the impact of different formats and the importance of different letter writing norms One of my 18 year old students Less soSection II though was Divertimento exactly what I was looking for and I d recommend it Each chapter addresses a different type of letter holiday letters letters of apology letters to kids away at college or summer camp with advice about the structure of the letter topics word choice what tone to set Some of it comes across like relationship advice than letter writing advice butither way it s solid guidance I also appreciated her liberal hand with reassurance she seemed to know Love Is a Fairy Tale exactly what I m worried about when I sit down to write a letter and she offered plenty of good ideas for what to write invery situation Good solid advice on writing personal letters I ll reconsulting this again in the future. Y its recipient for yearsFilled with marvelous Promise at Dawn examples of common types of letters The Art of the Personal Letter provides helpful guidelines tonhance your uniue voice and inspire you to start that holiday letter or difficult letter of apology From choosing just the right words the right stationery and ven the right pen or font you'll learn verything you need to know about the timeless art of the personal lett.

This book is a reminder to reinvest in your relationships the old fashioned way It s a light read and there s no need to sit down and read it all at once but it is a good reference to turn to when drafting something tricky like a letter of condolences To cure the sick heart I m been diving deep into the word of God To facilitate that goal I ve taken up calligraphy to practice writing out scriptureand improve penmanship As long as I m at it I figure I can start writing letters Yes old fashioned folded into an Bangkok Wakes to Rain envelope with a stamp on toplettersHowever I don t know how to write letters I learned the mechanics of letter format but not how to craft the contentThis book went not only into the tips and tools of letter writing but also the content of a number of different types of letters Apology congratulation condolence sympathy advice love holidaytc Each type of letter gives an The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery example of how it would be written VERY helpful advice for the socially challenged like myself I particularly appreciate the author s consideration of modern communication mediamail social media in light of relationships How modern media may be appropriate for time sensitive subjects In other words when someone might need an Darkmere email now versus a letter a week from now Armed with this knowledge I look forward to regularly practicing my correspondence uotesTake pains and pleasures in constantly copying the best things you can find done by the hand of great masters Then you will find if nature has granted you any imagination at all that you willventually acuire a style individual to yourself and it cannot help being good because your hand and your mind being always accustomed to gather flowers will ill know how to pluck thorns Cennino d Andrea Cennini c 1370 c 1440Margaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 560 564Don t let your own impossibly high Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? expectations keep you from writing by hand A study by the Pilot pen company a few years ago showed that most people judge their own handwriting much harshly than they judge other people sMargaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 597 598Confine yourself to one PS only A second PS makes your thoughts seem fragmented and a third means you should write a second letter after you have gathered your witsMargaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 892 893Somewhere between the great letters you should write and the daily messages you actually do write you can spend a few minutes on the good letters you could write A letter adds one strand to whatever cord already connects you to others It lets you develop a conversation that s slow deep and strong You ll feel closer to people far away and stay up to date with those you see only now and thenMargaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 948 951CHOOSING THE RIGHT WORDS Paint a word picture with small specifics rather than vague generalities I thought of you when a little boy caught a pop fly at the game last night brings the reader into your life vividly than We ve sure had a lot of good times together In Writing Gooder Rhys Alexander wrote Detail makes the difference between boring and terrific writing It s the difference between a pencil sketch and a lush oil painting As a writer words are your paint Use all the colors To get started try one of these phrases I was just thinking Something you said reminded me of I ve noticed something that might interest you I forgot to tell you It s a beautiful day here I thought you d like to hear about what happened in our orchard last night Instead of the trite How are you I am fine ask uestions that show genuine interest such as Are you back on your feet or I m halfway through unpacking Be direct Say forxample I wanted to ask how Janet s recovery is going rather than just beat around the bush by asking How are things You don t really need the filler phrases for your information if you ll Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den excuse my mentioning it no offense but or by the way They make you sound reluctant to write what s on your mind I is good You is better We is best Use all three Consider the difference between I want to be sure you were aware of all the compliments about Juanita s party We saw the Ryans yesterday and they were raving about it and just Great party Margaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 981 994RULES OF THUMB FOR WRITING A LETTER HOME Begin your letter by greeting the reader with warmth locate yourself in a specific place and include the complete date Next mention news about places and people you havencountered and send greetings to others as well as to the reader Don t complain dwell on the transitory raise problems without suggesting solutions harp on things that can t be fixed like the realities of the separation itself or Scraps Of The Untainted Sky even mention the kind of problems that are going to be solved before the letter arrives such as lost sleep minor aches and moods Likewise don t mope or drop verbal bombs Frame any difficulties in possible solutions There s no need to repeat over and over how much you miss the people at home this will undermine an adult s morale drag down a teenager s normal steps toward independence make a parent feel guilty and upset a child As Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth Things without all remedy should be without regard Give the reader specific details about your impressions of the places you ve visited the people you ve met and the ways in which these newxperiences have transformed your way of thinking Last reaffirm how connected you feel with the readerMargaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 1016 1027CHOOSING THE RIGHT WORDS Make associations between your world and the world of your reader For instance I took a picture for you of a pub called Kiernan s Alehouse when I was in Ireland last week The same spelling as your son s name Expand the connection by mentioning others Tell Mom that the scarf she sent has kept me warm all over Minnesota Reflect on the The Eric Carle Gift Set effect that your journey has had on your worldview I never really appreciated how frustrating the language must have been for Yu Yan when she first moved to Texas until I visited that village outside of ufu where not a single soul spoke English Underscore the strength of your relationship when you conclude your letter As one nineteenth century traveler wrote home If I were with you I could talknough to tire you Margaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Persona. When was the last time you wrote a letter Or received one in the mailThese days it's so Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century easy to dash off a uick mail or text message or make a cell phone call while you're on the run that you may rarely make time for letter writing But letters are a time honored form of connection that simply cannot be ualed or replaced by faster methods of communication The Art of the Personal Letter reclaims this lost art giv.

L Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 1045 1052To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart Essayist and teacher Phyllis TherouxMargaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 1058 1060Good friends are hard to find harder to leave and impossible to forget AnonymousMargaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 1123 1124RULES OF THUMB FOR WRITING A KEEP ME ON YOUR RADAR LETTER At the beginning of your letter reintroduce yourself and remind your reader about who you are and were Mention the nature of your old connection Next describe where you are now both in your life s journey and on the physical map Also inuire about the other person s life at present Express a wish for a continued or renewed connection If you have an ulterior motive it s usually best to be frank right away I learned over the years that one of my acuaintances only wrote me to get back in touch when she needed a convenient place to stay on business trips my recollection of feeling used has kept me from making the same mistake with my own old acuaintances whom I keep in contact with solely for friendship Just as you would in an actual conversation don t spill too much information right off the bat Don t be too xplicit If you view this person as a confidante but she can barely recall who you are your instant intimacy may put her off In closing convey good wishes and provide clear contact information for a reply If you ve proposed reconnecting once and received a neutral or frankly negative response admit to yourself that the other person may just not be interested in resuming your relationship MAKE IT PERSONAL Handwriting on stationery paper is a good cure for neglect If you ve let time slip by show that you are making up for it now by taking time to write by hand If it s been months or years you don t need to save another three days by firing off an instant Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, e mailxcept to inuire about an up to date mailing address What your reader sees and touches will remind her of you so choose ink and paper that Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga expresses who you are Dress your words with the same care you d use in selecting what to wear to meet someone after you ve been apart Without turning your letter into an art project or a formal document show that you value the relationship and the other person s time CHOOSING THE RIGHT WORDS Use sentences like I would like to get back in touch Let s catch up or It s been a long time Leave until later the statement I miss you Instead I miss our friendship or I miss seeing you may be appropriate The other person may have changed or the situation may have changed Don t leave the next steps vague with offers like We must get together sometime Offer a specific proposal that isasy to say yes to such as Are you free for a cup of coffee at the Student Union any Tuesday in March Then offer an Cincinnati and Other Plays escape hatch that permits a graceful no such as If this is not convenient for you let s stay in touch and try again in May Don t put the person on the spot with forced choices Never ask for an apology after a long silence Be the first to offer one if you think one is called for at all it usually is not If you think your apology would help thaw the ice read chapter 22 on how to say I m sorry in a personal letterMargaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 1131 1157Adjectives such as fun fabulousxciting prestigious phenomenal successful and incredible don t give the reader anything to take pleasure in beyond your pleasure They can shut your reader out and Speak Out! even cause a twinge ofnvy If you can describe what it was that gave you pleasure you ll share the benefits with the reader the sounds and smells of the Marrakesh markets you visited the smiling ten year olds at the Little League awards ceremony you attended or the theatrical atmosphere at the dog show where Rufus won the prize for Best Mutt Margaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 1250 1253The longer your letter the fewer people you should send it to Send a half page if you mail to than one hundred people Send a whole page if you mail to fewer than one hundred people Send two pages only if you limit your list to the two dozen people who know you wellMargaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 1274 1275group Prune your mailing list twice a year first right after the holidays to check whose addresses to add remove or change and then again in November to add a few corrections and I Like You the Best estimate how many letters to mail Reducing the number of people you mail to will free you up to personalize what you send to the people who really countMargaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 1278 1281Flatter me and I may not believe you Criticize me and I may not like you Ignore me and I may not forgive you Encourage me and I will not forget you Pastor scholar and author William Arthur Ward 1921 1994Margaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 1453 1455RULES OF THUMB FOR WRITING A THANK YOU LETTER Start off by mentioning the gift by name and describe how you benefited Give details about the gift he gave or the reward he helped you getMargaret Shepherd and Sharon Hogan The Art of the Personal Letter A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word loc 1920 1922Acknowledge your indebtedness but don txaggerate Be lavish but not melodramatic Psychologists talk about the tyranny of the gift when the recipient can t The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles ever be gratefulnough there s also a similar tyranny of the thank you when the gratitude is inflated out of proportion to the giver s intentions The reader will be most interested in your gratitude not your unworthiness or your lateness Add details about your own life plus news plans and opinions Then allude to your ongoing connection with the reader and close with warmth MAKE IT PERSONAL If your gratitude is worth a letter it s worth a good looking letter Choose materials that are The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico either fine and formal or warm and cozy depending on the nature of your letter Avoid arty and idiosyncratic paper or comic note cards Use white or off white unlined paper that is slightly smaller than standard business stationery Don t write a personal letter on yourmployer s stationery or stamp it through the postage machine Print it out in pleasantly readable black type or handwrite it with black blue or blue black ink One room. Ing you the gift of leisurely Lone Star Standoff expression and allowing you to write beautifulnduring letters to the people you care about be it by hand or on a computer For any occasion whether you're reaching out to connect with a long lost friend or you want to xpress condolences with grace author Margaret Shepherd gives you both the inspiration and the tools to write a memorable and meaningful letter that will be cherished

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