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Sion s and verything was better That s not really how it works and it s dangerous to write in such a way that makes family and friends of survivors assume this is true i m glad to say this book First Anthology ended much better than it beganthings taken seriously interestingvents that occurred pretty good considering how frustrated i was Releasing The Power Within Through Spiritual Dynamics early on 252008i m becoming unsatisfiedfrustrated with maxted the i read her this one ha The first three paragraphs are GREAT The rest is not Cliched plot cliched characters It s been done before and definitely done better The first paragraph of the book got me hook line and sinker Modern women don t believe in love Believing in love carries roughly the same stigma as halitosis It s as old fashioned as going on a diet as opposed to a detox It suggests you have no sense of irony and you like Meg Ryan films the traditional sort A modern woman cannot accept t This book was a little different than ixpected it to be Its set in LondonHolly is the twenty nine year old owner of Girl meets Boy a dating service for those who are beautiful inside and out Though shes a success at match making her own love life is a disaster Her Passage Through Crisis ex fiance still lives in the house with her that they bought togetherHe doesnt really work he has a job as anlephant for childrens parties once in awhile His parents are rich and they treat him like a child When he finally moves out Holly goes out on a date with one of the clients of the dating service And the guy rapes her Its all down hill from there Science, Technology and Culture emotionally Than Nick herx finds out he was adopted and decides to find his birth mum His adoptive parents are all upset Holly has a pregnancy scare at which point she asks Nick to marry her Than turns out it was a false alarm and when she tells him he gets upset You get drawn into Hollys family Anna Maxted is my guilty pleasure This was the third book I d read by her It s probably my least favorite but I still The Road to Einsteins Relativity enjoyed it I pick up her books to laugh and get a happynding and Maxted delivered on both One thing I appreciate about her books is that ven though they are funny they also have a serious undertone I think that in this book she tackles something difficult than in the other two books I d read by her and maybe that s why I didn t like it uite as much Still worth picking up if you like chick lit. E can no longer trust her ability to read people Holly's friends and colleagues are drawn into the complicated drama of her life while Holly learns her most important lesson to trust herselfRueful and hilarious Behaving Like Adults is a must read novel of men and women growing up in spite of themselves.

Until recently I have shunned chick lit but I also don t believe in completely ignoring a genre because of personal prejudice I chose to read this book for two conflicting reasons that in themselves sum up the book beautifully the sleek cover art and because of the tougher issues addressed in the bookThe book for the most part is a typical chick lit a thirty year old successful woman in a glamorous job tosses aside her long time boyfriendfiance for her own shallow insecurities Having given him the heave ho she realizes that there are men worse than hers and this realization nearly destroys her business friendships and self steem In the nd those around her conspire to get her back on her feet and together with her one true albeit not perfect love Had the book only been about that plot I would have tossed it asideInstead Maxted tosses at her shallow and self absorbed protagonist a variety of issues rape law suits unwanted pregnancy clinical depression and adoption among others For all of this crap that Holly is faced with I wish I could say that she follows the title of the book and behaves like an adult But she doesn t She repeatedly makes things worse for herself by hiding from the unpleasantries of her life While at times these scenes are poignant and understandable after awhile I had to side with Holly s friends and coworkers at their frustration with her behaviorSo why did I keep reading it I read it for Nick Holly s much maligned boyfriend and sometimes fiance The only thing I could figure out is why he kept taking her back but people are stupid about love in real life so I can t uibble Nick for all of Holly s bitching and moaning is actually the mature of the two This book was really unimpressive and it was hard to get into I never got into it ven by the last page Reading it to the finish was just an act of stubbornness First of all the characters did not seem believable at all The main character Holly who also serves as the narrator apparently runs her own business and owns a home but she can lock herself up at home for weeks at a time without doing any work She has a sister named Claudia who is a lesbian and she has another sister who is a psychoanalyst She also has an Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire ex boyfriend Nick who has recently discovered that he is adopted Her parents are happy and well adjusted middle cla. Meet Holly the sunny twenty nine year old owner of Girl Meets Boy a dating service for those who are beautiful inside and out Though she's a successful matchmaker she hasn't uite fulfilled her own relationship dreams herx fiancé Nick seems unlikely to progress from his job as Mr Elephant children's.

Ss Brits She has a friend named Rachel who is an overweight party planner Also she Safe in My Arms employs a metrosexual man named Nige who is also a good friend Between family and work drama as well as a rape and a phantom pregnancy you would think this book would become intriguing at some point but it doesn t It s really boring I wasn t sure if I would like this I decided to give it another chance Not too long in the book I was laughing out loud and that does not happen to me that much so I decided to keep reading Then something i totally did notxpect happened The rape You don t Presunta colpevole expect it in a chick lit bookAnyways then when reading a bit I thought O no she is going to be nice to her rapist I do not think I can read any but I did keep on and glad I didIt took me ages to read I am not sure why Maybe because of the small print maybe the book itself was the cause but when i was done I felt a bit sad So that s a good signGoing to give this book 85thanks for sharing Rosie This is of a comic confessional to a degree albeit with a dark heart that the reader is almost ambushed with in light of the tone and style of the book and the book cover it could be said Optimistic dating agency founder Holly has boy troubles that get a whole lot worse when she agrees to date somebody on her books thensuing dark date changes her life and not for the better Can Holly get her life backMaxted has taken on a difficult task in trying to build a somewhat humoro Fortunately I was pre warned that this book was about a date rape and that s why I read it There were many lines in Anna Maxted s book that really rang true for me being a rape survivor myself Holly starts to disconnect from her life and becomes Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem extremely irresponsible after the assault She also starts hating on her good from Nige just because he is a guy Until she really starts to process the rape and realize what she s doing These anecdotes I felt were portrayed correctlyHowever I felt she twisted in way too many issues into a single book and it became very unbelievable Honestly thentire time I wanted her to hate Nick for walking in when she was bring raped and not stopping it Safe Words even though it was natural for him to assume they were having consensual sex She wasn t madnough to be a rape survivor Her His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, emotions were way too light It s like she took a couple therapy ses. Partyntertainer So when her friends dare her to pick a man off the top of the pile she's gameBut in one awful vening the seemingly perfect Stuart turns out to be a complete cad and Holly's belief in the goodness of humanity takes a hit What does it mean for her business and her romantic future if sh.


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Anna Maxted is a bestselling author based in North London England Born in 1969 she is married to fellow author and journalist Philip Robinson and they have three young sons She writes female contemporary fiction which is viewed to be at the high end of the chick lit market Anna Maxted read English Literature at Girton College Cambridge before becoming a journalist She is former Assistant E