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Asionally public but the vocabulary is sometimes awkward similar to the Cadi books The sexual relationships among the secondary characters could have been explored furtherThis is a stand alone story with a ead in for the seuel which I will read 45 Stars This book is very similar to Claire Kent s Hold It has a future prison A gruff hero who has to take care of a woman dropped in the prison However this is actually a much fully realized work with a cast of aliens prophesy and whole bunch of adventure There is a content issue the first time the hero and heroine are together but it makes sense in terms of the plot and didn t bother me much The heroine is assertive clever and practical The hero is a bit of a mythic figure but he humanize I enjoyed it and hope the Alpha Wolf gets his story Loved it Nice and The Robotics Primer (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents Series) long too Review coming soon Harper a bond agent is kidnapped from earth on account of her unusual tattoo and a prophecyDue to her not playing the submissive female and accepting her new role she finds herself thrown into the hold a prison deep in the mountain where the prisoners areeft to survive however they can its survival of the fittest and baddest down thereCatching the reluctant eye of Nameless or Shadow as Harper initially calls him her new reality is a Step Out of Your Story living nightmare and Harper mustearn to survive however she canSo I really The Eyes of the Dead liked both Nameless and Harper Nameless was just so alpha and dominant but he was also super protectiveHe was a complete hard ass but could also bend just for Harper when it was warranted he also took no bull from her and made the hard choices when neededI also adored the sexy way Nameless pronounced her name HARpurr so deliciousHarper well she was resilient without being over the top tough she recognised that she needed a protector in the hell hole she currently found herself in she was the right balance of capable but also knew when to stand back and her self sufficiency only made her attractiveThe chemistry and heat between Harper and Nameless was scorching and Ioved the rough and dominant claiming between them it was super hotThis was told from dual POV and was a really decent Rules for a Lady lengthThis managed to keep my attention and was a really great well written story and I would definitely recommend I enjoyed it massivelyReviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom. Ome except Nameless wasn’t prepared or willing toet her go even if she hated him because of it He owned every part of her and bound her to him in ways that could never be undone collar or no collar In her wildest dreams Harper never imagined the twists destiny could take or that she would find soul deep satisfaction with such a nameless fate Follow Harper and Nameless as they struggle to get free of the Hold and seek their revenge on the despot responsible for putting them there Note This book contains erotic scenes where the dominant hero bends the heroine to his will What pisses her off the most is that she ikes

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Just as I thought trash This book made me a wee bit mad but I held on an finished it To bad because I ike the premise Bounty hunter Harper decides to volunteer for a medical trail that has to do with birthmarks and what do you know her unusual crescent shaped birthmark was exactly what the creepy doctor examining her was ABC looking for Next thing she knows Harper is slated to be the new consort to an alien prince all due to some prophecy The bad spoilersTheove interest Hated him He was an idiot So at one point in the story Harper escapes and ends up with the armadillo people she safe AND has a way out In comes horny d bag Why would he take her back to the hold I get the collar idea but she was safe and all the other creeps and killers thought she was dead Yay No one was trying to rape and kill her So why bring her back and Odd Man In let them know she was still alive Just so he could fuck herI get the alpha bad boy dubious consent concept but this was straight up rape She said no Even if her body responded there was no consent or understanding between them but Nameless just had to claim her so the other killers wouldn t challenge him Wouldn t they try to take her regardless they triedater even though he forced himself on her Then the smug asshole had the audacity to Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale laugh in her face afterwards and collar her Nameless couldn t help but smile as he held Harper against his chest He wasn t entirely proud of himself he d basically forced Harper Basically No dude ya didAfterwards Harper is fine with it because she needs his protection but she only needed his protection because he dragged her back into danger More crapyou saved or helped me but it was dangerous so I must punish you now femaleI own you mine mine minedo what I say because you have no choice butove youfate connection insta Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children loveyou treat meike a pet and do things I don t Carlyle Marney like but ur hot so its cool in the endwhatever after that one scene I almost DNF ed but finished anyway I simply could not connect with this read I made it 67% and it felt as if it was droning on and on The storyline was slow The descriptions of the MC and secondaryfuture MCs did not trigger a thought of Oh that s hot Just wasn t feeling this one Happy reading DD 45 Nameless StarsThis author s books don t get all the attention they deserve The writing style is brilliant and full of imagination andots of resear. Harper might get an uncanny gut feeling every now and then but that didn’t mean she believed in portents and certainly not the kind that got her abducted As Harper gripped the bars of her cage in the alien prison; it sunk in that she seriously had been kidnapped from Earth to become the fated consort of some alien prince This wasn’t some elaborate prank or government experiment True to form Harper pissed off the tyrannical king with her refusal Now she found herself at the mercy of convicts ocked away and forgotten in the bowels of a mountain Harper’s gaze fell on a shadowy beast of a man sitting casually on the

Ch in the back that can only make a great storyAfter reading her Cadi Warriors I was mesmerized by the worlds she creates and decided to dive into this book Let me tell you I was no et down Another alien world full of different species and traditions and culture is brought to ifeYou would think this is the usual trope of alien abducts human female she is thrown to general prison and has to sell herself for protection well you could t be mistaken It is so much to this book Beside the world building the culture the different types of aliens is an entire suspenseful plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat I wanted so many times to get in there and get my hands dirtyNameless aka Shadow aka you l have to read to find out is a very complex character that tries very hard to be the best side of himself He is strong dominant growling man but in the same time so very gentle and enad with HarperSpeaking of Harper as SW heroines she is intelligent resourceful caring and adaptive I Sacred Landscapes loved both of them and how they created a strong connection despite all odds They have very hot steamy scenes and if youove a overbearing dominating male Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, like I do youl Gold Rush love the smut tooThe secondary character are as always in Stephanie West books an important addition to the story They come together and help and have eachothers backsike a true family He carved out a place meant only for him in her soul and filled it up with eual measure Nameless shook her to her very foundations then fortified her making her stronger than she was before He owned her but in that wondrous possession he set her free Nameless Fate was a really enjoyable read Nameless was a wonderful caring possessive male and Harper was feisty strong and Girl Reporter loyal Together they made a wonderful couple with great chemistry and connection Ioved the prophecy aspect and how everyone had a part in it My biggest complaint is that the story was just to Hunted long and honestly around the 70% mark on my Kindle I did start toose interest Now with that said I do plan to read book 2 After a dopey start this became above average for the sub genre The dark brooding alpha who must protect the poor human woman who is kidnapped because well I m not sure why The best way to protect her claim her publicly A solid story with our clever girl becoming the pivot point for the big Gingerbread Heart lugs around her The sex is hot and occ. Undown catwalk The imposing manooked ike he ruled the prison He was the color of midnight and his eyes were that eerie arctic blue that was nearly colorless Harper shivered as he regarded her All Nameless knew was the Hold with its misery and struggle He never wanted to keep a female surviving was hard enough but that was before the Pink Pearl dropped into his world Nameless had never seen anything ike the stunning exotic ittle creature Not only was she the catalyst for strange dreams and revelations about his past but she made him feel He had to have her Harper wanted free of the alien prison and she wanted to go

Thank you for your interest in my fairy talesHere's to the imagination and a little daydreamhttpswwwauthorstephanhttpwwwstephaniewestauthorcomhttpswwwfacebookcomStephanieWes Writing is my hobby As a child I had a hard time learning to read so anything I took an interest in was deemed acceptable I have always enjoyed fairy tales the older unsanitized versions