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Ace throughout the story Some books feel like they start to spiral at the end beginning to move faster and faster until you have flown through the end and wonder what happened Not here It is just ight as the pieces all come together What a journey these kids have been through You will cry with anger and happiness Whew and it took a while to sit back and absorb it all at the end Book 1 Review This is by far one of my most favorite stories that I have ever Au bagne read This author is amazing at keeping you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire book I am so excited to find out where she takes this story LOVE LOVE LOVE this book The Treemakers are a bunch of orphaned children forced to be slaves by the Superiors who work the children to their death The trees are meant to keep the dying outside world alive with fresh oxygen while inside the factory the children are dying and enslaved No one at the factory lives past the age of 30 The main character Joy is awesome She is only 16 yet she has taken her orphan brothers and sisters under her wing caring for them and trying for a better future for all Joy begins to plan how to free them So goead this book and find out what happensBook 2 Review I m obsessed with this serie. Had given her the strength to guard with her life those she now protects some of whom she must isk her life to save Now the treemakers and the saltminers are split over Bygonne They must acuire the Seeker’s Keys with the help of Zephyr’s clues which also must be found along the way Stakes are high war is coming and now Joy has everything to lose Will they be triumphant like Cheyenne said they’d be and grasp the promised victory Or will they face defeat at the hands of Lord Daumier and lose the future waiting for them on the other side of The Wall “What did you see in me” “That you’re a hero You’re my hero” “I’m no hero Joy Don’t ever forget this okay You’re the light in the dark You’re the love that conuers fear and evil You’re the hero Joy You always have been and you always will be” The internationally bestselling Treemakers Trilogy is a series that appeals to fans of The Maze Runner Divergent and The Hunger Games With heart pumping action and spine tingling plot twists this series is sure to leave you flipping pages until the wee hours of the morning YA Dystopian Scifi Horr.

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IntenseThis story I could barely put it down I cried and silently cheered for these characters It is a dark dark story that ends in triumph But these characters went through hell to get there warning there are triggers physical sexual and emotional abuse There is also the use of the F word a few times From start to finish this series had me hooked I had never eally Jacques Prevert read dystopian before so I wasn t sure if I would like it or not but once I started I couldn t put it downThe characters are soeal you will find yourself laughing and crying with them and a bit of yelling at them as well It doesn t have a set easy to figure out path which I love because most books you can figure you half way through Overall I love the series and will most likely e ead it which hardly ever happens I had to overcome some negative associations I had because of the title but it is very fitting for this bookMaking trees is something that goes against everything I ve learnt But anyway once I started eading I couldn t stop It eally is a great story mostly about inner strength Also about all the things we get to learn from our parents About the world how it was when they were small and about ever changing lifeBut also about overcoming yo. From “The Treemakers” The words of sixteen year old Joy Montgomery's late father Zephyr the Magnificent urge her onward in this uest for truth and freedom with the allusion that all is not as it seems in Bygonne Faced with the exhausting task of building mechanical trees that produce the precious oxygen they breathe the Greenleigh orphan slaves piece together clues about the existence of a possible forbidden paradise beyond The Wall To find the truth shatter the illusions and free the children Joy must entrust the aid of an unlikely ally who harbors dangerous secrets From “The Soultakers” “What a journey you have been on Joy Montgomery But it isn’t over yet No I’m afraid you have much farther to go” Joy Montgomery is a hero The Treemakers are finally home safe and free in a well deserved and long awaited paradise The children can now settle into normal carefree lives Or so they thought Troubled by secrets their newfound paradise eveals coupled with tangled feelings toward those she loves Joy sees the painful truth they’re still prisoners forever wounded by the effects of a traumatic past An.

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Ur fearsThey are an illusion face them fight them and then you will truly be freeAnd even but you ll have to ead it to knowThis is definitely one I ll ead again The Treemakersuite the world you are introduced to here Corruption and manipulation leads to eventual ebellion I found myself feeling so sad for these kids How could they possibly keep going Joy is older than her years yet still innocent at the same time With what I discovered about this world while eading this story I sure hope there is another one on the way soonThe SoultakersWow I eally had to step back mentally with this book when I finished the last page So very deep and thought provoking I thought Joy had to be a tough young woman in the first book yet after all of this I wonder how she holds herself together I would have had a break down You won t want to ead this one if you haven t ead The Treemakers first This one you start to see some of the wider picture and it s not all sunshine and oses What a crazy world being led by crazy people How the heck do you keep going if your happy ending is a fraud I m eady for the next one Christina bring it onThe Seeker s KeysOh my gosh Here it is part three Christina does a wonderful job keeping the same Ominous warning from a trusted friend strengthens her esolve to never let down her guard to always be prepared to be eady for war both inside and out Once again the Treemakers are faced with escaping disaster and Joy’s strength is pushed to its limit her sanity pushed to the brink of collapse Just when their situation couldn’t get any desperate they’re thrust into a series of shocking tribulations that are nothing short of nightmarish Will the Treemakers of Greenleigh annihilate the forces of evil that seek to capture and control their souls Or will the magic Joy thought she'd found be just another illusion From “The Seeker’s Keys” Joy Montgomery’s life has never been as it seems She knows this now Her tragic journey has been a complex mirage of dreams and illusions set in place by her ancestors’ secrets and driven by the calculated genius of her late father Zephyr the Magnificent In the Greenleigh Tree Factory under the ule of the wretched Superiors he’d prepared her for this future as if he’d already known the outcome He’d instilled into her the uest for truth freedom and love and.

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