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Nson can do fun This time around we got Walt reminiscing about that time in the arly 70 s You remember finally back from the swampy jungles of Nam he was just starting out as a deputy sheriff to Lucian Connolly He was on that train The Western Star with all those neighboring sheriffs for the annual meeting of the Wyoming Sherriffs Association when people started getting killed and thrown off the train But who can you suspect when Nerds everyone is a sheriff We also flip periodically to the present day where a much older Longmire is in a lather about a mysterious convicted killer supposedly serving a life sentence getting a compassionate release from jail Is this connected to the murders from the 1970 sIt s a pleasurable diversion this mongrel really wants you to smile The story moves at a rapid pace and there is a wonderfully creepy scene that takes place in the mental ward of a prison The ultimate mystery however holds together as well as a subzero degree snowball Note scientifically during temperatures that drop below zero it is too cold for snow to weld into a larger solid ball Thus myxample indicates that the mystery doesn t hold together much at all The killer s motives are depressingly outdated and than a little intolerantunenlightened The holes in the solution can be so big that you could probably drive the Western Star train through them and the cliff hanger of an Zack (Areion Fury MC ending was surprisingly downbeat though it sets up the next book in killer fashion Still all in all the book was anxciting and worthwhile read but not one of the stronger additions to the series This is book 13 in the Longmire series I have Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, enjoyed all of them This book is told in two threads one present day and one in 1972 They do connect at thend and there is a cliffhanger for those of you annoyed by cliffhangers The book opens in the present day with Walt coming to a parole hearing for a murderer he arrested in many years ago Then the flashback seuence starts in the same chapter somewhat confusing and it took me a while to separate the two We learn about Walt and his start as an Absaroka County Deputy Sheriff The flashback seuence takes place during a special steam trip across Wyoming and has some steam train trivia if you are a steam train buff This was a library book35 starsMy wife also read this book The cliffhanger and the alternating threads did not bother her She says 45 stars In conclusion this will most likely be the last Longmire book that I will read and that goes for Craig Johnson as well This book did me in regarding this series and to tell you why would consist of giving too many spoilers yes plural and I just don t want to do thatSome supporting information regarding the book The story consists of two time lines one of which takes place in the 1970 s and the second takes place currently Jumping between timelines sometimes as much as three or four times per chapter is poorly written and at times uite off putting and poorly ContamiNation executedIn the 70 s time line Longmire is recently out of the army and is hired by Lucian Connolly as a deputy sheriff He has graduated college and served two tours of duty in Vietnam along with his friend Henry Standing Bear Longmire has also recently married This would make him and his best friend Henry s age somewhere in their late twenties orarly thirtiesThis portion of the story takes place on what is perhaps the last and uite powerful steam ngines still operating This is also perhaps the third Longmire involving trains Just sayin A murder occurs on the train which is filled with all of the sheriff s in the state celebrating an annual get together by carousing and drinking. E machinations of twenty four veteran sheriffs let alone the cavalcade of curious characters that accompanied them   The photograph along with an upcoming parole hearing for one of the most dangerous men Walt has ncountered in a lifetime of law nforcement hurtles the sheriff into a head on collision of past and present placing him and veryone he cares about suarely on the tracks of runaway reveng.

Having Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas enjoyed uite a fewpisodes of Longmire on video I thought I ought to try a book from the series for the first time I found the humour to be The Magic Rolling Pin enjoyable but I don t think I will read another one It probably reuires starting at the beginning for it all to make senseLibrary Loan Again Craig Johnson has cranked out anngaging story full of memorable characters with the star sheriff that is being Walt Longmire of Absaroka County Wyoming It is not serendipitous that Walt climbs aboard the Western Star train with 25 other sheriffs with a copy of Agatha Christie s Murder on the Orient Express under his arm Nuff said This the 13th in the series is subtly better than the previous three or four Johnson uses the historiccurrent dual story structure to good Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, effect here Longmire s first murder investigation in 1972 resurfaces in present day I think he wrote this story as a device to use the Western Star a steam locomotive making its last run hauling the sheriff s association on a three day junket Trains are tension builders trapped but not trapped always moving isolated compressed Everybody on this one is drunk and they all have guns What could go wrongI like the atmosphere of the train and it made me realize why Johnson s writing is sondearing Like the train Longmire and the other characters create an idealized society akin to the old west as visualized by Hollywood In this 13th book in the Walt Longmire series we get a glimpse of Walt s past and of his wife Martha with past and present colliding with disastrous results In the present Walt is in Cheyenne visiting his daughter and granddaughter and also to attend a parole hearing for a convict who Walt does not want released When the action moves into the past we get the story of a train trip on The Western StarWhen Walt was a beginning deputy under Sheriff Lucian Connelly he took part in this ceremonial trip which served as the annual meeting of the 24 sheriffs of Wyoming One sheriff confides a suspicion to Walt simply because Walt had been in Vietnam and therefore uninvolved in what this sheriff believes is happening How on Not Without a Fight earth does a murder occur on a moving train carrying 24 sheriffs a deputy train security and support staffI alwaysnjoy Craig Johnson s books and this is no Garden Bouquets and Beyond exception Vic and Henry appear in this book and provide the wise cracking conversations I ve come toxpect It s an interesting addition to the series but can be read without knowing the history of all the characters This nds on what I ll call a lull there is to come in hopefully the next book The Western Star by Craig Johnson is a 2017 Viking publication This is the thirteenth book in the Walt Longmire series He did it she did it or they all did it Walt never misses the parole hearing which takes place very four years for a prisoner over at Cheyenne who happens to be the most dangerous criminal he The Management Bible everncountered This time though the prisoner in uestion is dying and seeking compassionate release As Walt continues to oppose the release he is taken on a trip down memory lane back to the seventies when he agreed to accompany Lucien to a Wyoming Sheriff s Association junket which was held on the xcursion train called The Western Star It is always a treat to check in with Walt Longmire This installment is slightly different as it bounces between the past and the present Butfor the most part the bulk of the story is focused on Walt s past This does mean that once a few of our very favorite characters have a much smaller role but we do get to know Walt a little better and ven get to hear from Martha too As Walt boards the train with twenty four veteran Sheriff. The thirteenth novel in Craig Johnson's beloved New York Times bestselling Longmire series the basis for the hit Netflix series LongmireSheriff Walt Longmire is njoying a celebratory beer after a weapons certification at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy when a younger sheriff confronts him with a photograph of twenty five armed men standing in front of a Challenger steam locomotive It takes him

S he could never have imagined how the vents that unfolded would haunt him all these years or how they would collide with the present in an incredible twist of fate In some ways this story is like a backhanded compliment to Agatha Christie s Murder on the Orient Express the novel Walt carries with him aboard the train I thought this was a nice touch and njoyed the tone of the story while Walt has a battle of wits with twenty four seasoned sheriffs and murder follows them aboard the train Anyone familiar with Christie s work will appreciate the homage to her techniues and how they applied to his story I never saw the surprise twist coming and was impressed with clever plotting all of which was very ntertaining until the past catches up with the present The story takes on a much sinister tone at that point and nds with one of those awful to be continued storylines Once I finished the book my first thought was how other devoted fans of this series would respond to this installment I think some may have mixed feelings about it but I thought it was a great bridge story that will segue nicely into what will most assuredly be the ultimate showdown I njoyed the setting aboard the train the whodunit mystery and getting a rare peek at the young Walt Longmire I was Invisible (The Curse of Avalon enjoying the golden age nostalgia so much I was ill prepared for the jolt out my reverie dropping me back into the present with a thud It was hard to wrap my head around howverything was tied up together but it was pretty tense Overall I Yummy Supper enjoyed this book just as much as all the other Longmire novels despite this being the second book in a row where key players took a backseat But I have a feelingveryone will be back with a vengeance in the next installment which promises to be one heck of a wild ride 4 stars An xcellent ntry in the Longmire series that is used to set up the next book because this one nds with a cliffhanger This is basically two tales in one including murders on a sheriff s train from the 70 s and another one in today s world when the original murderer is up for release due to health reasons Johnson is the master of cool witty dialogue and that is here in spades Recommended There are actually two stories one from the past that ventually coincides with the present but the reader is jostled a little by the back and forth momentum IMO And at the nd we are left with a huge problem that was somewhat neglected and we will have to wait to read the n There are pedigreed dogs like the ostentatious Lowchen the uppity Samoyed or the haughty Tibetan Mastiff You know dogs that demand belly scratches at all hours of the night at only organic chicken browned in a low sodium broth and when you toss them a tennis ball to fetch they look at you like you just ripped out a fart And then you have the mutts Sloppy goofballs that wag their tails Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature even when you are berating them forating the drapes and are always up for a walk ven in a torrential downpour Mutts just want to hang with you and make you happy Craig Johnson s mystery books about Walt Longmire Sheriff of Absaroka County Wyoming stand completely in the mutt category The Western Star is the 13th book in this series and like a mutt it doesn t strive for much it is only too happy achieving some fun Really it don t need nothin but a good time and how can we resist It ain t looking for nothin but a good time and seriously it don t get better than this Maybe it will bark at some suirrels maybe it will give a harmless mail carrier the hairy yeball maybe it will just sit there and lick it s anus Hey it s all good as long as we re having a good time A skilled writer Joh. Ack to when fresh from the battlefields of Vietnam then deputy Walt accompanied his mentor Lucian to the annual Wyoming Sheriff's Association junket held on the xcursion train known as the Western Star which ran the length of Wyoming from Cheyenne to Evanston and back Armed with his trusty Colt45 and a paperback of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express the young Walt was ill prepared for th.

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name Craig Johnson an American novelist short story writer and playwright He lives in Ucross near Sheridan Wyoming population 25Johnson has written twelve novels featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire The Cold Dish Death Without Company Kindness Goes Unpunished Another Man's Moccasins Junkyard Dogs The Dark