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Cted showcases why poetry is still very very much alive redacted is an absolute work of art It s brilliant one of my favorite chapbooks I ve ever read I highlighted so much of the text that approximately half the book is now yellow but I relate to it in ways I never expected Raw real wonderful I d read Trista before but I m honestly in love with this book In love with how raw and honest her words come across and also how many of them hit very close to home Something that caught my attention in the best way possible was the way she made poems out of such 21st century things like tweets and e mails that e mail poem Your e mail apology doesn t mean shit Mind blown So clever so beautiful so heartbreakingly real. IPhone note poetry tweets Craigslist ads and This mix of poetry and prose spans a single month and covers topics such as heartbreak gender sexuality and forgiveness.

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One of the most accessible emotional poets writing today JESUS this was good Holy shit The mixed media the words the everything Everything about this touched me so intimately As far as character inspiration goes I always find it in Trista Mateer s books and this one just has been full of heart wrenchingly honest feelings and thoughts and relationships and just the whole package This has been a direct improvement to my saturday And my own writing in that matter Redacted is the most personal book of poetry I have read Trista shows a certain sense of vulnerability by allowing readers glimpses into her personal life iPhone messages and notes inner contemplation and late night musings A beautiful stand alone Reda. 30’ poems but she has also chosen to include nearly everything else written in the month of April This comes in the form of handwritten notes and poetry fragments.

Wow Wonderful poetry written to strike a match in your heart and gut Reminding you of your own history of love she tells a good story i always enjoy trista mateer s work but this might just be my favorite i even ended up writing a poem while reading Trista s poems are always brilliant but these felt particularly like a conversations she was having with herself examining and interrogating poet poems and public persona in a way I don t think she did so much in her previous collections This isn t self critical as a hollow disclaimer the poems feel genuine and charming soft and difficult and beautifully messy as so many of us find our 20s to be Every airport poem smashes into my heart Which is to say Trista is. Taking National Poetry Month’s poem a day challenge one step further for her fourth collection Trista Mateer has not only compiled a chapbook of her 2016 ‘30 for.

Trista Mateer is a writer and poet from outside of Balti who could be living anywhere by the time you read this She believes in lipstick late nights and cheap air fare Known for her eponymous blog she is also the author of three collections of poetry More of her work can be found at tristamateercom