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Get the hell out of there And did they just hang a black women during his I want out of the racist club meeting Can somebody follow p on that And I did not like the heroine Not sure I m reading the 2nd book Its obvious that s when all the shit will hit the fan but I m not sure I care Not ite what I expected This book had a lot going on I appreciated the realism and this was no love at first sight book However i am not sure i buy the characters being in love at all It just didnt sit well with me Some scenes could have been cut from the book and then there are those that we needed Like one minute the hero and heroine are cursing each other out and the next they love each other It just seemed illogical It wouldn t be a book i wou. Lem Or rather a beautiful disaster waiting to happen when loving someone is a choice between who you really are and the person she makes you want to be Grey is an interracial romance between a troubled Caucasian man who is involved in a white supremacist brotherhood and an African American woman who is an honors student and obsessive perfectionist The story follows the journey of accepting cultural differences and learning to love for what's within rather than for what's on the outside It is also a story about.

Good ReadI liked this book We got to see the characters grow I would have liked time with the characters together We didn t get to enjoy them together ntil almost half through They know each other and see each other but I wanted to grow to love them as a couple By the time that was starting to happen I was literally finished with the book Overall I liked it Not sure about this one I ll admit the premise was interesting but there were just too many huh moments for me Your a racist one moment and now you are not oh yeah and now you want me the black chick My friend just drops me off at a crazy party where I m drugged and almost raped Oh yeah and my love interest just screwed not one but two women but yet I do not call an Uber and. There was something freakish about Eric Chandler If black clothing heavy metal music and a general apathy toward humanity didn't turn Chantel off then stalking was definitely a deal breaker Chantel's life was perfect before Eric shoved himself into it and she is desperate to keep it that way Eric couldn't agree Chantel is a risk he's never had the courage to take and he's built a philosophy on staying away from her kind But staying away from her is harder than he counted on and that is starting to become a prob.

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Ld recommend review to come MehAnnoying I don t know what I was thinking paying for it frankly I should have expected the The Grand Sophy usual girl of color being the catalyst for a racist s watered down redemption Thesual he s rich can do what he wants The Winners Dream usual girl getting physically violated The dopey responses to horrible behavior It was moderately grating to the end I think this was written for people with a fetish for racism The ending dis not improve my view I kinda want my money back But it snfair to do that to someone who worked hard on something C est la viePS This phrase You know black people can be racist too sometimes Mia pointed out You should get to know him a little better before you judge Usually made by bigot sympathizer. Coming of age as a young adult and establishing one's self identity in a world where stereotypes racism and prejudices warp the perceptions of other people especially groups that are outside of mainstream American society Against preexisting stereotypes the characters fight for the right to define themselves rather than accept how others choose to define them This story is not just about race or romance but raises social estions and values that everyone can relate to no matter what cultural group they belong