Jim Osman: The Prosperity of the Wicked

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Wicked in the end he began to see oh so clearly In this excellent book by Jim Osman he provides a verse by verse analysis of Psalm 73 but it s not simply an intellectual analysis Osman brings home the point of how this psalm can have a very specific application to you and to me here in the 21st Century I highly recommend this book or your reading pleasur. Ry of God and into a confident elicity Jim Osman has been the teaching pastor at Kootenai Community Church in rural north Idaho since 1996 He is the author of Truth or Territory A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare and Selling the Stairway to Heaven Critiuing the Claims of Heaven Tourists Visit us at wwwkootenaichurchorg wwwtruthorterritorycom.

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Osed blessings could well be cursings Asaph a prophet and worship leader exposes a common to man issue in his own life sharing his envy of the wicked and how he almost slipped in his walk with His God But the psalmist came to his senses and once he garnered a Godly perspective once he began to consider the end of the wicked s life and what happens to the. Cription of one saint’s crisis of Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space faith over the prosperity of the wicked In this study of that Psalm you will gain a most necessary perspective on the wicked that is sorely lacking in our day It is a perspective that explains the apparent ineuities of this life In this book you will journey with Asaphrom his crisis of aith through the sanctua.

For years one of my all time avorite psalms has been Psalm 73 Perhaps it is one of my avorites because so much of Asaph s struggle resonates with my own struggle of battling times of envying the wicked I have ound myself at times perplexed by the supposed blessings that the wicked the unrighteous enjoy oftentimes blinded by the reality that those supp. Why do the wicked prosper That uestion has been asked by the redeemed in every age It seems the wicked people are the they prosper The righteous suffer affliction while the enemies of God bask in the wealth this world offers Why is this so What is God doing through this Psalm 73 answers these uestions in a clear and convicting way Psalm 73 is a des.