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Ughter is probably one of my favourite ever authors Discovered her last year and devoured most of her books Will Trent Not my sual hero But I love and adore him He is vulnerable he is sweet he had a fucking horrible childhood He wants to overcome it He has a past with probably the cuntiest fucking cunt that I have ever read about Angie POLASKI Yeah let s call her Polaski cos in no way does she deserve the name TRENT Jeez I hate her she has no redeeming features NONE AT ALL She is not happy so if she is not happy then the people in her life should not be happy Especially Special Agent Will Trent with whom she has had an association with for over 30 years I won t go on about her because she just makes my blood fucking boilHad we enough of Will and Sara Not sure Yes we had to have the storyline and sorry at times you had to suspend the disbelief c mon Really But it is KS so I can suspend that disbelief and go with it She d seen death too many times to believe that there was such a thing as angels but if there were demons in the afterlife Angie Polaski was out there cackling like a witch We are defintely going to have another book Gotta find out how Cunty McCuntface fares out He looked p at the crystals sparkling in the chandelier The weight started to lift off his chest His lungs filled with air He was floating Fuck she screamed again Fuck Fuck Fuck She banged her fists on the steering wheel ntil the pain shot into her back and shoulders She stopped Yeah well you are some fucking crazy bitch that I fucking hate The door was cracked open Will was on his back His eyes were closed Dear Lord that scene alone did me inThanks to NETGALLEY for the copy Thanks to KARIN SLAUGHTER for being in Delft The Netherlands in June where I could buy a few paperback copies for me and some friends and get them signed So glad we could read it before the actual US release date Hurry Babys Watch / A Hero of Her Own up and write the next instalment I was lucky to be able to buy the paperback on Sunday and meet the author but now I just got an ARC from Netgalley I love you Will TrentI kind of prefer the other cover FIVE SHINEY STARS Wish I could give it 10 It was just AMAZING and best one in this series It was fantastic I just love this series It is my favorite series I the characters especially Will Trent This book is the best one and will probably endp being my favorite of 2017 I feel that when an author does so well with the character that it really makes Desire Island - The Niece up the book to be fantastic In the two weeks since medical examiner Dr Sara Linton joined her lover agent Will Trent on the payroll A autópsia Sara Linton a nova forense do GBI e amante de Will descobree a grande Sweet Valentine uantidade de sangue encontrada não pertence à vítima Decertom rasto de sangue The Rancher and the City Girl ue não encaixa na cena do crime indicae há outra vítima Ice Wolves (Elementals, uma mulhere desapareceu e se não a encontrarem rapidamente morreráA cena do crime pertence ao habitante mais famoso da cidade Some Like It Hotter um atleta rico poderoso e politicamente bem relacionado protegido pelos advogados mais caros dos Estados Unidosm homem More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm ue já se tinha livrado dem caso de violaçã.

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F the Georgia Bureau of Investigation everything s been fine except of course for Will s Marrying Well uneasy sense that Angie Polaski the long estranged wife he just can t get around to divorcing will never let him alone How right he is A Glock found near the scene of a grisly murder isickly traced to Angie Now Amanda Wagner the GBI deputy director who mercilessly rides Will and his partner Faith Mitchell wants to know what Angie had to do with the death of Dale Harding a thoroughly miserable human being who was a detective with the Atlanta PD The case is already a minefield the murder scene drenched in blood that isn t Harding s is the construction site of the All Star a nightclub owned by basketball star Marcus Rippy who s well known to Will as the man who raped Keisha Miscavage and thanks to his feral manager Kip Kilpatrick and an army of lawyers walked away two weeks ago without so much as a summons The forensic evidence indicates that at least one other person was seriously wounded at the murder scene before vanishing Forget about indicting Rippy for the crime Will would be lucky to interview him Just when it seems that Will s ties to the case couldn t become fraught Slaughter interrupts the action for a hundred page flashback to the week before the killing Things get clearer but no less tenseRelentlessly suspenseful and furiously paced peopled with conflicted fallible characters who leap from the page The Kept Woman is a searing novel of love loss and redemption A twisty police procedural and ingenious psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seatIf you have not read the Grant County Series first I recommend doing so due to a huge spoiler INTENSE The Kept Woman is a dark gripping suspenseful mind bending psychological thriller about a tangled web built from secrets lies murder and vengeance This was my first Will Trent book I normally wouldn t start a series out of order but I had just finished reading an awful thriller and I was reluctant to read another one I knew Karin Slaughter wouldn t let me down so I jumped into this series and I am glad that I did I was familiar with Sara but Will and the other cast of characters were new to me It didn t take me long to love all of them And then there is Angie What I can say about Angie Angie is one fcked Tavern Wench up character I hated her but also found her fascinating Oh and that last sentence it should have made me cringe but instead it had me smiling one wicked smile I can t wait to catchp on this series I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. O apesar dos esforços de Will para o prenderMas o pior ainda está para vir As provas ligam o passado turbulento de Will ao caso e as conseuências irão arrasar a sua vida com a força de And the Winner - Weds! um tornado causando estragos a Will e a todos ose estão à sua volta inclusive aos seus colegas familiares e também aos suspeitos Manhattan Heat ue persegue Um suspense implacável e comm ritmo frenético habitado por personagens conflituosas Secrets of the Marriage Bed ue ganham vida para lá das páginas A Mulher Oculta ém romance abrasador de amor perda e redençã.

This was a stunner My second read in the series What s not to love about Will Trentand Angie Angie Angie this woman is a tick The Ruthless Italians Inexperienced Wife under my skinWill is called to investigate a murder at an abandoned warehouse He soon finds out the victim is an ex cop and the warehouse belongs to a famous local basketball player Marcus Marcus has escaped raped charges in the past and has a high profile lawyer on his side There s a lot of blood at the scene and it looks like there s another victim Somewhere Bloody footprints are found leaving the scene Medical examiner and love interest Sara joins the team Who left the scene Was it the killer What do they know The first part of the book is in the details about finding answers to thoseestions while the second part is told by Angie I liked hearing her side because I really don t like her but maybe I softened a little It was a fleeting second I m back to not liking her It s a rapid fire read and the low key romance developing with Will and Sara has me anticipating the next in this series This is the 8th book in the Will Trent series by author Karin Saughter I have read several of the books in this series although not in order and enjoyed them all so I was not surprised that I also enjoyed this one Extremely well written and the series just gets better and better for me as I get familiar with the characters I only wish I had read them in orderThis novel focus s on Will s wife Angie Trent with the first half featuring Will and Sarah investigating an Atlanta crime scene with the body of an ex cop Bloody footprints leading away from the scene reveal that another victim a woman has left the scene and vanished into thin air The warehouse where the body is found is connected to a high profile athlete who is a local hero protected by the world s most expensive lawyers Special Agent Will Trent has spent the last six months investigating the athlete for the brutal rape of a woman Will s wife Angie appears to be involved but how much and whyThe second half of the novel is told from Angie s perspective who is very difficult to like and gives Will plenty to think about It all leads to a breath taking conclusionAnother excellent novel from Karin SlaughterI would like to thank Net Galley and Random House for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for a honest review I am glad I did a re read prior to starting the new one Honestly I had forgotten a lot of what had happened Yes Angie is still Cunty McCuntface Will and Sara happy ever after We will have to wait and see I guess Fantastic writing Brilliant author Karin Sla. Maridos e esposas Mães e filhas O passado e o futuroOs segredos Billionaire Baby Dilemma / The Wrangler unem nos e os segredos podem destruí losA autora do famoso Flores Cortadas regressa comm eletrizante thriller muito completo emocionalmente e All Night with the Boss ue submergirá o protagonista nas obscuras profundidades dem caso Redeemed (Redeemed, ue pode destruí loA descoberta dem assassinato numa obra abandonada conduz Will Trent e o Bureau de Investigação da Geórgia a Stalker in the Shadows (Sonoma, um casoe torna muito mais perigoso Claiming the Cowboys Heart uando o cadáver é identificado como sendo o dem ex políciaDepois de fazer.

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