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Much in what was supposed to be a fairly tame and gentle DD romance2 12 stars This is the first book I ve read by this author and I thought it was good I will definitely be looking to read It s 1892 and Susannah is in need of a husband That is if she wants to keep the family ranch Bexcuse of having a child out of wedlock Susannah s dad put that as a condition in his will Susannah knows she needs help on the ranch and that is what she s looking for help She xpects to be the one in control the one telling her husband what to do on the ranch Adam is about to lose his family ranch when he sees Susannah s ad for a mail order groom He has traditional ideas of how a husband and wife should behave in a marriage Boy do the sparks fly when they realize the other is not what they were Taxi ins Glück expecting Their interactions were fun to read I also loved how Adam is with Susannah s son Caleb The only thing that is weird is some of the words that were used They seem way modern than things that were said in 1892 It was a small thing though and didn t take away from thenjoyment of the storyI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book This is my honest review This was an alluring delightful and bewitching love storyOnce again I find myself being nraptured by Amelia Smarts writing Her smart and skilled writing nthral me and already after the first couple of lines she has a chain around my neck and I m following her like a puppy on a leash Susannah Smith is a young woman who has to find a husband if she wants to keep the ranch her father left her His will states that she has to be married within the first year after his death or Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas else she ll lose the farm Because she is a smart woman she puts an ad in the newspaper looking for a mail order husband She wants a husband she can control and she wants a man who does as she tells him to doShe chooses four men who have responded to the add and make them come to her that way she can pick the one that seems to be just right for her What she doesn t foresee is Adam Harrington and his calm magnetism that draws her to him like a bee to honey She knows he is definitely not the man she is seeking but her desire for him is stronger than her mind and shends up choosing him There is no doubt that Susannah picks the right man The Magic Rolling Pin even though he won t be told what to do because he takes control right from the first minute they are togetherHe is a real alpha male and she must take the sweet with the sour She must learn to obey and do as she is told If she doesn t he spanks her until she understands Adam is an attractive alpha hunk His commanding logic is captivating luring and tempting and he made my knees go weak The way he controlled the stubborn and spoiled Susannah was a delight and how he loved her was mesmerizing They both didn t getxactly what they dreamed of but as the story unfolded they discovered that reality sometimes is much better than dreams I m utterly captivated by Amelia Smarts storytelling and I just can t seem to get Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, enough Please give me Thanks to the author for this charming advanced copy Adam Harrin. Hot tempered unwed mother are sluggards and drunks not the kind of men capable of running a ranch Desperate to find a suitable husband orlse lose Not Without a Fight everything shexpands her search by listing an ad in the paperWhen Adam and Susannah meet the attraction between them is undeniable but it’s soon followed by wariness Susannah had planned to marry a man who would do her bidding not take over verything It’s her ranch after all Eually befuddled Adam thought he’d be marrying a woman who knows her place not a temperamental brat wh.

Umm While I m glad Adam taught Caleb to respect women but himself Adam partly don t Spanking her and humiliating her seems to give him satisfaction only Instead it read out that he didn t Liar he deserved the spanking himself Man You can teach her lessons by discussing the problems and try to solve by verbaling the issues The Susannahwhat a petulant woman It s good Adam teach her mannersof sort but why spank her It would be akward on the first meeting Who does thatShe s has no backbone But she does at beinging and Adam tear her down and start anew by spanking her and modified her to be meek and biddable wife Good griefShe s a whore alright I guess it s better in their own bedroom To me I feel He s mad at her cuz she was not innocence when they wed privately agree to calling her whore I don t know why she isn t angry My naughty whore sheeshI really don t like spanking and lashingmaybe lightly friendly bedroom spankingWhile it was in late 1800sI m sure glad we live in new century If my husband treat me the way he treat Susannah I wld spanked beat his ass and tell him to get out He seem kind nough for this The Unseen Wonder era So I should be grateful that he s not abusiveI mustmphasize this word Cuz He is truly good husband and a good fatherHuh I guess story is better now that they voice out their issues and letting The Management Bible each other know of their displeasures and opinions so they be resolved But one thing is obviousthere s gunna be spankings THE END To short I trulynjoyed this story it s had a great story plot I was hooked from the first page I love the connection between both main character great steamy love scene I didn t want this book to Zu schnell end Thoroughly disliked all the spanking It would have been wife abuse in this time It took away from mynjoyment of this novel a great deal The narration was okay but at times it was a bit monotone Just not my cup of tea Glad I found this one through the romance package on Audile Happy readinglistening DNF 1 starOkay so the cover is dreadful and I am not into domestic discipline but arranged marriage is a guilty pleasure and I am sure I was too tired to make good choices But it was not the topic that made me stop reading this wretched wreck of a story It was the terrible writing It is not Sleepless (Bird of Stone, even worth me spending time thinking about how bad it was to finish this reviewJust say no I would have rated this highly if it hadn t contained one of my number one pet peeves in this genre which is blame the victim So here is Susannah s predicament she s an unwed mother who the townspeople disapprove of because she s anunwed mother And Adam is so concerned with honesty because you know in the 1800s unwed mothers had so many options that he punishes her And don tven get me started on the fact that it s her land her money tc and suddenly by virtue of gender it s all in his name and she has NO say as one reviewer remarked Adam treats her like the help I suggest if Ms Smarts continues to write historical westerns she does a little research into the time periodUsually I find Ms Smarts heroes not to be so domineering but Adam was just too. Rancher Adam Harrington wants to marry a wholesome virginal bride with a sweet disposition When he reads a young woman’s unusual advertisement reuesting a mail order cowboy as her groom he thinks they might be a good match so he writes her a telegram She pens a favorable response accepting him as her future husbandWhen Susannah Smith’s father beueathed his ranch to her it was under one condition She must be married For Virginia City’s fallen woman finding a man to marry is no asy feat The men in town who seek to court the.

Gton and Susannah Smith were not what ach other xpected He was too in charge and she was too temperamental which of course led to the Invisible (The Curse of Avalon expected fireworks before and after their wedding toach otherFor me this is the type of dominancesubmissive read that have to be in the mood for I really was not feeling it at any point though Not sure if it was because am tired of the idea that a man is given total autonomy over a woman because of his sex or if because the woman in uestion was supposed to be such a strong minded character During the course of the story however Susannah just Yummy Supper ended up doing as Adam wished over and over no matter her initial protestsEither way by thend could have cheerfully strangled them both whether they found their HEA or not of course they did after many stops and starts An Epic Romance Reviews Top Pick My little kitten has sharp claws Amelia Smarts is my go to author for sweet and swoony Western spanking romances featuring ruggedly authoritative frontier men and the sweet feisty women who lasso their hearts And HOLY HOTNESS HANDLING SUSANNAH is all sort of delicious Without giving too much plot away this is the high spirited story of taciturn rancher Adam Harrington who is in the market for a sweet achingly innocent mail order bride but the beautiful tempestuous young woman he nds up tying the knot with has not been totally upfront about her background including the fact that she has a tarnished reputation and a sweet 5 year old boy in tow Now this big manly rancher has his hands full with his ready made family Teaching his not so virtuous new wife Susannah Smith some lessons in honesty humility and obedience is far from asy but I wouldn t have it any other way because taming his naughty little kitten into sweet submission leads to some SCORCHING HOT bottom warmings and a red hot passion that BLAZES OUT OF CONTROL What I love about Ms Smarts writing aside from her uiver inducing sexyspanky times is that there are always deeper layers to her characters and storylines and it s SHEER BLISS watching her protagonists fall hopelessly in love despite their best intentions True to form I found the Deep Listening emotional journey Adam and Susannahmbark on together in HANDLING SUSANNAH to be both HEARTWARMING and HEARTSHATTERING I loved Susannah s sassy strong willed personality but of course the adorable spitfire proves no match for her strict heavy handed hubby who has ZERO TOLERANCE for her temper tantrums or blatant disrespect But naturally as with all of Amelia Smarts tough yet xuisitely tender dominants he has a mighty big soft spot for his willful wife and she arouses PRIMAL LUST and FIERCE PROTECTIVENESS in him In addition to the poignant love story and panty melting hot romantic interludes I melted into a PUDDLE OF GOO during the heart tugging bonding scenes between Adam and Susannah s little boy Caleb Turns out sometimes the love you think you WANT isn t the love you NEED and ultimately this touching romance stirs powerful and poignant motions that leave a lasting imprint on the heart 5 Stingalicious Stars FREE on today 1130201. O could benefit from some time over his knee Susannah feels outraged by Adam’s authoritative ways but his dominant handling in the bedroom leaves her trembling with desire Will she learn to accept his firm leadership and xpectations And will Adam grow to love the woman who differs so drastically from the kind of wife he thought he wantedWarning Handling Susannah is an historical western romance containing sexual scenes and domestic discipline including punishment spanking If these themes offend you please don’t buy this book.

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Amelia Smarts is a USA Today bestselling author of fast paced steamy western romances with dominant cowboys Domsub discipline and heartwarming HEAs Amelia holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in creative writing and English She loves to read which allows her writing to be influenced by many different genres in addition to romance including mystery adventure history and suspense To