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Az handled it well but it clearly hurt him I felt like I ot to know Yannis uite well through Stefan s eyes but I was left wanting to know a little bit about Daz This is the first book by Matthew J Metzger I ve read his descriptions of the rough sex the self abuse and the intricacies of the relationships completely enveloped me I was so invested in Stefan and could completely understand how he was feeling to the point it just hurt my heart I ll definitely be looking to read by Metzger Sex in C Major is one story that s Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane, going to stay with me for a long time I m notoing to rate this mostly because I don t know how to as it defies the rating scale It s not particularly likable nor is it a romance in the traditional sense Were there a disturbing rating scale this would blow the lid off that because Sex in C Major is truly disturbing on multiple levels I m The Oracles Golem (The Oracle guessing that lingering feeling of unease was the objective thoughStefan narrates this story andives us an inside look at his struggles with Measuring the Subjective Well-Being of Nations gender dysphoria depression and coming to terms with his desires Shunned by his family when he came out as trans he s now living off theovernment in a shithole apartment has no friends no job and spends a lot of time drunk or high futilely searching the interwebs for someone to fulfill his fantasiesOne drunken night he comes across Daz word vomits his darkest secrets one thing leads to. Stefan's head Daz can stop Stefan’s self destruction but not the fear that fuels itStefan needs to know who he is before he can accept what he is And it's Yannis Daz's aromantic asexual stern and sarcastic partner who has the answer.

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Ime figuring out how to Let It Bree / Cant Buy Me Louie (Harlequin Duets, get what he needs and to feel okay about having it Stefan meets up with Daz who is willing toive him the relationship he craves Daz provides the total power exchange Stefan has to have but insists on limits to keep him safe Daz can satisfy Stefan s desire to be reduced to an object a sex toy and The Solitary Self give up complete control to his master but that is only part of what Stefan needs He s having trouble both with coming torips accepting his desires are okay and navigating his tumultuous journey through his transition This is where the really interesting parts of the relationships in this story come into play Daz s long time partner and live in boyfriend Yannis has led a very complicated life Identifying as asexual Yannis views on romance sex and love are incredibly interesting and explain the bond between Daz and Yannis in such a beautiful way Yannis has affection and love to The Ornaments of Life give to Daz alone and Daz welcomes and reuires it from Yannis When Daz reaches out to Stefan for affection he is brushed away Stefan making it clear he is only able to relate to Daz in a sexual way There s an interesting dichotomy in Daz s character He clearly derivesreat pleasure in providing support for his loved ones whether that support is emotional or physical he willingly puts his own needs second I found it bittersweet the times when he did reach out to Stefan and was rebuked His sexual fantasies as a submissive He needs someone to take control before he loses it completelyDaz can take control He can teach Stefan everything there is to know about sex and submission but for some reason he can't et inside.

No rating DNF 98%This book seriously needs to have a warning on it I can handle dark but I just didn t expect this 45 star review by The Blogger GirlsEvery once in a while I like to push some boundaries and read and hopefully learn about something I would not typically find on my shelf This pushed a few of mine but the warnings are all there so you basically know what to expectStefan is a young uy who was on his own after having been kicked out by his mother and La santa anoressia. Digiuno e misticismo dal Medioevo a oggi grandparents He has uite a f Sex in C Major came close to the edge of even my comfort level so thank you Matthew J Metzger for taking me on this journey and letting me live a small piece of Stefan s life with him I blew through a range of emotions from shivers to shock from hope to horror and all the stuff in between It s been a long time since I ve literally cringed and some of the cringe worthy stuff that Stefan puts himself through is close to overwhelming Stefan s journey battling so much self hatred and utter confusion stems from his need to understand himself Growing up feeling betrayed by his body and thrown out of his home by his verbally abusive mother he s now living in near poverty as he begins his transition process on his own He is overwhelmed by his sexual fantasies which confuse and frustrate him and is enraged by his body s response to stimulation of his female organs Stefan is having an impossible Stefan has fantasiesHe knows chasing those fantasies is onlyoing to end in disaster but he can't seem to stop his self destructive spiral He’s a transgender man struggling to come to terms with the intersection of his identity and.

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Matthew is an asexual transgender author from the wet and windy British IslesMatt writes LGBT novels both adult and young adult and particularly enjoys digging into the weird and wonderful diversity of people all across the sexuality and gender spectrums When not writing Matt is usually asleep or crunching numbers at his day job Free time is not really a concept hereHe is also owned by an