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Racters humor and action You Can t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks Nor Apparently Can You Teach Old Gods New TechThor and Loki both have problems with handling modern technology though for drastically different and sometimes numerous reasons Heimdal needs a nap and relationship advice Frigga wants her husband and children to act civilized and veryone wants to find the new YggdrasilHe old World Tree has died a new one grows and the Old Gods must find and protect it to prevent Ragnarok Meanwhile modern technology and a naive young witch complicate their search I didn t Love for Imperfect Things expectI didn txpect to like this book or look forward the next development in it but I didboth The characters are fun and interesting and the story is A Heart of Stone engagin I like the concept Norse gods roaming the modern world Moon witch Yes please However it didn t pan out for me Beyond the minor uibbles I have two major problems with this bookOne is that it seemed very young I don t much like teenage protagonists anyway their problems don t interest me and their ways of dealing with things are often appropriately juvenile Not my cup of tea But stories of teenagers CAN be well written and I just don t feel like this one was The author seemed as young and shallow as her main character and the supposedly adult characters did as well MINOR SPOILER AHEAD My other issue is the treatment of minor characters Innocents were called up to do battle against their will many were maimed and killed and no one did than shrug their shoulders over them We saw nothing of their friends and family or who they were The gods certainly didn t care for them and the main character saw them as nothing than fuel for her adolescent angst Even the ones who lived were treated poorly by the story why should Rita feel the need to atone for things she did completely against her will and outside of her control I m not a fan of unfairness anyway but unfairness treated as if it were perfectly fine is really not okayIt s possible I would have liked this book if I were 13 I liked the idea I just couldn t get on board with thexecutio. Umbles across Managarm the Moon Dog a lost god who seems desperate for her magickal help But does he really share Sally’s vision of a peaceful world or are his intentions much much darker And what can she do about the ancient Berserker warriors she accidentally calls up who pledge their allegiance and then demand junk food runs to Voodoo Doughnut and Burgervill.

Now if only I had an Taking Instruction (Taboo, e reader Wish it were on paper ValhallaI got this book for free and it s a good thing I didn t pay for it It has a very intriguing interesting start and I would have been glad to finish it The problem is there are so many repeated passages and it seems to me missing sections I got tired of trying to find the same paragraph on the next page to continue reading I am truly sorry I couldn t complete this book and file a review on the whole book Review brought to you by OBS staff member Annabell CadizSynopsis Sixteen year old Sally Dahl is a rare modern day Norse Witch with power than she realizes Playing sick from school in Portland she s casting rune spells during a rare astronomical convergence to bring about a better happier planet and hoping her parents don t find outWhat Sally d Those versed in Norse knowledge that I am will likely do better keeping the family tree straight However the character development and delivery of the tension and action keep the pages turning Definitely in the cannot put down category I suspect as the series develops with future books that we might be seeing the next Marion Zimmer Bradley for our generation Except Willis is much funnier Veryxcited to read the next book Brilliant and fun It took me a little bit of work at the beginning to learn all the Nordic names I was a little rusty on my Norse mythology After I created my own Cast of Characters list in a note on my phone the names and characters were uickly Language and Linguistics embedded in my psyche and it was smooth sailing after the first few chaptersI can t tell you how fun it is to read about Thor wrestling with copier toner or well I won t give away any spoilers This is a truly delightful read 4 star or soI reallynjoyed this one Interesting take on Divertimento everything Would definitely read if given the opportunity I do wish Sally had been a bit stronger Thanks to my preteen daughter s fascination with all things mythology my house wasagerly anticipating the movie Thor Finding Ms Willis book and learning it was about Thor in modern day times fit in perfectlyThe Sixteen year old Sally Dahl is a rare modern day Norse Witch with power than she realizes Playing sick from school in Portland she’s casting rune spells during a rare astronomical convergence to bring about a better happier planet and hoping her parents don’t find outWhat Sally doesn’t know is that the Norse gods are still around albeit without their divi.

Tory starts with Sally she s Love Is a Fairy Tale experimenting with powers she doesn t fully understand when she meets a real Norse god Managarm Unfortunately he s out to undermine the other gods and plays on Sally s naivet and vulnerability Action abounds but I found myself most drawn to the scenes of modern day gods stripped of their powers trying to make it in the real world They reminisce about their god days feasts and battles while trying to fit into their jobs and fighting with girlfriends Can you imagine finding out your boyfriend is really the brother of Thor He s fighting to save the world but can tven Promise at Dawn explain why he s really late Priceless Add Odin as a high school principal geniusSally s initial job is to call forth loyal battle ready warriors not to mention save the world Though she was only sixteen this would be the great act of Sally s life The world and the ancient spirits she resurrected would thank her for it But would they Other warriors are springing forth siding with Thor and his family Between the two sides you haveverything from old ladies to an ntire football team the Vikings no less fighting Thor s brother Loki plays a role but he s not the bad guy you would suspect from the Thor movie He s misunderstood fragile venI commend Ms Willis on her ability to combine battle scenes and softer sides of the participants with humor and reality She also did an Bangkok Wakes to Rain excellent job tying in the lesser none at least for me Norse god mythology I fell in love with Sally s cat based on name alone Baron Jaspurr Von Pussington III and my heart broke in a pivotal scene involving Frigga Thor s mother She was a goddess but still a mother and certainly not impervious to lossI wanted Sally to get it before she did but I can t imagine the teenage dilemma of finding out you are the Moon Witch only reincarnatedvery twenty generations and a pivotal player in a god struggle She comes through in the The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery end in grand fashion and the novel left me wanting to know about her future adventuresWell written andxpertly crafted Valhalla is a must read if you Darkmere enjoy mythology strong cha. Ne powers Odin is a high school principal and blustering Thor is about to lose yet another job as a photocopier repairman But Heimdall has the perfect cover as a forest ranger while he and his kin hunt for the newly reincarnated World Tree and try to prevent Ragnarok the literalnd of the world that could be timed to the same alignment of starsInstead Sally st.

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Jennifer Willis loves tales of magickal mayhem unlikely adventure and playful intrigueAn admitted sci fi nerd and urban fantasy fan she is the author of the Valhalla urban fantasy series and the MARS science fiction romance series When she’s not hiking knitting baking star gazing or reading like a fiend she spends her time bringing enchantment to the world She is also the writer beh