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T people aren t How do you expect regular people to ike the character when they can t relate at allI did appreciate the chance to read this Space Girl is an interesting twist on Sci Fi adventures Ellie the main character tries hard to fit in never knowing her own birth Küçük Günahlar Sokağı legacy until things get weird With a modicum of romance adventure and parental angst it will appeal to most YA readersooking for fantasy and a Loving You with Teeth and Claws (Dead Things, little I ve had the pleasure of reading this book as an advance copy It is no secret that Iove all Ms McMullen s books I am happy to say that this one is no different I Nekromanteion (Prométhée loved it tooFirst I have to talk about the cover What an eye candy Iike that both print and eBook are different and yet related But now I have got to get my hands on a print Characters I 101 Ways to Bug Your Parents love Ellie She s down to Earth pun intended I always dreamed of being from another planet but now after this I guess Il be happy to be who I am Otherwise might mean too many responsibilities Still it was fun to try to put myself in her shoes And aren t they pretty too A Space Girl from Earth is a fun adventure from various places on Earth including Pripyat to the far reaches of space It s well written and complex with an interesting foray of characters filled with unexpected twists that make it hard to predict Great for YA readers who Pinstripes and Penance like a space opera flair uirky main characters and a touch of family drama There are all kinds of sci fi hard soft military space opera I just know what Iike and this one falls into that category There are aliens and advanced technology which are cool and have just enough explanation to make them interesting without sounding Wicked, Sinful Nights (Raised to be Bladesmen, like a textbook There s a bit of romance which is usually not my thing but I don t mind it one bit as it adds to the story rather than eclipsing it This book is a strong beginning to whatooks to be an epic story and I m Ali Pashë Tepelena looking forward to the next two books. Ellie might be able to trust is an unrepentant assassin who may be responsible for herife’s upheaval Now she must travel to a distant planet and unlock the secrets to restoring peace and ending tyranny But how can anyone expect her to save the galaxy when she can’t even pass organic chemistr.

Are well developed and it has a well written plot I also Little Fiery One love the cover so kudos to the artistEllie the space girl of the titleearns some The Sacred King life changing facts about herself and her family and has to come to terms with that all while dealing with a nefarious enemy out to conuer the galaxy There re aliens action surprises aittle romance and the feel of a good old fashioned space opera What s not to Milking the Dogs, Part 1 loveI recommend this book to anybody whoikes a good science fiction story or wants to read one for the first time I Larong Pinoy (LgM Books For Children, 5) loved this Aliens and others To say too much about the story would be to spoil it for you So I won t I will just say that the complexity is fascinating and I would highly recommend it Read it You will be surprised This is a fast paced action packed entertaining read that bursts at the seams with ideas and a generous amount of wit The characters are memorable andikeable making it an easy and fun packed read This is book one of a trilogy and I can t wait to read the next installment If you enjoy YA sci fi with a dash of tongue in cheek humor and a touch of romance you Keisaramörgæsir ll enjoy this for sureSlick humorous and entertaining Maybe it is because I have been reading Sci fi for soong but I wasn t as impressed with this book as I wanted to be Maybe it is because I have to read using Text to Speech and I miss a Mrs. Piggle-Wiggles Farm lot in that process I just couldn t get into this book I didn t care for this girl raised by a super model YawnTo find out that the daughter is from another planet and possibly a princess Still didn t care I think the only thing I really felt her heart and soul was her feelings for the assassin bot But even that didn t do much for meI didike the idea of being able to transport to other places and feel things through the strange freckles but once again I How To Be A Domestic Goddess liked the ideas present still not the characters Please why do main characters have to be the most beautiful Mos. Netic makeupies the Kyroibi an ancient and powerful relic housing the forbidden knowledge of her people Knowledge some would sacrifice everything to possess Worse it isn't just the malevolent Emperor who wants the Kyroibi Her own mother can't resist the draw of ultimate power and the one person.

If you pay attention to me which isn t many of you you Velvet Moon (Annwyn Chronicles, ll know how much Iove Christina McMullen s work expansive as it is Nothing about that has changed with A Space Girl from Earth I Kine (The Kine Saga, love the sci fi genre but generally find sci fi books to be rather tedious and boring Soooooo much exposition on races and histories and blah blah blah Snoozefest But then here comes Christina and she gives a big ol middle finger to all that noise Sure there s all the necessary back story to give a reader any knowledge that they need to follow the story but it s not bogged down with all the superfluous higledy pigledy The story is fast paced entertaining and well written Another slam dunk A Space girl from Earth is a slam dunk To start off I will admit Iove all of Christina s past work and this book is no different This book a uick great read that kept me glued to my seat on my cruise That s right I read this book on vacation The only drawback is the other installments are not out yet But The History of Dark Corner Campbell County, Ga let me get serious What really drew me to this book The cover I first fell inove with the cover because as a woman of color it s nice to see my skin tone portrayed in a positive manner The Girl on the cover Ellie Christina is wonderful at creating strong female characters who if need be can stand on their own two feet and Ellie is no different Ellie is a fully flushed out main character thrown into a world that should have been hers but is not her own She navigates and deals with all the stress and trials with her new Q-Squared life This book also introduced me to my new book crush Julian Iove a mysterious man Julian was a controlled but passionate character who drew me in once I met him I must say I am a bit jealous that I can t meet him A space girl from Earth is great start to an amazing trilogy that is soon to comeand I can t wait This first book in a series is a fine tale and a great beginning The characters. Ellie Whit is no ordinary girl Even if her parents weren’t internationally famous celebrities her six foot four inch height and oddly spotted complexion would make her stand out in any crowd But never would she have guessed she was an alien from far across the galaxy Or that hidden within her ge.

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Christina McMullen is a sci fi and urban fantasy author who dreams of jetpacks and electric sheepChristina enjoys travel vegan cooking modern and classic art and championing the progressive nature of ebooks and independent authors She is obsessed with robots and the internet and revels in the fact that she was fortunate enough to have been born in an era where she was able to witness the 'fu