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Uick Roll up your antlegs it s too late to save your shoes I can t count how many times I ve said that over the years And I m betting I said it at least half a dozen times during the couple of days it took to read this book At issue you see is that only a ton of money 200000 to be exact will save Gary Foster s wife Beth from dying or correctly give her a chance of not dying as soon as she otherwise will Beth who s The Sand-Reckoner pregnant with their long hoped for child has been diagnosed with a gioblastoma the same type of brain cancer that took the life of the son of former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife and currently threatens the life of Arizona Sen John McCain making this a timely topic But alas there s no treatment except via an experimental drug found only in Germany while there are no guarantees so far the trials have shownositive results The only drawback The exorbitant cost Gary and Beth try everything they can think of to raise the money but no matter what they do it s just not enough Enter a shady character named Otto who somehow learns about their dilemma and contacts Gary with an offer he can t refuse Want the money Commit murder And from that Aztlan point on any sympathy I had for Garyretty much went out the window I had to wonder if the Fosters were subjected to the current TV commercial for one of those miracle drugs that roclaims Who wouldn t want the chance to live longer Well don t be ridiculous we all would But at what cost I know for certain I wouldn t kill someone else to get a drug that might or might not work and if I were the atient I also know for certain I would never try to make my husband feel guilty for not doing to help as Beth did at one early on Paris Encore (Zion Covenant, point And right then Iretty much stopped feeling sorry for her as wellAs one might suspect nothing is as simple as it appears but many of the obstacles in Gary s uest for serious cash stem from what I d call Boyfriends from Hell plain old stupidity Who in his right mind would agree to the strict terms Otto sets forth especially when not accompanied by a hefty downayment at the very least But agree Gary does and from that Battered Not Broken point on no matter how fast he shovels the mud just keeps getting deeper as new turns of events stand between him and the money he so desperately wants Meanwhile almost as an afterthought we learn that the outdoor apparel shop Gary and his brother Rod operate is in serious financial trouble But honestly since Rod is a reformed screw up and I just can t warm up to Gary or Beth I found it hard to careThere s no shortage of action which held my attention throughout as I tried my best to figure out how the whole escapade would end Not uite so happily though I also wrestled with a few other inconsistencies Wouldn t Beth for instance balk at taking an experimental drug without knowing it wouldn t harm her baby And why did an event venue operator who claimed to have no open dates for months to come offer just a few days later a date only two weeks away Hmmm guess a few folks bailed ehOh well I ll never know Regardless overall this is a fastaced adventure that I read almost in a single sitting with as I mentioned early on a timely topic Thanks to the What Ive Become (The Humanity Within Book 1) publisher via NetGalley for allowing me to read an advance copy in exchange for an honest reviewKiller Choice by Tom Hunt Berkley January 2018 352p So just recently I was grumbling and being a Debbie Downer by 2 starring a buzz book that s got a lot of The Contemporaries people excited It doesn t have Girl in the title but it does have Woman and the waitlist at my library is alreadyretty long I expect this book s UML Weekend Crash Course [With CDROM] popularity is only going to increase exponentially as summer approaches You might already have this book on hold yourself or have added it to your teetering TBRile I m not going to judge you Much No really cough Today I m going to recommend you Steampunk Erotica pick up Tom Hunt s Killer Choice instead I had way fun reading it because it s one of those tightlylotted suspense thrillers with an irresistible hook where the Poker Slave pagesractically turn themselves We re introduced to middle America all around good guy Gary Foster whose life suddenly spirals into desperate circumstances His To the Golden Shore pregnant wife Beth who he is madly in love with has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour They need 200000 dollars to get her the miracle treatment she needs Just when you think life can t get any shittier or scary in walks a menacing tattooed stranger with a shaved head calling himself Shamrock Shamrock wants Gary to kill someone and in exchange for that dirty deed he will give Gary the 200000 dollars needed to maybe save his wife Whatever will Good Guy Gary do What s that saying oh yeah lie down with the devil and wake up in hell Generally decenteople finding themselves morally compromised is one of my favourite noir tropes I usually can t get enough of it in any story but this one we re Indulge (Warm Delicacy, presented with here isarticularly well executed On the flip side of Gary s ordeal Tabloid City pulling him towards the edge of the abyss is Shamrock s or Otto as we will come to know him Otto is not a good guy and is basically living a Mirror Universe life that s theolar opposite from Good Guy Gary s But in his own way Otto s found himself ensnared in circumstances just as desperate driving him to make choices he thought he would never make The collision course that both these men are on and how far it will take them is straight up compelling reading For a debut novel this is very strong and I can t wait to see what the author does next Gary Foster and his wife Beth had been trying for years to become Kirkland Revels parents and have a baby and just when they didn t think it would happen Beth becameregnant Gary also has his career just where he wants it having just opened a business with his bro. The electrifying debut thriller that asks the uestion To save the one you love is there any To Him Who Sits on the Throne price you wouldn’tayHis wife is sickHe needs 200000 to save herA mysterious man offers to give him the money with just one catch He has to murder someone to get itGary Foster’s life is finally heading in the right direction After years of trying his wife Beth is regnant and he recently opened a business.

Ther with things going well for them One hone call however changes all of the good for Gary when he s told his wife was brought into the hospital having suffered a seizure After many tests it s found Beth has a tumor and her outlook is not good at all After meeting with doctors to see if anything can be done for Beth it s found that her only hope of surviving the tumor is an experimental treatment that will cost the couple 200k Gary and Beth are devastated but decide to do whatever they can to raise the money to help save Beth s life When Gary is contacted by an unknown man that offers to Youth, Beautiful Youth pay the entire sum that the couple needs in exchange for killing a man he is immediately against the idea but as Gary struggles with the idea of losing Beth the offer looks better and better Killer Choice by Tom Hunt was an extremely fastaced thriller of a read that gave me than I bargained for when icking this one up I found the idea of just how far would you go to save the one that you love uite compelling but this book went beyond what I expect of it to in regards to that uestion at a very fast rate that kept me uite entertained throughout reading The story is mostly told from Gary s oint of view but there were some others involved in the telling as well Gary is Fault Lines pretty much your average Joe and he and his wife are aretty normal couple that are hit with some horrible news so I couldn t help but feel for them The action is non stop in the story and seemed Hunt for 901 pretty realistic for the mostart although I did uestion a little detail here and there Overall though I think readers should enjoy this one and would recommend checking it out I received an advance copy from the Chasing After Infinity publisher via EdelweissFor reviewslease visit Killer Choice by Tom HuntWould you kill a stranger for the money to Morir por un iPhone - Apple, Foxconn y las luchas de los trabajadores en China possibly save your spouse with an uninsured medicalrocedure That is the storylineThe book was very different from many of the books I have read lately I am by design to help my own writing only reading the biggest and most successful authors I am hoping to learn from their writing The book was recommended to me so I read it But Killer Choice was the first novel for Tom HuntIt was easy to read and interesting It kept Captain China Volume 1 pulling me along I also felt the storyline was simple and transparent But I kept reading Before I knew it I was over halfway through the book and still reading Then I was done and had to sit back and think about it It was goodFor me there was only one real surprise besides the ending There were no complicatedlot twists which isn t necessarily bad There were a couple of small speed bumps but nothing too bad I won t spoil the ending for you but I am curious as to why reviewers made no mention of it It does not have a typical ending The ending was a surprise I love books about ordinary Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication people in extraordinary circumstances the idea that far fetched scenarios could actually happen to an average Joe is both scary and fascinating Killer Choice reminded me of a David Bell novel with of an action thriller vibe but Hunt srotagonist was reminiscent of some of Bell s leads so fans of his work should definitely add this to their TBRThe Cast On, Bets Off pacing of this was spot on you immediately dive into the story with little time spent on background information though everything you absolutely need to know is shared Gary faces a uestion that s been asked many times before how far would you go to save a loved one There was a uniueness to this though it definitely wasn t as straightforward as I assumed it would be the entire book isn t based on what decision Gary makes instead there were many twists and turns that I never saw comingThis is an excellent debut from a very solid writer Hunt truly has skills and I ll be curious to see what he has in store in the future I devoured this one I couldn t wait to see what would happen next and though things seemed a little implausible I was throughly entertained and didn t care at all This would make a great movie there s a nice balance between intense action and sedate family life that would appeal to a variety ofeopleKiller Choice in three words Explosive Fervent and Tense Thrilling and completely engrossing is this really the first book Tom Hunt has written or at least Private Elisha Stockwell, Jr., Sees The Civil War published It doesn t read like a debut He s definitely one to watch It s aage turner absolutely filled with action It certainly grabs on to you and won t let go I Past Lives, Future Lives planned to get it started before bed and ended up reading half of it right then oops Tick tock tick tock That is the time bomb that is in his beautiful wife s head Gary and Beth are just a normal couple in love They ve been married for years They have a baby on the way They spend their nights watching Neflix and trying to beat each other in Scrabble Normalcy goes out the window when Beth collapses to the ground out of nowhere one day She has a brain tumor and her chances of survival are slim to none She ll only get worseAfter the usual treatments fail her doctor encourages them to look into treatments that are cutting edge One inarticular seems Love with Every Beat particularlyromising but it s in Germany experimental not covered by insurance and will run them about 200000 dollars It might as well be a million Lots of friends and family are eager to help including Gary s brother and business CPA Australia - Advanced Taxation partner but they don t have much to give They aren t even close to their goal when Gary gets an unusualhone call A man wants to give him all of the money he needs to attempt to save his wife All the sueaky clean Gary has to do is kill a manHow far would we go to save the life of the most important If Walls Could Talk (Haunted Home Renovation Mystery, person to us Is taking the life of a not so nice man okay if it saves his lovely wife future mother to their little boy This is an With his brother But onehone call changes everything After collapsing suddenly Beth has been rushed to the hospital Tests reveal a devastating diagnosis an inoperable brain tumor Their only hope is an expensive experimental treatment available abroad with a cost that’s out of their reach And Beth’s time is running out Then a strange man approaches Gary and offers the money he needs on one cond.

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Xciting read that calls the average Arcana Mundi person s morality into uestion I had a hard timeutting it down I m giving it a 45 out of 5 and will round it up Great book and certainly worth the read for thriller lovers I received a free advance copy of this for review from the به سوی زبان شناسی شعر publisherGary and Beth Foster are a nice couple who truly love each other and their idea of a good time islaying Scrabble or watching Netflix They don t have a lot of money but they re happy just being together Now that Beth has finally gotten Genesis pregnant after years of trying they feel like things couldn t get any better Which is exactly theoint when life tends to kick nice Mirror Matter people in the junk After Beth collapses while out shopping she s uickly diagnosed with aarticularly nasty brain tumor that will barely allow her to give birth before dying but there s a new A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry procedure in Europe that might extend her life for years Unfortunately it will cost them 200000 to try it and they don t have anywhere near that kind of cash As hope begins to fade Gary receives ahone call with an offer for him to earn all the money they need The catch is that he ll have to murder someone to get it This debut novel from Tom Hunt is the kind of high concept hook that has Six Days put many a book on the best seller list and sold a lot of tickets to movies and there s a reason for that it works Or at least it works when there s some talent behind the idea and there s definitely talent here Hunt s got a way of laying it all out in the straight forward fashion that many a crime writer has and he s also got the knack of making that style compellingThere s two things that really stood out for me First is that there s a good amount of time spent on the efforts that are done by Beth and Gary with the help of their friends and family to come up with the money Theyut Awareness pleas on the internet hold events like hot dog dinners and tell their story to the media all asart of the desperate fundraising only to realize that after all that it s not even close to being enough It s a bleak Cat Out of Hell portrait of how Americans often have to resort to glorified begging to get medical treatment The otherart is the story of Otto the man asking Gary to commit a murder for hire Otto is a ex con who runs a Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work pawn shop as a front for his real business of dealing drugs and he s got a hugeroblem that has made him desperate enough to try and use an average guy as a killer We get Otto s story told in Mother India parallel and his criminal underworld couldn t be different than Gary s suburban life The contrast between the two is well done and underlines the desperate measures that both men feel driven to even if they have nothing else in common On the downside Gary s bland niceness is too much at times and his hand wringing about the morality of murder does get a little old after a while It was never enough to completely take me out of the story thoughWhat seems like an airplane read on the surface takes turns that ultimately make me think of this of outright noir It s solid crime story and I ll certainly check out what Tom Hunt does next Fastaced Great read 45 StarsI love when a book surprises you I The Late Romances picked up this suspense novel expecting tout in a lot of hours basking in the details and basically muddling throughHowever this one totally was the opposite Very fast Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity paced and written in such a way that I literally flew through the book I was finished with it in about three hours because I just couldn t wait to find out what happenedIn this crazylot that the author develops we are asked uestion what would we do if we had to make the ultimate decision to save a life while taking a lifeMany of us may know right now the answer to that More of us will My Curvy Valentine (Perfect Fit, probably vacillate and have a hard time making a decision or just not make a decision at allThe author brings us through the stress and anxiety the characters feel Uncomfortable situations Violence and agony Lies and deceit And then the ugly truthYou think you know the answer and how this will end up But you arerobably wrongA highly engaging fast moving story that is a bit shocking gritty and even a bit too out there to be true Or is itWhat would you docopy received for review consideration Gary Foster is running out of time His Attainment (Temptation, pregnant wife Beth has been diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer Her chances of survival are slim but her doctor advises them about an experimentalrocedure in Germany This treatment is not covered by insurance and the Fosters lack the funds to Hatred in the belly pay for it They have embarked on a fundraiser with hopes of starting treatment uickly Unfortunately they remain way short of their goal and the outlook appears bleak for Beth and their unborn babyA local stranger comes to Gary s rescue He has read about their financialroblems and offers him a deal Commit a murder and the money for Beth s treatment is his Gary is left with a tough decision and little time to deliberateThis is a debut novel by Tom Hunt Killer Choice is a fast Always Be Ready paced novel with escalating tensions I look forward to books by this author DNF This novel began so slowly I wanted to give up early on but I did my best toersevere The other Encyclopedia of International Development problem was that I wasn t beingulled into the characters Gender Inequality in Our Changing World points of view From Gary serspective I should have been sad and stressed and emotionally wrought I wasn t From Otto s Rooming in the Masters House perspective I should have felt truly terrified instead I couldn t care less if Otto was tortured and beheaded like it appeared might happen to him When thelot finally got going it was ridiculous Gary could have found another way to solve his dilemma any sort of GoFundMe type thing would work so I officially gave up Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this bookFor of my reviews lease visit. Ition that he kill someone no uestions asked End one life to save anotherIn this nail biting debut novel of domestic suspense one man makes a choice that forces him to confront the darkest reaches of his soul and betray those closest to him As he’s swept up in a nightmare of escalating violence he must uestion his own morality and determine just how far he’s willing to go to save the woman he lov.

Author of KILLER CHOICE and ONE FATAL MISTAKE Born and raised in Iowa always a Hawkeye live in NYC now