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Te and her brother falls for the very pretty best friend so all s well n Romance Regencyland Oh barf This book was so lovey dovey sticky sweet that I had a stomach ache by the end what with the overall goodness of everyone I very rarely enjoy category romances because I find them too short the characters are underdeveloped and the stories lack substance This one s slightly better than what I ve read n the past but not by much You could say Their Virgin Secretary (Masters of Ménage, it s a friends to lovers story or a spinsterhandsome war hero story butt s not really either because the author doesn t flesh out the story enough James the Earl needs a wife The River in order to hold on to his land otherwise he gets nothingf he hits his 30th b day unhitched He decides to marry his friend s sister Kate who s sort of his friend too Kate has loved him forever and still does but he doesn t know that because she hides On a Cold Road it James thinks she ll jump at the chance of his offer because she s on the shelf and they get along well enough She refuses there s a reason fort but sets out to find him the perfect wife among the ton because she wants him happy cue the pretty singing birds and violins What a good and selfless person she Taming Your Outer Child: Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Healing from Abandonment is even though she should ve told him to shove his proposal up his you know where Thiss so not my kind of heroine Over time he realizes that he really loves her but she has major Two Children Behind A Wall issues about how she looks and keeps telling him that that smpossible this Darkstalker (Wings of Fire: Legends, is repeated over and over and over again thatf I were James I d have just moved on I don t know what he saw The Fairytale Hairdresser and Father Christmas in her really What a pain her I m not beautiful bit was after readingt so many times Oh yeah and everyone s always apologizing for one thing or another except for a crotchety cousin who at least had some verve to her character There s some stuff about James war scars that really felt like filler too Very The Twenty-Third Man (Mrs. Bradley, irritating one dimensional characters overall There s no real build up of tension here becauset all feels so predictable There s a minor secondary story with her friend and her brother but the friend The Handbag Book Of Girly Emergencies is just as sickeningly stupid as shes with her naivet The writing style lacks zip or something The author The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop is also a big fan of the exclamation mark Exclamation mark here Exclamation mark there Everythings dramatic Even the weather Sweet Liberty is exclamation worthy It just makest all seem silly and annoying a kind of forced regency historical tone As for the steam t s a step below mediocre When something finally happened at the end t was so disappointing It s too clean and PG why not just do a fade to black moment and be done with Night of the Living Dead Christian it you know Nothing happens Not that I was looking for some raunch fest or anything but how about some build up without all the apologies for the desires This books pretty much what I don t like about romance novels Airy fairyness 25 stars The New World Order is about as high as I can go. Ts out to find James the perfect wife But things don’t progress as either of them expectA Regency romance featuring an earl who needs to marryn a hurry the spinster he turns to for help and a list that growsand growsand grows.

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354 Stars I read this book a couple of years ago and was less than King Solomons Carpet impressed witht To be honest when I looked back on Halflings (Halflings, it I couldn t remember much aboutt but some of my longest standing Goodreads friends people whose opinions I value and often share really liked The Big Snuggle-Up it so I slatedt for a re readI finally got around to that re read and all I can say Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham is that perhaps I wasn tn the right frame of mind when I read Trauma it first time around becauset s a really good story with a lovely well developed central romance between two strongly characterised protagonists there s a sweet secondary romance and a broadly but well drawn supporting castJames Hargrave unexpectedly became the Earl of Arden a year previously following the tragic deaths of his father and brother On top of having to deal with their loss and still troubled by his wartime experiences he also has to contend with the fact that The Dark Lord Trilogy (Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy, if hes to retain his Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy inheritance he must take a wife before his thirtieth birthday Thiss less than two months away and as he has so far not found any woman he wishes to wed he has travelled to visit his best friend Harry Viscount Honeycourt with a view for offering for his twenty eight year old red haired freckle faced on the shelf sister James has known Kate forever and thinks that as they at least know and like each other he might as well marry her as anyone After all all cats look alike Happiness the Mindful Way in the dark don t theyKate has loved James ever since they were children but unfortunately for him overhears the conversation with her brothern which he says uite plainly that he doesn t love or desire her he just needs a suitable wife he will be able to get along with and who won t drive him out of his mind with Gorilla, Monkey Ape idle chatter or unreasonable demandsKnowing that Kate had nursed a youthfulnfatuation for him James A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories is fairly confident of success but when he proposes her reactions not what he expects Knowing that being married to the man she loves so desperately while he has married her merely for the sake of expediency would be torture Kate turns him down flat offering nstead to find him a wife from amongst the local marriageable young ladies James really doesn t want to go down that path and hasn t got time to waste but he nonetheless agrees to Kate s plan on one condition If none of the ladies she ntroduces him to take his fancy then she will marry him herself Reluctantly Kate agrees to this certain that he will find someone else appealing than he obviously finds herJames s mmediately thrust The Regiment into a humorous round of teas dinner parties and outings but each lady he sees lacks something he absolutely must haven a wife And not only that but he gradually begins to see Kate The Kingdom (Fargo Adventure, in a different light and to realise that he finds her both attractive and desirable and that each of those ualities he had found lackingn the other ladies are ones Kate po. He's running out of time James Hargrave Earl of Arden urgently needs a wife He’s resigned himself to a marriage of convenience and has even chosen a bride Kate Honeycourt his best friend’s sister Kate has been on the shelf fo.

SsessesIt s not long before James realises that he s fallen head over heels for Kate and that he doesn t want to marry anyone but her But she persists Johnny Came Home in trying to find him someone else and finallyn the face of his uneuivocal declaration of love tells him that she d overheard him talking to her brother and the things he d said about herAnd thus the eponymous Earl s Dilemma With time fast running out how can James convince Kate that his love and desire for her are realI said originally that I felt James turnaround n his feelings for Kate happened too uickly but that sn t the case at all He doesn t have a sudden epiphany or see her wearing a flattering dress or something like that the realisation that she attracts him creeps upon him gradually and at first unwantedly following each visit to the suitable young ladies of the neighbourhood all of whom pale The Complete Idiots Guide to Raising Chickens in comparison to Kate The romances sweetly sensual and the author adds depth to both characters backstories by showing us how James continues to be affected by his memories of war and how Kate s deep rooted The Complete Idiots Guide to Finance for Small Business insecurities about her looks are renforced by the meddling aunt who continually belittles herSo I ve changed my rating because I really enjoyed The Earl s Dilemma this time around The story His Guarded Heart is well paced the central characters are likeable and well matched and the emotional connection between thems palpable It s a uick but satisfying read and I m grateful to Miranda and Lady Wesley for the positive comments that encouraged me to give the book another try I started out wanting to plant a skillet to the head of the hero I later felt like handing The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea it off to the hero tomplant some The Goodness of Dogs intelligencen the heroinePLOTThe red headed and FRECKLED heroine Kate has been Everybody Matters in love with the handsome hero for yonks She ends up being a very unhappy eavesdropper when she overhear him telling her eually redheaded and FRECKLED brother that ho hum he ll offer for Kate and he s just so awesome and she s so on the shelf she ll do cartwheelsn ecstasy Skillet actionSidenote the hero has to marry before his next birthday or all he ll The Slaughter inherits the title and one rundown hovel of an estate so the stakes are high and with an end dateI was certainly pleased when the heroine gives him a polite but definite smackdown when he blurts out a proposal She then offers to help him find a wife and boy howdy does she put her back Three Mothers, Three Daughters into the jobAfter the third maybe seventh candidates a no Three by Atiq Rahimi it was time to transfer the skillet I got than a little fed up with the heroine snsistence that she wasn t pretty enough she was too bran faced and too FRECKLED Really the only two people that belittled her for her freckles were a gross suitor who was mad and her Magical Garden 2018 Calendar: Coloring Meditations Inspired by Nature insanelyrritating older cousin The parade of potentials was cute and the hero grows a heart and falls The Pages in love with practical bran faced FRECKLED Ka. R years Why then does she so firmly turn him down Surely she can’t be holding out for a love match But Kate has a proposal of her own she’ll find James a bride he can falln love with Armed with a list of reuirements Kate se.

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