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Re villain in the storyAdditional characters come into play as adults from Kai and Rat s life play integral roles in trying to thwart the war that Ezri and Mura are intent on starting The conclusion has Ezri and Kai two young men who come from privileged upbringings face off Paired with that is the poignant confrontation between Mura and Rat whose backgrounds include tragedy and broken homes These matches between the pairs show how similar starts in life don t always lead to the same paths as love and support from others and your own personal integrity can help shape youThe conclusion is satisfying with a three year time ump to show a realistic wrap up to the story A few details were a bit pat but as the story is geared towards young readers the arcs for the four main characters ended appropriately I was invested in the city s inhabitants and would love to visit them again in a future story by Hicks As such I was excited to be approved for this book by NetGalley so I could get a sneak peek at how the series concludesHicks has crafted a story that tied in adventure friendship and the cost of war She creates a believable world inspired by 13th century China and her artwork was wonderful with the precision of her backgrounds and how she captures emotion The coloring by Jordie Bellaire is lovely and her work should get a shout out as a colorist s work establishes an aesthetic that is a crucial part of the storytelling This captivating trilogy is a must read not only to a YA audience but also with older readers who will enjoy the nuanced tale Rating 455 A satisfying but rushed ending to a fun graphic novel series I loved this setting and cast of characters This one felt the most simple and uick of the trilogy I m happy with how things ended no loose ties But still felt like we could have drawn out the tension and conflict for a bigger climax and epic scaleI do love that this series reflects on colonization violence imperialism and racialethniccultural hierarchies And largely this shows us that they can be resolved and can be amicable a wonderful message for people reading this It ust seemed to resolve itself a little too easily This series was very good and very fun and had beautiful art and great themes about empire and all around generally speaking reminded me of the graphic novel version of Avatar the Last Airbender except there is a graphic novel version of Avatar that is not thisThis is the extent of my thoughts A pretty solid ending to a good series though there was an overreliance on way to convenient coincidences and slam bang action The fourth star in my rating belongs solely to Kata who shows up for the first time and practically steals the show Solo spin off book needed nowps It doesn t take anything away but I m peeved that in an editorial oversight a minor character s name changed from Iniko in the second volume to Eniko in this one It s so good A solid ending to a great series I love the main characters and the illustrations. Nameless City trilogy Faith Erin Hicks delivers a heart thumping conclusion With deft world building frantic battle scenes and a gentle and moving friendship at its heart the Nameless City has earned its place as one of the great fantasy series of our ti.

A nice finish to a solid series This time they need to steal the formula for Napatha the deadly weapon away from Erzi There s almost constant action dire stakes for the Nameless City scheming and double crosses and the best part of this three book series the friendship between Rat and Kaidu It s been great fun watching them run across roofs enjoy meals and some pretty heavy discussions together and collaborate in protecting the city they both love The artwork s great conveying the tension danger and action well though my favourite parts were always the little moments of friendship 35 out of 5 The Divided Earth is a satisfying action packed conclusion to a great middle grade graphic novel trilogyIs it ust me or is the artwork a bit sketchier in this volume Still the action seuences are on pointHowever the story does feel a tiny bit simplistic and idealistic especially the end of the war Also as mentioned by another Goodreads reviewer there are literally a dozen or so people fighting in the battle that would determine the future of the city This was a nice ending to the series I was hoping for a bit finality at the end but she left it open ended which I understand but I don t personally lovePopsugar reading prompt A book with a book on the cover The Divided Earth concludes The Nameless City Trilogy preceded by The Nameless City and The Stone Heart It s Hicks most ambitious and accomplished work so far a comics meditation on violence in society and the role young people might play in shaping that process The story is a fantasy adventure with political implications focusing on the partnership of two young people Kai and Rat who come from different factions in the area of Daidu or what most people in the area call The Nameless CityIn this graphic comics trilogy for young people probably most likely for tweens there are four young people who are main characters Kaidu Rat Ezri and Mura Daidu is Eros Unbound (Great Loves, just the latest name given to a city by the most recent conueror but most residents know that with the next violent conueroring will come a new naming so most towniesust say the heck with renaming it It s somewhere in Asia located critically near the sea important for trade routes so that s why people want to conuer it Kaidu or Kai is of the Dao faction sent to the city as a soldier who befriends Rat who lives in the city Two other young people that are central are Ezri the General s son now the General of All Blades who essentially wants to rule the city and his bodyguard Mura who basically wants to destroy it and start over They find an ancient book that they believe possesses secrets such as the secret formula for Napatha a fire that can destroy enemies eat through stone Makes me think of nuclear warheads the ultimate conueroring instrumentKai and Rat from different factions are anti war They are like the European Union or the United Nations They are pro democracy and peaceful cooperation The last book is full of action but the basic move is a fac. The Nameless City held by the rogue Dao prince Erzi is under siege by a coalition of Dao and Yisun forces who are determined to end the war for the Nameless City once and for all And the people of the city the Named are caught in betweenMeanwhile Rat and.

E off between these two opposing views two different approaches to governance even as another potentially conuering nation heads to the Nameless City led by the Yisun Army We are led to support the friendship of Kai and Rat who come from troubled and broken upbringings and their peaceful approach Mura is interesting in that she is a kind of terrorist or violent anarchist All positions are articulated well and we get to know the characters representing them as complex and interestingI like the small but important role played by the monk I like it that Rat in the end finally tells Kai her real name I really like the friendship running and leaping from building to building of Kai and RatSo the book is great written for young people focused on adventure and friendship and anti violence as a key for preserving the planet in an anti colonialist spirit even in the face of the Endless War we are experiencing on the planet now The artwork by Hicks is wonderful pencilled digitally hand inked a great approach that makes it feel intimate and the coloring by Jordie Bellaire increases the essential warmth of the story No one is better than Hicks at drawing both action seuences and emotions in children s comics right now I m a fan of her work such as Friends with Boys and The Adventures of Superhero Girl This is her best so far though This review can also be found on my blog Divided Earth is the final book of The Nameless City trilogy and wraps the narrative up in a thrilling and satisfying conclusionPreceded by books The Nameless City and The Stone Heart the story takes place in the fictional city Daidu named by the Dao s the most recent conuering nation However due to centuries of conuest the inhabitants of many different nationalities simply call it The Nameless City This politically important Asian city sits alongside a mountain pass and is the only route to the sea making it a critical location for trade and military movements An ancient people carved a passageway through the mountain but the technology they used has been lost to the agesThe main characters are teen Kaidu a Dao recently of the distant Homelands who is sent to the city to train as a soldier a street wise girl named Rat who has lived in the city her whole life Ezri who is the General s son and who has Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda just taken drastic measures to rule the city and his dangerous bodyguard Mura These four young people haveust discovered a mystical tome in the monastery that they believe has powers to dominate all the surrounding nationsEzri and Mura take the book that holds the formula for making Napatha a powerful fire that can destroy armies and eat through stone and plan to use it for the Dao nation to remain in control of the city Both have complex and diverging reasons for wanting this power and author Faith Erin Hicks deftly weaves in their back stories to explain their viewpoints We see how Ezri desperately ustifies his actions and his layered portrayal shows that he isn t crafted to be a pu. Kai must infiltrate Erzi's palace and steal back the ancient and deadly formula for napatha the ancient weapon of mass destruction Erzi has unearthed before he can use it to destroy everything Rat and Kai hold dearIn her third and final installment in the.

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Born in the wilds of British Columbia the young Faith frolicked among the Sasuatch native to the province before moving to Ontario at age five There she was homeschooled with her three brothers and developed an unnatural passion for galloping around on horseback though never without a proper helmet because you only get one skull After twenty years of suffering through Ontario’s obscenely h