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R her judgemental attitude towards Ally began to dissolve and she found herself giving up a promising career and staying behind with those who matter Bronwyn and Ally as a couple for sure it was going to happen and thankfully it didn t happen immediately There were some really minor dramas but nothing prolonged even when another woman threw in to stir the jealousy pot momentarily Ally and Bron exchanged a few meaningful words in the kitchen and that scene really wowed me A special shout out to Annie Jackie and Daniel If ou have at least one of them on Pleasure and Pain you sideou re good for life This ended way too soon I wasn t ready to let go Oh wellI read this book a The Mountain and the Valley year ago almost to the day and I remembered I d liked it well enough to give it 4 I didn t write a review at the time though So here I am giving it 4 again The reason I reread Echo Point is that after the emotional whirlwind of The Secret Chord I wanted of Virginia Hale s stories She s really good at building tension and has a thing for forbidden or perceived as forbidden love Her writing is really good in a no frill way and I love the characters she creates They feel very real with strengths and weaknesses pasts and mistakes desires and passion And while the premise of this novel is awfully sad the death of Bron s sister and Ally s best friend the book itself isn t On the contrary it s full of hope and life and joie de vivre Very well done Echo Point is a debut novel by Virginia Hale but without any of the typical first novel shortcomings It is a warm story of love loss and family set in the town of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains a region west of Sydney in Australia s New South Wales The setting is really interesting very well described and plays a nice role in the narrativeThe main characters Bron 40 and Ally 33 are two likable real to life people with real to life problems and their believable romance develops at a nice comfortable pace The author did a great job with them as well as with secondary characters the child character of Annie 6 especially stands outOverall this is a lovely book full of feeling and very well worth reading A very solid novel which definitely did not feel like a debut I very much liked it and recommend it425 starsAugust 2 2017A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher The blurb of this book is inadvertently misleading which can impact a reader s expectations It sounds like this will be a highly dramatic book about a natural disaster that pushes an unlikely couple together However the book isn t that at all In fact there s little drama to be found which I actually preferredInstead the story is about a non conventional family and how they continue their lives with each other after one of them has died The story is told from Bron s perspective a fortyear old woman who returns to her hometown in Australia after her ounger sister dies in an auto accident and she s now left as the guardian to her This was a really good romantic read This is the second debut book Bella has put out this month I don t know where Bella is getting all these excellent new authors but once again I m impressed First Visiting Hours now Echo Point both of these romantic books were really good I think I even enjoyed this book a tad I don Ns home Ally finds Libby’s family open and welcomingeveryone that is except Libby’s sister BronFor her part Bron can’t fathom why her family is so enad with Ally even offering her a job and a place to live but grudgingly admires the way Ally and Annie get alongWhile Bron contemplates moving Annie

Use uarter stars but if I did I d rate this 425 StarsThe story is about Bron who has returned to Australia after her ounger sister Libby s death Bron now has legal custody of Libby s daughter Annie Bron is struggling with the decision to move back to Boston for her dream job or raise Annie in the only home shes ever known To make matters confusing Libby s best friend Ally has just been released from jail She is living with Bron s family who are family than her own Bron has never known what to make of Ally She is a proven troublemaker how can she be trusted Bron s life has been turned upside down and with the arrival of Ally nothing will ever be the same againI have mentioned this before I don t know what it is about ex cons finding love I just seem to really enjoy Maybe it is that it means everyone has a chance at love for whatever reason this story line works for me Add in that this books takes place in Australia well it s a setting I absolutely enjoyThe best way to describe this is a pure romance While Rescued (The Missing, you are reading about characters dealing with a great loss of their loved one this really is a feel good book The characters are normal people with real issues This book is not filled with unnecessary drama and angst it is a really well written pure romanceI have to admit I didn t know what to think of the character of Ally at first She is a bit brash and out there but theou know her the Summary you know a lot of it is a front She is a complex character just really wanting to be loved Bron is successful and conservative trying to step into the role of a new mother wondering how to always do the right thing While this is a bit of opposites attract what the two women have in common is their love for Libby and Annie And for allou romance fans out there have no fear there is plenty of chemistry These two are hot together period I absolutely believed in them as a couple and hoped for a happily ever afterI can absolutely recommend this to romance fans I know people are going to enjoy this Hale writes really well This is great for a debut book and great for a seasoned author I will not hesitate one bit to read anything else by Hale An ARC was given to me by Bella for a honest review The blurb is a bit deceiving I imagined a lot catastrophe and much less family drama hereAfter the death of her sister Libby Bron comes back to Australia to raise her niece She moves in with her unconventional family that consists of her step mother step brother niece and her sister s best friend Ally who recently got out on parole This book sucked me in from the beginning it was so well written This was as much of a romance as it was a family drama The family and their interactions seemed completely authenticThe chemistry between Ally and Bron was off the charts Ally was a very complex and interesting character and I enjoyed every second of her Sometimes she would say or do something that would leave Bron speechless and I loved her all the for it So many times I wished I knew what was going in her head I completely understand why everyone was so smitten with Ally including Bron even though she liked to pretend otherwise I love Ally and Bron even though Bron did get on my nerves towards the end This ended way so soon I miss them already. O Boston and away from the only home the little girl has ever known bushfires begin to rage in the nearby mountains and Bron begins to see that she’s sorely underestimated her sister’s friendSoon Ally’s past and Bron’s future collide with a heat and wonder that neither of them expectedWords 58940.

This was a uick and fairly enjoyable read I say fairly because I really didn t like Bron in the beginning because she is so judgmental I gradually warmed up to her character as the story progressed only to go back to hating her towards the end of the book view spoilerI couldn t believe what a jerk she was being to Ally First asking her if she was sleeping with another woman then asking if she needed to get tested like Ally made a habit of sleeping with everyone that had a pulse and then not believing her when Ally said she hadn t been with anyone in 2 ears hide spoiler I have found this story very romantic The two main characters had a common past although not truly evolved due to their age difference Bron is an illustrator for children s books that went from her hometown in Australia to Boston to develop her career After her sister death due to a car accident Bron must return to take care of their niece that has been left to her custody At this same time Ally is released from prision after serving four ears Ally has been Bron sister Libby best friend and has had a crush on Bron since forever Bron can t stand Ally and don t understand the worship their family has on her But grieving their loved one and caring for her daughter Annie pulls them together overcoming all fears and insecurities Bron has been character a bit difficult to like at first but te way she face her doubts as to what to do with her life after the new responsibilities that cam There was just something so different about this book i loved it and its just what i needed This one was a little disappointing Perhaps because it was highly recommended to me This is my second book by Ms Hale The Secret Chord was my first and also a very good read This one was also well written but I just could not connect with the mains Yes Ally seemed to be nice but had no real redeeming ualities and a uestionable past of not so great decisions Do not see those two characters together or why Bron decided to pay attention to Ally when she did I loved the description of grief throughout the book though The child is also cute and well done The cover was a big miss in terms of matching the content of the book Yes the characters live near Echo Point but other than that it does not suit the storyWill definitely read this author in the future but would recommend The Secret Chord over this one to begin with My first read by MsHale some experiencedtrustworthy Lesfic reviewers read and reviewed the book brilliantly so Night Without Stars you ll need to check them out before clicking the purchase button for USD744Ally was the main pursuer in this relationship she had been in love with her bestie s older sister since she was 15 and since they were both back to Echo Point it was time to launch Get Bronwyn To Fall For Me Too Plan and making plans to improve herself after being an inmate for the past 5earsBeing an ex con did not determine her attitude she was a sweetheart through and through I didn t like the caused of her imprisonment it took her away from Libby and missed out on Annie growing up Bronwyn was uite difficult to like in the beginning and midway but her love towards her lil sister niece mother and brother knew no bounds The only problem she had was with Ally but layer by laye. Bron never intended to move back to Australia Wracked with guilt over her sister Libby’s death she’s spent three months trying to handle her grief while taking care of Libby’s oung daughter AnnieLibby’s best friend Ally never had a chance to say good bye to her dear friend When she finally retur.

Virginia Hale lives in Sydney Australia and is currently working on her master’s degree in Children’s Literature When she isn’t writing or studying she is dreaming up trips to New York City and Boston Her debut novel Echo Point—set in the heartland of the Blue Mountains Australia—won a Golden Crown Literary Award in 2018