Laura I. Rendon: Sentipensante SensingThinking Pedagogy Educating for Wholeness Social Justice and Liberation

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T people believe in than practices based in reality This is another example of a book with a well meaning author who wants to help students succeed but that falls short in actually providing any pragmatic solutions I am getting my master s degree in Curriculum and Instruction We read this book at Xavier University of Louisiana for our seventh annual Fall Faculty Book Club sponsored by the Center for the Advancement of Tea. Ing for life Her purpose is to reconnect readers with the original impulse that led them to become educators; and to help them rediscover with her their passion for teaching and learning in the service to others and for the well being of our societyShe offers a transformative vision of education that emphasizes the harmonic complementary relationship between the sentir of intuition and the inner life and the pensar of intellectualism and the pursuit of scholarship; between teaching and learning; formal knowledge and wisdom; and between Western and non Western ways of knowing In the process she develops a pedagogy that encompasses wholeness multiculturalism and contemplative practice that helps students transcend.

9 pt type is illegible to these aging eyes Back to the library with regret Dr Rendon is not only a well respected researcher in higher education but one of the most spiritual individuals whose work reflects her belief that teaching can be sacred and transformative This book contains wonderful insights from educators who reflect the sentipensante pedagogy Review to come Modern educational theories are like religions tha. An inspirational and holistic approach to teaching by a renowned Latina scholar Defines seven steps to nlocking the potential of teachers and their students Deeply informed by the author's educational journey as a minority woman from a background of rural povertyLaura Rendon is a scholar of national stature known for her research on students of color and first generation college students and on the factors that promote and impede student successThe motivation for the est that Laura Rendon shares in this book was the realization that she along with many educators had lost sight of the deeper relationship centered essence of education and lost touch with the fine balance between educating for academics and educat.

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ChingAt our final meeting I asked our participating faculty to jot down some thoughts Here is what they wroteThe book challenged traditional approaches to teaching and learning and challenged readers to embrace a holistic approach to teaching which brings together both mind and heart and embraces a social justice stanceVery comforting to have so many others feel as I do Important to remember that we are responsible for ou. Limiting views about themselves fosters high expectations and helps students to become social change agents She invites the reader to share her journey in developing sentipensante pedagogy and to challenge seven entrenched agreements abouteducation that act against wholeness and the appreciation of truth in all forms She offers examples of her own teaching and of the classroom practices of faculty she encountered along the way; as well as guidance on the challenges rewards and responsibilities that anyone embarking on creating a new vision of teaching and learning should attend toThough based on the author's life work in higher education her insights and approach apply eually to all teaching and learning contexts.