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It gives us nothing new What this book expanded on was the connections between characters Leia s ability to sense through the force was considered in greater etail She could sense her son and the conflict within him though she has by this point almost given up any hope that he will return to the light It s unsurprising after what he Akenfield did in Episode VII Rey on the other hand believes that he has the potential to turn again And this was something that I felt was much stronger in the writing here When she met Luke she wasisappointed in his lack of motivation she looked toward another source of power and knew that he could possibly be good again Although the connection was fabricated by Snoke it felt powerful and genuine in these pages Their Gym and Slimline destinies are linked together no matter how it all ends As such the main plot line was very engaging however the side plots were a little lack lustre Finn and Rose were uite boring to read about Poe was a little better though there was nothing new in these sections of the story The pace was slow but that is because the film was very slow at times For me this is only good in partsWhen the Last Jedi hit the screens last year itivided fans Many liked the new irection Star Wars was taking and just as many thought it no longer stayed true to itself I m of two minds I appreciate the newness but I m not ready to celebrate it yet For me it all epends on how episode 9 finishes This is the middle of the story and I can t fully judge it until I have seen the end Overall it s a good novelisation of a film that may or may not be great We shall see when it all finishes Easiest 5 stars every I am a huge Star Wars fans and loved the Last Jedi movie I love this book even then the movie It Marginal Notes, Doubtful Statements does exactly what a book should adds to the story adds to my Star Wars experience and great continuity between the books and the comics Some peopleo not like having read other bookscomics or play the game I love this continuity I am so glad Disney continued it when they took over the franchiseFrom the intro the book starts with Luke having a Force The Clock Without a Face dream telling him a change is coming There are honorable mentions to people from the Aftermath series and an incident that happened at the end of the aftermath comics There is also a reference to the Inferno Suadron The context of this is a bit confusing which could be hinting at things to come Theyo also mention bits from Leia Princess of AlderaanThe character Captives of the Private House development is also great I like the fact that Roseid not just forgive Finn for his attempted Teaspoon and an Open Mind desertion I saw her attitude change slightly along the way Poe s change from hot head fighter pilot to a leader is also bettereveloped in the book Finn s journey is also A Celtic Miscellany done well Remember heid not actually join the Rebellion in the Force Awakens what he Design Patterns by Tutorials: Learning design patterns in Swift 4 did heid to save Rey This is carried on in the book Remember the movies have a very little gap between the moviesAll in all a great addition to the Star Wars universe I have heard there is an extended version of the movie when released on the Blu ray I hope it is as good as this I loved this book I even like the extra 8 page of colour photos in the centre The book is awesome and I would have loved it to be extended by another 200 pages This is a must have for all Star Wars fan. With superior numbers and Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, devastating firepower at their command Against this enemy the champions of light may finally be facing their extinction Their only hope rests with a lost legend Jedi Master Luke Skywalker Where the action of Star Wars The Force Awakens ended Star Wars The Last Jedi begins as the battle between light andark climbs to astonishing new heights.

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So much hate in the Star Wars fandom It s insane God forbid you say The Last Jedi is your favorite movie in the whole franchise or that you ship Reylo WOAH This was so much better than the novelization of TFA And I actually liked that one but Jason Fry s work feels like like a real book Like something c I ll be perfectly honest I skimmed most of this book and read it for the scenes with Rey and Kylo You re not alone Neither are you It s not too late Was the book perfect noWas the movie perfect The Culture Code definitely noWas the Canto Bight scene still boring and unnecessary yesWas Rose s character unnecessary eh yes I adore Kelly thoWas Phasma seath anticlimactic and a complete waste of what could have become a very interesting character yesWas Finn s crush on Rey annoying af oh my god yes in the book he s literally obsessed with ReyWas Kylo s character arc amazing yesWas Kylo and Leia s scene as heart pounding as in the movie yes and here it was even better it s canon that if Kylo hadn t been so surprised by his wing mate shooting HE WOULD HAVE SAVED LEIA BECAUSE SHE WASN T SCARED OF HIM BUT F O R H I MDo I still believe in his redemption Y E SAnd ok I ship reylo too even if I m waaaay invested in Kylo s character than Rey s but I like her I really Banish Clutter Forever do And Ion t think she s a mary sue This really picked up in the second half Enjoyed the scenes between Rey and Ren especially and thought the author added a lot to those scenes and especially the conflict between Ren on whether to stay Stolen Magic (Stardust, dark or go back to the light I am neutral on the whole shippingebate Personally I have always pictured them as siblings but The Billionaire Daddy don t really have aog in that fight I also found it interesting at the VERY very end where it was included three times that the caretaker aliens view spoiler said that Rey was Luke s niece according to Luke Apparently this wasn t part of the movie And like maybe Luke just said it as a lie or said it offhandedly but I found it curious hide spoiler Ship Reylo Who me No way I Pistols for Two don t like Reylo at all They hate each other and Iefinitely Stronger don t think that there is any kind of romantic subtext there AT ALL Nope Don t ship it I hate myselfLike I hate this ship but I also love itAlsoid Kylo Ren learn how to propose from Mr Darcy Cuz literally that whole You re nothing please rule the galaxy with me thing Is like when Darcy proposes to Elizabeth the first time and he s like You re poor and your family sucks and I ve tried my best not to love you but for some reason I Loss (Gus Dury, do marry me And Elizabeth is just like Umm no why are you telling me thisStar Wars Connections touches on this with their Reylo theories You should check out their podcasts they are excellentAlright I ll see y all again for speculations when this is published The slowest space pursuit ever Once again fellow readers in the Force if you have been reading my reviews about Star Wars film novelizations you already know that I llo several spoilers in this review which is uite the opposite to my regular kind of review but with Star Wars movie novelizations is uite hard not to fall into spoilers in the reviews about it Don t say I The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, didn t warn you SITH S ADVOCATE OK most peopleidn t like Episode VIII in its movie presentation and I guess that could go as well into its expanded novelizatio. Written with input from irector Rian Johnson this official adaptation of Star Wars The Last Jedi expands on the film to include scenes from alternate versions of the script and other additional content From the ashes of the Empire has arisen another threat to the galaxy’s freedom the ruthless First Order Fortunately new heroes have emerged to take up arms and perh.

N BUTwhile certainly I can understand why was so poor received I want to play Sith s Advocate and expose some points that the script wanted to explore andor expose and maybe just maybe it wasn t so clear to some people sosometimes the scoundrel guy oesn t have a heart of goldsometimes the esperate mission just failed not matter how much the heroes triedsometimes a great hero idn t age the same as greatsometimes while the student is ready the teacher isn tsometimes you never will be able to know the real truth about an incident where you weren t present even if you hear the points of view of each side involved in the incidentsometimes your allies won t answer your calling for helpsometimes the fallen one isn t just interested in redemptionThere isn t anything wrong in all that It s just life Not fair or unfair Just lifeAnd I admire the boldness to show things like thathowever usually people aren t looking for life like situation in a worl of fictionUsually we want in fiction that order that the chaotic life lacksAnd maybejust maybeall that life like stuff could be better receivedif the story wouldn t present THE DANG SLOWEST SPACE PURSUIT in the history of science fictionGeezAt the end that tedious and maddening pursuit Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston, dragsown everything else that the story tried to Arnhem do SO WHAT S DIFFERENT HERE ANYWAY Almost any novelizationiffers from the movie usually since movie production Fitness for Living does changes after the writer gets the original script but in this particular time this novel is presented as an expanded edition so than everefinitely you will find several new stuff in the novelization of this episode in the Star Wars saga while some of those expanded scenes are available in the Love Is Blind deleted scenes section of the blu raySoMovie versus book you can find herebefore the scene where the First Order fleet attack the Resistance base you get Luke Skywalker meditating and having some kind of Force vision about how could his life may evolve if he hadn t join old Ben Kenobi to go and saving the princessa very good thing is that there is a scene to give honors in a funeral to Han Solo as the hero that he wasthere is an extra lesson to Rey about not intervening in a situation if you can t get balance out of itwhen Finn along with Rose BB 8 and DJ infiltrated the First Order s flagship he encounters in a turbolift an old comrade of hisays while training to be stormtrooper which is a really hilarious momentsince Rey and Poe met face to face in the novelization of the previous episode the meeting shown in the movie isn t on this novelizationLeia and Chewie sadly realized that of the original rebels now they are just them now while I feel kinda racist not recognizing that R2 D2 and C 3PO while roids are part of the original rebels too but maybe it s just me and my pro oids civil rights sentiments HELP I HAVE AN UNHEALTHY OBSESSION WITH REYLO AND NOW I NEED TO READ THIS AND THE ONE BEFORE AND I M DYING AND I CAN T AND I M REGRESSING TO A TWEEN STATE I NEVER HAD IN THE FIRST PLACE Star Wars novels are always hit and miss and the movie novelizations almost always seem to be misses This one was somewhere in the middleA good movie novelisation needs to expand on the film If it s just an exact repeat of what we saw on the screen then it s just not worth reading. Aps lay own their lives for the cause Rey the orphan strong in the Force; Finn the ex stormtrooper who stands against his former masters; and Poe Dameron the fearless X wing pilot have been rawn together to fight side by side with General Leia Organa and the Resistance But the First Order’s Supreme Leader Snoke and his merciless enforcer Kylo Ren are adversaries.

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