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Fter a series of misunderstandings comes between them Sinful Sunny s well ublicized Craft Notes for Animators past rears its ugly head and threatens to tear apart their family for good and Isabel will have to disclose her ownainful secrets to save themI have mixed feelings about this book While I am normally wary of children in romance finding them to often be annoying I actually liked them here They add genuine humor and really keep Adam on his toes And I actually really liked Adam I just wanted to weep for the little boy who was denied the affection he so desperately craved And despite his reputation and seemingly careless attitude he Perception and the External World proves the nobleness of his true character in deeds However for the first half of the book he said some awfully disparaging things about Isabel s appearance that were really harsh and had me wondering if my faith in him doing the right thing was misplaced So I found myself being torn at times on what I thought of him I had no such issues with Isabel but her road to happily ever after included one of myet Popular Representations of Development peeves when it comes to romances featuring widows or widowers It s not necessary to discount the love one had for one s deceased spouse Especially by saying I never felt this way about my first husband Even though I truly mourned him because I never felt this way with him I must not have loved him as much as I thought I did I find that offutting While it may be difficult to craft a romance after the death of a beloved spouse it is certainly Sister for Sale plausible and I think makes the second chance at love much sweeter and realisticAfter loving Spy Fall the first book in this series I have eagerly devoured the others but none of them have lived up to the first book in my opinion for various reasons What I have noticed is that Ms uincy excels at creating compelling characters and writing sparkling dialogue and witty banter But her endings are so rushed That lessens their satisfaction and the ending of this book is no different And I really would have liked an epilogue Adam was such a libertine so convinced that he could never be faithful to one woman that I would have liked to see with my own eyes that he was in fact capable of it after the first blush of love wore off However despite my uibbles I still found it an enjoyable read with some laugh out loud moments and steamy sexual tension and a rather nicely done evolution of the hero s character Fun but a little too complicated for me to looooove it By all accounts I should have really likedloved this cause I love a bad boy but I didn tThe hero is a complete and total reprobate holding orgies and living aathetic self indulgent life The heroine comes in with two The Blue Door (Threshold pretty cute little charges that he does not want The h stands up to him the moppets actually have someersonality and the cockles of the H s heart start to grow like GrinchThe heroine is appalled at how the Duke lives and he is Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity pretty disgusting because when I say orgies I mean orgies Which really doesn t explain why I disliked the heroine so much She is so concerned about the twins she thinks she may need to send a letter to have his guardianship revoked for moral issues view spoiler Ironically for the timeeriod the h is a The Art of Standing Still problematic moralroblem as well as the hero Shunned by her husband s family because she and her husb. Hen “Sinful Sunny” is near does she feel safe or safe enough to speak up in defense of the girls The duke’s decadent lifestyle is a disgrace and clearly he considers Isabel a nuisance Still she can’t help admiring his sculpted cheekbones strong cut jaw and tousled chestnut hair When their lips meet it’s almost as if he could kiss the secrets right out of her Worse she’s tempted to let

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Meets him but there is nothing she can do because she is the employee and he is the guardian However she doesn t let that keep her uiet about his lifestyle and its A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, possible exposure to his young wardsIt was fun to read the verbal battles between these two spiritedeople and to see them over time begin to care for each other I was so glad that it didn t happen immediately but developed steadily The lust was there but the genuine caring took longer It wasn t surprising that she recognized it first because she had loved before For him it was a total shock After all he wasn t capable of that emotionThe twins Patience and Prudence are delightful joyful inuisitive and loving They are also insecure because as Prudence says no one ever keeps us While this book isn t filled with excitement or angst I certainly didn t miss them I enjoyed the story and I hope you will as wellPlease check out my reviews atBlog Page I reuested and received this e book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience publisher If you ve read therevious books in this series you re familiar with Adam Fairfax Duke of Sunderford or Sinful Sunny as he is known in the society columns An unapologetic libertine who revels in hosting orgies in his alatial town house he can t understand what s come over the friends who used to join him in his unbridled indulgent lifestyle It s bad enough they had to go and get married but the shocker is that they are actually faithful to their wives Adam doesn t realize it but his sinful style is about to come crashing to a halt as wellHis buzzkill arrives in the form of adorable seven year old twin girls Children of a deceased cousin they were staying with Adam s uncle until his uncle s deteriorating health forced him to name Adam their new guardian And as if they didn t cramp his style enough they come complete with a rim and Death Comes for the Archbishop proper nanny determined to keep his lifestyle from their impressionable eyes and ears Easier said than done at firstThe girls are Isabel Finch s soleurpose in life A widowed orphan she has no other family and scoring the Mostly Mama post as the girls governess has been a godsend for her Even at an isolated country estate Sinful Sunny s reputationreceded him Appalled at his behavior and disappointed in his desire to find a new guardian for the girls she is also extremely dismayed to find herself attracted to the rake But the she comes to learn of his loveless upbringing and the walls he has encased around his heart the she understands what drives his choices And the the girls worm their way into his affections and Adam curtails his nighttime romps the she finds herself wishing they were a real familyOnce the girls have settled in and Adam has resigned himself to his fate as their guardian he finds it surprisingly easy to forego his amorous The Naked Man pursuits Meaningless encounters no longer hold much appeal for him but suddenly baiting the uptight Ms Finch into losing her temper or letting her hair down does When one kiss ignites a desire in him he can t ignore he makes it his mission to show Isabel how much fun they can have together But Isabel will not settle for being a notch on his bedpost and Adam is convinced he can never give her the fidelity she needs Per governess Isabel Finch his love life has been a shambles But as time goes by Sunny catches himself getting lost in Isabel’s haughty blue eyes or following the curves beneath her unbecoming dress An unexpected kiss ignites aassion that shocks him into realizing how thin the line between love and hate can be If Isabel’s hidden ast were revealed she could lose everything Oddly enough only

This was an awesome well written heart melting story from start to finish With one of the best introductory scenes I might have ever read this is one book I definitely recommend to anyone that loves fresh stories uniue twists the right amount of drama and characters full of emotions and wit So that scene we are introduced to the Duke of Sunderford or Sinful Sunny in the most decadent and naughty way giving us glimpse of what was yet to come yum I love dukes I don t care how many fictitious dukes there are I ve read lots of them and I ll robably continue reading them for the rest of my life However Sunny is by far the most deliciously wicked cynical charming duke I have ever read He was the epitome of the Cutremur de timp perfect all rounded scoundrel there couldossibly exist and yet in spite of all the flaws the haughty man might have had he never lied The Backlash : La guerre froide contre les femmes plot itself was so much fun to read One of the reasons my favorite trope is enemies to lovers is because of the verbal sparring and this story satisfied my needs for it EverySingleTime The chemistry between Sunny and Isabel the governess simmered slowly until it burned a raging blaze at aerfect Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie pace Their love was believable and honest just as the emotional attachment Sunny developed for his wards Throughout the book we learn of Sunny and Isabel sainful Patagonia Express past yet the story doesn t dwell on it and instead it moves forward because of it In truth I think my only cavil is that as we neared the end I felt the scenes were being rushed I m not talking about the ending itself but the scenes thatreluded the climax Even so the story delivered in every other way so I m willing to overlook whatever faults I thought there were I received this book at no cost to me and I volunteered to read it this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or Predator publisher Series Rebellious Brides 4Publication Date 41718Such a delightfully different story It is well written the characters make you care for them and the story is different and interesting It isn t an exciting full of action kind of story but one that develops carefully over time While this book isart of a series it can easily be read as a stand aloneAdam Fairfax the Duke of Sunderford was raised in a cold and uncaring home His father reached duty to country and title and honor above all too bad he didn t live that way Adam was always a dutiful son until at age eighteen he witnessed something unbearable Sinful Sunny was born shortly after that Debauchery was his middle name If you think you ve read about some debauched characters in other books you ll find those were just child s lay compared to Sunny He was determined he would never be anything like his father He also had no feelings for any other human being on earth he was incapable of love and softer feelings So imagine his absolute shock when during one of his debauched Seven Days in Utopia parties in hislayroom his butler interrupts to say he has visitors It turns out he now has two young wards and a governess to contend with and he has no intention of keeping them aroundIsabel Finch the governess to the two young Fairfax girls loves them deeply She ll fight like a tigress to keep them safe and in a secure home and Sinful Sunny s home is neither safe nor secure She dislikes him from the moment she. An impulsive kiss between a libertine duke and a mysterious governess sparks a blaze of desire and intrigue in this breathtaking Regency romance from the award winning author of Spy Fall Adam Fairfax the Duke of Sunderford happily enjoys a different woman or two every night or he did until his wards landed on his doorstep Ever since Sunny took in the seven year old twin girls and their Lots of Love prim andro.

Bestselling author Diana uincy is an award winning television journalist who decided to make up her own stories where a happy ending is always guaranteed Her books have been included on Best of lists in Library Journal and The Washington PostAs a US Foreign Service brat Diana grew up all over the world but is now happily settled in Virginia with her husband and two boys When not bent ove