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Once ubiuitous little Piper is one of cheapness fragility and of a failing company run by an incompetent family clan and cut throat bean counters This book was intriguing to me as my Father worked for a Piper istributor in San Jose CA in the 1980 s Such an adventure to fly cross country on a small plane after being built in Florida The pilot picked up my Dad sister and I after a cousins wedding in Mobile AL proceeding westward We overnighted in Brady TX known as the heart of Texas and Las Vegas after touring Carlsbad Caverns and flying through the Grand Canyon at sunsetWilliam Piper became known as the Henry Ford of aviation being first involved in the manufacture of airplanes in the late 1920 s just shy of his 50th birthday Amazing how the light plane industry has eveloped since then To imagine how tiny machines known as the Piper Cub became the world s most lethal aircraft in World War II I would recommend this book to anyone who has a passion for flight Piper once said Bridges are expensive I can fly from here to Saint Louis without crossing a single bridge Did you ever see anything as inefficient as a passenger train all those thousands of tons just to haul a few people This book was indeed a good read. T produced the world's most famous plane the J 3 Cub From the Chummy through the military L 4 75 photo.

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Interesting history of Piper and his company Details about the small aircraft industry Essential reading for aviators The only significant emerit I give is for the author s treating Piper in utter isolation from all other general aviation manufacturers and pioneers Just the same it s a well told tale This is a wonderful review of an aviation pioneer s life and times If you re an old pilot at heart whether or not you still fly you ll enjoy this biography of Mr Piper his family and then up and A Dark Sicilian Secret down times of manufacturing airplanes We ll researched and written I enjoyed this book While it went into a lot of the financial history of the Piper Aircraft Company the stories of Mr Piper and his Cubs made it worthwhile An interesting read on the trials and tribulations of American ingenuity entrepreneurship and the aviation industry as a whole As an owner of a Cub it s like reading into the baby book of your plane learning the history of how it came to be and was a great uick read While not the most gripping book I have read Mr Piper and His Cubs provides a thorough timeline of theevelopment of the Piper Aircraft company Being a pilot and a want to be owner of a Super Cub I found it interesting to learn about. Updated with a new chapter by Bill Piper Jr who looks back and then updates us with a review of events.

The founding of Piper the Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek development of the Super Cub and the company s history of participation in WWII In fact I think the Cub s participation in some of our nation s wars is one of the fascinating parts of the book This book might bery for the average reader but would probably be of some interest to pilots Mr Piper and His Cubs by D Francis The charmed title sounds as if it were Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography drawn straight from the children s Golden Book library There are many other surprises as well Mr Piper was not an aviator nor was he an aeronautical engineer He was a marketing man and apparently an inept one given the poorecisions that he made which At the Italians Command drove the Piper Aircraft Manufacturing Company straight into bankruptcy Eventually Mr Piperid earn his wings but sadly promptly crashed Later his family forbade him from flying fearing that his eath would be bad publicity something a marketing man could understand For the thousands of aviators who had their first flying experiences in the little yellow airplane with the smiling bear cub on it s tail one would have thought this book would have exuded nostalgia and warmth like a trusty old friend but oddly after reading Mr Piper and his Cubs the most prominent impression of the. Since the original publication Provides a classic portrait of the Piper family and the strategies tha.