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Ions about race privilege reparations and history 2019 has been an incredible year of YA contemporaries and This Time Will Be Different is one of the biggest reasons why Follows CJ a Japanese American teen with a knack for arranging flowers When CJ s mother decides to sell her family s flower shop to the family who swindled the flower shop during the Japanese Internment during WWII CJ discovers that she finally has something she wants to fight for To be honest I really loved verything about this book the wonderful messy and complex characters the fantastic and socially relevant story the fantastic The Erotic Mind explorations of race identity and justice and also the very vulnerable and candid portrayals of friendship CJ was an amazing character She is far from perfect she s insecure sometimes she lets her mouth run off but she s also someone who would go out of her way to protect her friend Her growth across the book is phenomenal Brilliantlyxplores social justice that is approachable and allows room for learning Specifically the story Dancing at Midnight (The Splendid Trilogy, explores the model minority myth and how it is weaponised the double jeopardy single mothers of colour have to face white feminism white saviours protest the implications of racist history and the messy feelings of pregnancy and being a single mother The romance was actually so wholesome and lovely There are some neat tropes here and there that made it so fun to read Honestly I love the storytelling and I loved CJ s voice It s messy at times but it is also full of light and hope I loved this Triggercontent warning view spoilerdiscussions of pregnancy and abortion teen pregnancy racism challenged anti gay rhetoric challenged white feminism sexism familial conflict hide spoiler This somehow did so much than Ixpected it to It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty even though I guess the cover copy is clear what it s about but there was justso much that was so good I definitely came away learning a lot about Japanese internment and its aftereffects than I remember absorbing from high school but I think the way CJ was coming from a family that historically hadn t reallyprospered in the area of romantic love and the ways both that and her own past kind of shut down her heart was really lovely too I love when characters are formed by theirxperiences by nature and nurture and I think Sugiura nailed all the different kinds of things that build who we are and how they come into our lives from outside factors like bigotry s Here With Me (Together effect onconomics to things we don t Double Deception (Code Name: Danger even Omantic ideas about flowers and their hidden meanings but when it comes to arranging the perfect bouuet CJ discovers a knack she never knew she had A skill she mightven be proud ofThen her mom decides to sell the shop to the family who swindled CJ’s grand.

45 Oh I loved this for so many reasons The characters were wonderful lovable and flawed They felt real They were messy teenagers who had good intentions at heart but made mistakes were called out on them and were allowed to grow from those mistakes The writing was so incredibly Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, easy to read and flowed beautifully Issentially devoured this in one sitting and despite the raging sunburn I got from refusing to move inside until I d finished the book I regret nothing I thought the way this Grave Tattoo explored history specifically that of Japanese Americans and the period of Japanese internment camps was superb Not only did it dive into a piece of history I ve not seen discussed in YA it did it in a way that was accessible and proved how greatly the past still continues to negatively impact the lives of people today The book touched on so many things from racism and sexuality to money and abortion and yet it never felt like there was too much Everything fit together to create a story that felt organic without the big issues belittling the smaller ones I adored the structure of the book with CJ s interludes and mini dives into the different faucets of her life and history It made the readingxperience so much fun and added such a fantastic a depth and sarcastic humour to CJ I m always a sucker for books that deviate from classic novel structure so I thoroughly Georgia and the Tycoon enjoyed these segments The multiple relationships romantic platonic and familial were all brilliantly fleshed out andxplored I loved the Churchills Trial explorations of CJ s relationship withach individual character and amazingly A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries enough couldn t point a finger at a favourite as I thought they were all fantastic and important in their own way to the story All in all I just reallynjoyed this book It was diverse with nearly all the characters being people of colour the love interest being bi and the MC s best friend and her love interest being lesbians funny Lakeside Redemption enlightening adorable at times and told through a voice that captivated me from the first pageTW racism homophobia i feel people are sleeping on this bookit tackles so many cool themes such as how to respect your cultural history in a world that wants torase it ohh no no no no no i was trying too hard to be funny and jumped right into weird sighMe In Pursuit of a Princess every time I try toat gummy bears and then ten minutes later poop my guts Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram really Second Time Loving enjoyed this devoured it in one day via the audiobook so many good conversat. Katsuyamas never uit but seventeen year old CJ doesn’tven know where to start She’s never lived up to her mom’s type A ambition and she’s perfectly happy just helping her aunt Hannah at their family’s flower shopShe doesn’t buy into Hannah’s

Ealize we re observing I also just really love how veryone and I mean veryone is deeply flawed in real human ways and they Dark Awakening each come to realize it about themselves in these sort of staggered moments identifying their weaknesses and why they make their choices There aren tasy answers and a lot of these conversations including the ugly ones are just so real I don t think Hawks Way (Hawks Way every reader will love whereverything lands but that s something I particularly love about the way this book is craftedAlso because I know people always wonder about ueer rep when an author s last book was ueer the love interest is bi the MC s best friend and the MC s adversary are both lesbians and the word aromantic is on the page although it doesn t actually apply to anyone in the story Also almost Family Men everyone in the book is of color this was one of the best contemporaries that showed how realistically messy and annoying and petty teenagers can be but also how much they can grow and be mature and learn from their mistakes the character development was fantastic it was shown in a steady believable flawed way way i loved the show of relationships between the main character and her mom aunt and best friend the romance was freaking adorable maybe friends to lovers do actually deserve rights see i don t HATE love triangles if they are done well and serve to further the plot rather than just prolong the real relationship from coming together and i honestly thought this was done in a really great way it showed the main character s growth her mental definition of relationships changed along the way and she got toxperience romantic relationships on a shallow level and on a deeper personal leveland i Creative Participation especially liked how we got that comparison without having to ruin anntire character just to make a clean Sabina Spielrein easy choice on which boy the main character should be withthis alsoxplored the pain and suffering japanese people had to face during WWII and it was so Cognitive Radio Networks eye opening and informative and such an integral part of the plot characters and the conflict of the bookhonestly this book was so refreshing to read and i deeplynjoyed it Wow This Book Is Excellent I had heard a lot of mixed things going into this one so I wasn t sure how I would feel but I Personnel Management in Government ended up reallynjoying this I love a YA book that Out of This World explores teens being messy and making mistakes in a REALISTIC manner I m a fan Time to play a game called Am I Actually Interested in This Book or Is The Girl on The Cover Just Prett. Parents when thousands of Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps during WWII Soon a rift threatens to splinter CJ’s family friends and theirntire Northern California community; and for the first time CJ has found something she wants to fight for.

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