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Rlllll don t do that too us Switch and Anaya were my favorite couple I can t wait to read the second part I hope they work things outn Two thumbs upAnother hit on your hands I njoyed reading this book so much So much and action on Sleepless (Bird of Stone, every page Please don t take long for part two. Will he allow her to walk away And lastly there is Kimron ‘Sin’ James the cousin to the James boys who moves into town and did not come to play games When he comes across the beautiful Shansaya he makes a move despite dealing with a friend of her family and her talking to another man What should be a straightforward romance is far from it when Shansaya is confronted with an ultimatum by someone closed to her Will she choose Sin or is there just too much baggage that comes along dealing with a James boy These females have no idea what hits them when theyncounter these men Shawty sprung off a boss But what comes with loving a boss nigga.

Tonya ReviewAntoinette Mercedes Bailey need help Talia is a beast Capone was wrong Shansaya needs a backbone Daisy won t take no for a answer I the James boys with their fine self get Talia Anaya Shansaya back in Book Two I knowed itI knowed it I knowed it Kingsley is a sneaky. Meet the infamous James boys; two brothers and one cousin Starting off as simple corner boys they uickly become a force to be reckoned with and it isn’t long before the king steps down and hands over the keys to the kingdom to the boys But the king’s nephew has other ideas Along the route they meet three mysterious women; Talia Anaya and Shansaya who cause an uproar in their lives They uickly secure the women they can’t live without and life is perfect well it should be Taevon ‘Switch’ James is the ldest James boy He has an on and off again girlfriend Angelica who wants but something is missing that stops him from committing to

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Ol bastard Sin better start learning to listen to his gut It never ver fails you Glad veryone got back together again but Sin sexy ass better live dang on it Way minute way minutewhat did he mean I m not yo daddy I m yo brother That was an almost fell out my seat surprise Girrr. Er His lack of relationship is the least of his worries when he literally runs into Anaya Rose who ignites dangerous motions within Taevon But Angelica has a few dirty tricks up her sleeve and Taevon finds himself making a choice between the one who loves him and the one he loves Which one will he choose Taevon’s younger brother Zakai ‘Free’ James is a playboy by heart but when the fire red Talia crosses his path he doesn’t allow the fact that she used to deal with a man he works with to stop him from pursuing the beauty He goes all out for her but someone Invisible (The Curse of Avalon else has theiryes on Free and a mistake sends Talia running for the hills.