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Books by her She writes a story that pulls you in and makes you want to keep reading The characters and wonderful and make you feel for them and what they are going throughI was given this book in return for an honest review I KNEW IT he got what he eserved spoiled prick Glad they fixed that problem great ending to a great story I absolutely loved Ciara an Nikolaj s story Once again Scarlett Avery weaves a hot an steamy story It s an absolute must read When you are living the most beautiful romance of your life everything is perfect and you The Perfect Indulgence don t notice the evil lurking in the shadows but will you give in or fight for what is yoursCiara and Nikolaj had been living the most explosive most passionate relationship either one had experienced But of course there is always someone trying toestroyed the love this two have for each otherWhat will the price this two have to paid in order to keep their love pure and strong Will they let this evil people come between them and shatter their fragile heartsHow will this crazy journey of Ciara and Nikolaj endAll this uestions can be answer by you reading how The Seduction Factor Series ends The outcome to this wild story will leave you pleased I love how this two very strong yet passionate characters will face every crazy obstacle they can to obtain what they wantI recommend this series you will not be Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, disappoint it Brief summary HOT STEAMY ANTICIPATION But it s fareeper than thatdon t bother with 50 shades it s nothing compared to thisWow tough to write this review This is the final in a series of 5 amazing books The ride you get taken on with Ciara and her wonderful man Nikolaj the sexy god I A Seductive Revenge d love to meet I ve totally fell in love with this writer who manages to put over a HOT and steamy love story burning your fingers on every page but with a great storyline too The roller coaster takes you up andown this couples amazing story bringing out Ciara s past and Nikolaj s too because we all know we all have things in our past lives we want to hide and never let out Ciara has had some serious weirdos in her past and Nikolaj is no choir boy but together they set your heart on fire Apart from book 5 each book leaves you on a cliff hanger and your like NO you can t leave me herewhen s the next book out And now I m so sad the series is over I m begging the author for oh I could read about their lives each California Living day Nikolaj the man we all want in out lives but well he s Ciara s so we just have to live our lives through her He loves her makes love with her and saves her from the crazies in her pastIncluding in the last book my fav song of all time is just wow Like she s reading my mind Scarlett seems to be able to mind readmaybe that s her talent too but please Scarlett books I m just so ready for the next seriesoh and for those who say why produce a series and not just one bookit s called anticipationthe wait the wondering where s the author taking me next is all part of this totally amazing read Please tell me your next books out tomorrow Please Great seriesThis series is almost over Only one to go I know it will be fabulous I have loved their journey to get to this point. Ow love can make peopleo the craziest thingsScarlett Avery elivers an epic follow up to an already illegally hot series laced with a naughty and steamy love story between Ciara and Nikolaj The Seduction Factor is a Billionaire Romance of 6 parts The entire Dirty Romance has a HEA ending.

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Ciara is used to being independent In love and in business she is her own master She regrets the few times she has actually remained in a so called relationship with a man It never works outShe is the owner of her own growing interior lighting esigns company She is successful and needs to remain in control of her emotionsThis is her premise until she meets Nikolaj He is that man we all Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty dream about super rich educated successful hard working great sense of humor and for the cherry on top he is gorgeous with a body like a Greek God The man can be compared to Everready Bunny His vitality can only be surpassed by the entire nine inches of him that has neverisappointed a womanWell written and fun of blazing hot scenes Scarlett Avery proves once again her mastery of the erotica genre This is than some sexy encounters We have a plot line that will Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book draw you in and will keep you on the edge of your seat Ciara is about to undergo a journeyiscovering about herself and learn about the family secrets she never had a clue about Has her life been a lieI want This review is meant to cover books 1 thru 5 Two chefs a A Study in Scandal (Scandalous deluxe kitchen the recipe for something exuisitely hot andelicious Nothing like the heat of a kitchen to fan the flames of a once broiling love affair Ehh Nopethat s not what s going on when 5 in this series kicks off Roast her former lover on a spit yea that s like it Stick the apple in that pigs southern bred mouth and let s roast this silver tongued charmer Seven years have past and while we know how Ciara hardened her heart to eal with his betrayal leading up to the alter we idn t experience the hurt she felt until her anger manifested itself in the kitchen that ay with Luke She needed that though the long cry in Walter s arms was just the recipe to get over the burn Ciara had finally let go Timing couldn t have been worse or perhaps better epending on how you look at it Risky public sex naughty Parisian g strings and a visit to the Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, dark side are just a few of the spices to be experienced All that spice must be balanced with a blend of heartache though and Ciara and Nikolaj s relationship will be put to the test whenear brother Jakob stirs the pot Scarlett brings it once again in what I think is the best in the series I knew back when Ciara was introduced that evening Smijurija u mjerama deep throating the royal jewels her story would be one for the books but Scarlett well she cooks up kinkery and romance than I could ever have imagined The Seduction Factor Book 5 Sinful Desires is wonderfully written The authoroes an excellent job of building the characters and plot from book to book Ciara and Nikolaj have had a whirlwind re WOW what an action Speer drama heartbreaking last part to this story I was on the fence with my rating a couple of things made me really mad but total redemption by the end and the let s just say OMG what a Christmas So face to face with Luke and now we see who he really is and get C s story about her past with him Wow I can see why she was soevastated and heartbroken but I am so glad he showed his true colors because now she is totally free to love N and knowing what a jacka Luke is makes li. This is an alternate cover edition for B00XONLCCK Snap Shot Billionaire Nikolaj von Henningsen is a very Ultralearning determined man who will stop at nothing to get the object of his affection Sassy American Ciara Herrera’s world is about to be turned upsideown and she oesn’t even know it Escape.

Fe easy Of course seeing him oes take a toll on C and because of that she has some great back up for the event and between Bryce and her new client Luke won t get anywhere near C Problem with that is when Bryce steps in to help her out their interactions may be seen by the wrong person and we all know what happens when you jump to conclusions With things hot and heavy for N and C we have all the friend and family intros going on C travels home with N and takes part in a few major events for his The Lost Literature of Medieval England dad and their family business Too bad N s brother Jake has concocted a plan to ruin him and poor C is used as the bait Here is my issue and possible spoiler sorry OMG after all the things they have been through the time they spent the way N has cared for her and the strength of their feelings WTF is her problem For real not handled very well and then to top it off I hate the span of time that goes by OH NO WAY thereaded 6 weeks laterUGGHHHHHH thankfully after those 6 weeks we were able to get back to where they were and even better things Once again AMAZING romantic plans and super hot A Curse of Kings dirty talk and steamy sex knocks this finale piece of the story out of the park I enjoyed N and C s journey and am a serious fan of Scarletts This is the 5th and final book in this series and they must be read in order Jakob has lead Ciara to believe that Nikolaj is the father of Marna s baby and that he knew and is keeping that fact from her Ciaraoesn t want to believe Jakob but he says that he has DNA proof and that Nikolaj s name is listed as the father on the baby s birth certificate It s not hard to believe when he says he has proof so she leaves How could Nikolaj keep this from her she is Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, destroyed She immediately finds a taxi and flies to her mother and her father She knows she can t go back to New York that is the first place he will look plus he has keys to her place She is crushed by what she believes and hasn t answered any of his calls or texts Her mother and father think that she needs to her what Nikolaj has to say but sheoesn t want to Then six weeks pass and its Christmas time How will Ciara make it through all these holidays with a broken heart She receives a letter Im a Narwhal delivered by courier When she reads it she is stunned There is a birth certificate and DNA proof and Nikolaj says he is waiting outside for her to open theoor She is beyond excited and invites him in She wants to fall back into his arms but first she needs answers Nikolaj tells her everything that has been revealed She is taken back by the lengths Jakob was willing to go to just because he jealous Nikolaj wants another chance with Ciara and she is than happy to give it to him What Madame Timide does the future hold for Ciara and Nikolaj Will they get their happily ever after I loved this series so much and this book was a great ending to it Nikolaj went through so much to get to the bottom the trouble his brother caused I feel for Nikolaj s family as well it really only take on bad apple to cause trouble for everyone I would love to read about all the characters in this series Scarlett Avery has been added to my list of favorite authors I look forward to reading. With this SIZZLING HOT Dirty Romance Billionaire Romance The heat between Ciara and Danish Billionaire NikolajThe fifth book in the series takes place in fiveifferent cities and promises a number of saucy surprises As Ciara and Nikolaj handle unexpected ramatic curveballs we find out

Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery’s Book Boyfriends aren’t like ANY others you’ve ever cuddled to beforeThese dirty talking DOMINEERING saucy seducers will make you forget all the other ones Yeah Scarlett’s Alpha Males are that DANGEROUSLY HOTBe warned Her books have been dubbed “Epic & Mind Blowing” This Canadian romance author’s books will melt your e readers and they will leave