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I loved this tie to the end of the series Everything came together so well but it was not an easy ride for Cassandra and Roan The Seelie are on the war path literally Siofra and Abellio are determined to make Cass pay for things that have happened before yet Cass and Roan s relationship goes from strength to strength To defeat the Seelie Cass needs her dread powers back s 3 12 stars Good ending to the series Cassie comes into her own in this book after a lot of doubts in this book Her doubts are understandable when her most formidable weapon Mistress of Dread seems to disappear She is left with some magic and most depend on her intelligence training and skill Those seem very inadeuate when Seelie seem to be 2 or 3 steps ahead of them at all times during the war and fractious UnSeelie seem determined to tear each apart because of old feuds rather than stand against the threat against them all I actually liked that because I think that is very realistic If you don t have the right leaders who in the end put aside their differences for their objective they will loseThe end of the war seemed a little anticlimactic for. The final book in the Dark Fae FBI series The Fae war is coming and I'm caught right in the middle My father the ruthless Unseelie ing is dead It should have been our moment of triumph Instead we find ourselves hiding in London from our ancient enemies the Seelie From Roan’s city mansion we ne.

Old feuds flaring up and people trying to advance their agenda during a time when unity is necessary for survival Turns out the fae aren t that different than humans with their motivations etc The pacing was good Cassie did not win this war on her own or even with just Roan Fae made sacrifices for the political good and others sacrificed their lives It was an interesting journey for Cass but in the end love did triumph over war and dread 3 STARS Great ending Guys I cannot think about a time when I have devoured a full series this fast I am not a start to finish Been In Love Before kinda gal I am the biggest mood reader and I get so easily distracted but not with this series uite honestly I have a hatelove relationship with endings I want tonow what happens but I am also not ready to say goodbye to these characters Agent of Fae pulled me in and held my attentionI loved the characters I loved the world and I loved the writingWe got every emotion in the book Pain love fear hurt betrayal friendship confusion lust wraith and so much And I wanted it I craved it Cassandra was so easy to like Roan was just the perfect mix of arrogant jerk. To decide if I want to live forever in the world of the humans or the world of the fae with Roan Sure he’s gorgeous and loyal but do I want to spend forever in this chaos As the Seelie encroach on our territory it’s time to see if Roan and I terror and love can really change the world togeth.

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Me Most of the book the Unseelie are in out manned out maneuvered and out schemed For a group in most lore and stories that are so ruthless and scheming that just didn t seem to live up to the rep However I did like that it was a combination of smart use of your specialty weapon psychological warfare and two prong approach that won the war instead of throwing everything at one point and expecting to win when you have done badly so far Saying all that it still seemed to end abruptly Things weren t going that well for the Unseelie and then suddenly they wonThe relationship between Roan and Cassie was missing something but I m not sure what In this book Roan believed in Cass than she did herself most of the book He relied on her intelligence not just her powers and tried to make an emotional attachment to her She did somewhat the same But I still felt there was something missingIt ends on a happy note with most threads tied up The dialog was smart and funny at times It was not stilted There were realistic elements such as the American government being willing to ally with some very nasty characters if deemed appropriate. Ed to unite the six Unseelie courts to fight back Unfortunately centuries old feuds make this almost impossible To make things worse there’s no good reason for anyone to listen to us After all I’m just a pixie bastard Did I mention that my dread powers are gone If that weren’t enough I need.

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