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Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising I was really excited about getting this brand new book in the mail It s important to know what to expect ahead of time with this book so ou aren t disappointed I think this plan would be great for those suffering from Gut issues This plan will help heal The Missing Brides (Missing, you intestinal tract and cleanseou If Jan, Jans en de kinderen 11 you are looking for a diet plan just to loseour belly fat or pounds before an event in my opinion this plan wouldn t be for Dudo of St Quentin you You are pretty much just drinking water smoothies broth and having a small dinner meal for the span of 10 days That takes along of will power and determination As mentioned in the book by drastically changingour diet like this Drittes Reich und Zweiter Weltkrieg you may experience flu like symptoms brain fog fatigue etc Unless I have to follow this plan for medical reasons I do not see myself following this plan or even attempting it I believe in following diet plans or meal plans that are sustainable and something I can do long term as a lifestyle change With working full time being a mother and fitness instructor this is no way I would have the energy or will power to follow this plan for even 1 day The book was well written and I enjoyed looking through it seeing the different broth recipes and food ideas Again ifou are interested in broth recipes or doing a cleanse for Locas your gut than this book is forou I received a copy of this e book complimentary for blog and social media review All opinions are my own I am sick of diets but this book makes sense to me so I am going to try it But first I have to make the bone broth and buy the stuff for the shakes and smoothies and get some other groceries I feel like it is getting back to nature which is always a step in the right direction Shortening the window on the hours Smoking Lovely you eat during the day is easy enough to try I hope it works Certainly grazing all day having several meals and snacks is not working for me I was raised that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but now I am skipping it Cutting out sugar is key but hard to do And cooking from scratch I know I should but some days I don t want to One thing I will say I m not sure how many of these recipes I want to try they don t look that appealing to me This is the book I have looking for my whole adult life since having children I have been skinny fat skinny fat my while lifeThis is NOT a diet book This is a life saver a Life changing bookIt is full of insight on so much to do withour over all health Wrinkles thinning hair chipping nails poor skin Oh did I mention it will help Second Sight you lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days and tellou how to keep it offIt is full of great recipes to continue after the first 10 daysI would say this is a life style change that is so worth it on many levelsHard to believe that so much is packed into this one bookPlease don t think this is a hard book to read and understand Dr KellyAnn tells it like it is and the wording is very easy to understand She has great tips for food prep and making batches for the weekA very well thought out book written by a fantastic well known DoctorI gladly HIGHLY recommend this book I gave this book 5 starsThe Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review A favorable review was not reuired and all views expressed are our ow. N hour window each day While Forbidden Mate (Holland Brothers, you're mini fastingou'll never feel hungry luscious satisfying bone broth will uench cravings and melt off pounds collagen packed shakes will kick Often Go Awry your metabolism into overdrive and slim gestion foods herbs and spices will fight bloat lower inflammation and cleanseour gut In combination these strategies deliver incredible results uickly and safely The 10 Day Belly Slimdown includes daily meal plans batch cooking tips to make meal prep a snap 80 delicious new recipes and a sensible maintenance plan As Under Grand Hotel, Volume 02 you healour belly from the inside out DIRTY - 47 verruchte TABU Erotik Geschichten you'll feelounger happier and lighter than ou thought possibl.

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Anyone with a typical fulltime job could swing this diet The upshot is I believe it would work and the recipes are tasty but at this time not worth it to me Title The 10 Day Belly SlimdownAuthor Kellyann PetrucciPublisher Harmony 1 edition Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReviewThe 10 Day Belly Slimdown Lose Your Belly Heal Your Gut Enjoy a Lighter Younger You by Kellyann Petrucci My ThoughtsAfter reading The 10 Day Belly Slimdown I found the book sounds good with the book offering a simple daily meal plans batch cooking tips recipes to make meal easy to make 80 delicious new recipes and with a sensible maintenance plan However I do wish there were photos I will say this 10 Day program sounds somewhat easier than the 21 Day program If this will help ones to lose weight help with ones blood work and to feel good what can be better than this Getting ones cholesterol lowered is another great thing However I think it is important to know that it is not just a weight loss plan but a life style choice If ou need help with food cravings then there is information in this read that is there to help for ou Be ready for a super easy plans that are there to help with bloating and fat I will say the chicken and beef broth sound good So if ou are looking for a new way of eating healthy and possibility loosing weight then this read would be for How McGruff and the Crying Indian Changed America you with a lots of excellent tools tons of resources to use and in the end feeling good and looking ones best I enjoyed reading through The 10 Day Belly Slimdown where I found the read a easy read to understand by this well known Doctor Kellyann Petrucci I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review This is another weight loss book that promisesou will lose belly fat in a short period of time 10 days to be exact Kellyann Petrucci MS ND is the author of The 10 Day Belly Slimdown and also serves as concierge doctor to Hollywood celebrities Her diet consists of bone broth and slimming shakes as well as fruits and vegetables and poultry and fish While the diet promises to help Wicked City (Wicked City, you lose belly fat in 10 days ifou need to lose weight that is not covered in this book Also some ingredients and products will need to be purchased either from her or a health food storeShe doesn t recommend artificial sweeteners and The Celestial Selenite Scry (The Moon God Trilogy, you can only drink unsweetened black coffee unsweetened black white green or herbal tea or water The before and after pictures do not show a drastic change in weight in 10 days This book appears to be for those who need to lose a few pounds I can see where her diet would healour gut and make ou healthier though and this may be an excellent benefit of her dietFor this diet ou would need to prepare Americas sewing book your own food Eating out does not appear to be an option You will have to stick to the diet religiously in order to see results Her website is a helpful resource shouldou decide to try her diet Also right now she is offering a great deal when Secret Santa (Bluegrass Brothers, you purchase her book Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from Blogging for Books as part of Waterbrook Multnomah s Book Review Blogger Program I was not reuired to write a review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the. Ts that don't take it off Angry thatou don't look the way The Workshop you want to look and can't wear the clothesou want to wear Naturopathic physician and weight loss specialist Dr Kellyann Petrucci has spent over 20 The Legacy of Aaron Geist years showing people how to do the impossible take off stubborn belly fat After guiding thousands of amazing transformations over her career Dr Petrucci has targeted the most powerful ways to flattenour belly deprivation not included In The 10 Day Belly Slimdown ou will learn the #1 biggest secret to rapid belly blasting mini fasting This simple but revolutionary shift in the timing of our meals means ou'll eat within a seve.

Amazing diet and new way of eating for life I ve never had such an easy time following a diet and getting results I was familiar with a lot of the nutritional information that Dr KellyAnn covered in the book from doing my own research and reading other books such as JJ Virgin s Sugar Impact Diet and Virgin Diet But I felt that this book covered the basics in a much simpler and uick format My only criticism is that some of the case studies seemed to imply much uicker results than one can really expect But I myself lost 5 pounds and was very happy to do so without experiencing hypoglycemia or cravings I am a fan of diet books that help ou live a healthier lifestyle and this book was about a uick fix to loose some weight This will not help Fields of Fire (Frontlines, you in the long run but it might just helpou feel better at the moment and start ou of on a better journey for health It is a very limited diet of a smoothie green drink or broth and a small meal Not really sustainable in the long run but if ou do need a starting point I can see how this would appeal to people This might be a great way to get past stubborn cravings that hurt our weight loss I m a little skeptic but hopeful I was given a copy of this book from Blogging for Books for and honest review This is not a diet book but this is a great book for a uick fastplan to drop some weight before an event or kick start a diet plan Dr Kellyann focuses on shrinking the window of time ou eat filling up on bone broth and collagen while eating clean healthy meals This is a jump start program that ties into her previous books about her bone broth diet She includes a lot of helpful recipes including making The Wedding (Lux, your own bone broth Along with the daily meal plan she has testimonials workout options and references tons of medical studiesI am excited to try her uick diet plan The tone of the book was a little self help meets infomercial which was a little harder for me to get through This will be a good cleanse starter for those looking to shed some excess weight uickly This could possibly be a five star book for most of the content if not for being super obnoxious at the beginning She seems to go out of her way to make a plan based around The book is easy to read and has lots of recipes The diet is a combination of intermittent fasting and the Keto diet aka cut out carbs and dairy plus add bone broth The number of caloriesou re likely to take in on this diet is likely to be in the 1000 1200 range so that too will aid in weight loss We have tried 3 of the recipes and they are really uite tasty The Spicy Mexican Soup which I would normally want to add chicken cheese and sour cream too Chipotle Chicken Wraps again which I d prefer to add cheese to and the Chicken Teriyaki with Veggies that I d want to add rice too Even without the additions still tasty and much lower in caloriesI must admit I haven t actually tried the diet We re in the middle of the COVID19 lockdown and starting a diet that will give me carb flu symptoms and make me a little extra grumpy didn t seem wise Dr Kellyann does a nice job of letting American Blues you know what to expect each day of the diet That said this is also possibly the ideal time for me to try it because I m working from home Given the window of time thatou get to eat I do not see how I or. This isn't another gimmicky diet it's a powerful eating strategy that will take our extra pounds off uickly safely and permanently Mark Hyman MD Director Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat Fat Get Thin The best gift ou can give ourself is a slim beautiful healthy belly and in this book Dr Kellyann an expert I trust tells ou exactly how to get it Mehmet Oz MDThe New York Times bestselling author of Dr Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet reveals her powerful belly slimming plan that will help Die Journalistin you lose up to 10 pounds in 10 daysAreou sick and tired of our belly fat Frustrated with die.

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